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LAST UPDATED: August 20th, 2021

The Fidelity Life Association was founded in 1896 in Des Plaines, Illinois. The company's longevity indicates its ability to manage its finances and meet claims obligations successfully. Fidelity Life Association has also received high financial strength ratings from A.M. Best. These ratings further demonstrate that Fidelity Life Association is a reliable institution for purchasing life insurance.

The life insurer offers term, whole, and final expense life coverage options. These plans also do not require a medical exam as part of the application process.

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Customer Review: Stephanie Love from Herriman, Utah

"I currently have fidelity for my life insurance. It was super easy to set up. I talked to someone for about 20-30 minutes and they got everything set up for me. No medica exam needed and they gave an awesome rate. They answered all my questions and set everything out to me in a hard copy for my records. I feel comfortable knowing that my loved ones will be taken care of if some unfortunate thing ever happens to me."

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What sets Fidelity Life apart is that it focuses on the everyday middle American. Fidelity wants to ensure that a family is financially secure after the unexpected death of a loved one.


The Good

  • Many Insurance Policy Options
  • Policy Rider Selection
  • No Medical Exam Required

Many Insurance Policy Options

Fidelity Life offers customers a lot of insurance options including term, whole, and final expense life insurance.

Fidelity Life offers three primary options for term life insurance that have a level premium throughout the term:

  • RAPIDecision ® Life
  • RAPIDecision ® Express
  • RAPIDecision ® Senior Life Term

RAPIDecision ® Life is a term policy that offers a death benefit value up to $1,000,000. It combines regular term life insurance coverage and an increased death benefit for accidental death coverage. This policy has a very quick approval process.

RAPIDecision ® Express provides standard term life insurance coverage with coverage between $25,000 and $100,000. It has a quick approval process, no medical exam, and offers term periods of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. Premiums remain level throughout the term. If you choose to, you can renew your policy until age 94. You'll pay increased premiums when you renew.

RAPIDecision ® Senior Life Term is a term life insurance policy designed for people age 50 to 70. The death benefit amounts available are between $10,000 and $150,000. Term lengths offered are 10, 20, and 30 years. The coverage amount and length that you can purchase is determined by age. The full death benefit is available after three years through the end of term. Premiums remain level throughout the term of the policy.

Fidelity Life offers one whole life policy for people 50-85 years old. RAPIDecision ® Senior Whole Life offers death benefit amounts of $10,000 to $150,000. The availability of these amounts varies depending on age and health of the insured. The full death benefit is available after year three.

Fidelity Life also offers final expense insurance. It’s RAPIDecision ® Final Expense policy offers death benefit amounts of $5,000 to $35,000 to individuals between the ages of 50 and 85. There is no waiting period once you're approved for the policy.

The life insurer also offers RAPIDecision ® Guaranteed Issue. It is another final expense insurance policy that comes with level premiums and a benefit amount up to $25,000. Like, RAPIDecision ® Senior Whole Life, the full death benefit is available after year three.Final expense insurance can help your beneficiaries maintain financial stability by covering funeral expenses.

Policy Rider Selection

Fidelity Life offers several riders that you can add to your life insurance policy. Not all riders are available with each life insurance product. Available riders include:

  • Accidental death benefit
  • Family accidental death benefit
  • Accelerated death benefit
  • Child
  • Inflation
  • Return of premium insurance

Accidental death benefit riders provide an increased payout if the insured dies in an accident. The family accidental death benefit rider offers coverage for your family members if they pass away in an accident.

The accelerated death benefit rider allows you to access some of the death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.The child rider allows you to add coverage for your children between 15 days old and 18 years old. Coverage ends when your policy ends or your child turns 23.

The inflation rider ensures that the value of your policy's coverage amount today matches its future value regardless of inflation. This rider makes Fidelity Life stand out from other insurers and adds nice financial protection to your insurance policy.

A return of premium rider is usually only for term life insurance. If a claim isn't made on the policy, you can get your premium payments back once the term is over or if you cancel your insurance policy. Fidelity Life's return of premium rider can be used after you've had the policy for five years.

No Medical Exam Required

Most of Fidelity Life’s plans do not require a medical exam as part of the underwriting process. There are some cases when Fidelity Life will request one to clarify certain medical conditions reported. However, in general, applicants only need to answer health questions for medical underwriting.

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The Bad

  • Products Not Available Everywhere
  • No Variable or Universal Life Insurance
  • More Expensive Rates

Products Not Available Everywhere

Fidelity Life is licensed in Washington, D.C. and every U.S. state except Wyoming and New York. Additionally, its products may not be available in every state it operates in. If you're interested in becoming a policyholder, you should contact Fidelity Life directly to learn more specific information about products available and life insurance rates.

If you live in Wyoming or New York, you'll need to find another life insurance company. If the Fidelity Life insurance policy you want isn't available in your area, you may also need to consider other coverage options or find a different insurance provider.

No Variable Or Universal Insurance

While Fidelity Life does offer term, whole, and final expense life insurance options, it does not provide universal or variable life policies. Customers interested in those kinds of permanent policies should consider other insurance company.

More Expensive Rates

If you buy Fidelity Life insurance, you should anticipate paying higher premiums.

Most insurance providers that do not ask for a medical exam as part of the underwriting process also have higher rates than companies that offer fully-underwritten policies.


The Bottom Line

Fidelity Life has been in the life insurance industry for a long time and offers term life, final expense, and whole life insurance options. There are some helpful plans for seniors, and term coverage has 10, 15, 20, and 30-year policy options. Fidelity Life does not usually require one to take a medical exam when purchasing life insurance coverage. It does, however, require a health questionnaire.

While Fidelity Life does offer a variety of term life insurance options, there are a lot of key features it lacks. It does not include variable or universal life policy options is definitely noticed. Its rates are not the cheapest in the business, but this is in part due to its no exam life insurance policies.

The website lacks detailed information on policy exclusions and trigger payments. Interested customers should contact Fidelity Life directly to understand the terms of a policy before signing up for one.

Fidelity Life has great options for seniors looking for a final expense or for for those interested in a whole or term life policy.

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Wally Cypress, TX

Stay away from Fidelity Life and its agent company eFinacial. They are the most dishonest and worst managed companies in USA. I asked eFinacial to give me a quote for a term universal insurance. Dustin P quoted me a 20 year $250,000 package with monthly payment of $37. I asked for detail info. He said once I gave him my bank payment info, he would send it to me. After I gave him my bank info and got a package, it was so different from what he bragged to me: it was a 20 year term accidental death insurance. After 10 years, coverage reduces to half of original claimed coverage of $250,000. There was an annual account management fee of $55. Payment schedule was monthly. Because the insurance was so different from what I asked for, I called and left messages to Dustin and his team several times to cancel it, they never replied. After 1 month, Fidelity Life sent me a letter and said my payment schedule was changed to quarterly immediately..... Endless nightmares with Fidelity and eFinancial! Why you should stay away from Fidelity Life and eFinacial? Because they have a bad management. Their management only chase sales volume and don't care how their agents achieve it. They are money thirsty: they keep changing terms to take away more money from you in the thirsty few months which most cancellations happen: pocket your initial payment, charge you more by delaying your cancellation, pop up your payment to quarterly or annually..... When you finally cancel your policy, they may have taken hundreds of dollars from you.

3 years ago

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Kathleen Wilson Champaign, IL

I spoke with Lauren Huchison at e-financial to get a quote on a life insurance policy through Fidelity Life. I gave her all of y information and my medical history with is lengthy. She told me I would be contacted if and when it was approved. She quoted me a price and I signed for the quote and not understanding I gave her my banking information. I received the paperwork and the amount I would be charged was higher then what she has quoted and none of the health conditions I told her were listed on the policy. I decided I was not going forward with it. Fidelity Life went ahead almost a month later and withdrew funds from my checking account and caused me several overdraft fees for that among other items after their withdraw. I called them several times and they assured me it was cancelled and I would receive my refund along with the one overdraft fee. I called today and spoke with "Lora" if thats her real name and she said the policy had not been cancelled and that I had a couple of days to submit it in writing. She told me no one had told me it had been cancelled and it didn't matter anyway. She was extremely rude and went out of her way to make this situation very difficult and upsetting. I submtted another handwritten request today so I'll wait and see what happens. Unfortunately I will have to pay all of the overdraft fees they caused me by taking money from my account they were never authorized to take. Lora said that when I provided my banking information that was my approval for the policy. I am disabled with several severe health issues so be careful when you deal with efinancial or Fidelity Insurance!

3 years ago

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SB Janesville, WI

Very deceptive! I supposedly purchased $500k worth of life insurance. After underwriting, instead of contacting me to see if I agreed with them offering $125k instead for all causation, they automatically placed it and sent a letter the last day I was able to cancel to receive my premiums back. I did in fact put a request for cancellation the same day to receive the premiums. I kept getting calls so I called the office, and they said they received the cancellation notice the business day subsequent to when it was actually sent. I told them I have a copy of the email with the attached cancellation letter, which I also faxed. Today I got a letter that they are switching the policy to direct bill quarterly for three times the amount, due at the end of the month. I have had enough and will let them deal with the state insurance department! P.S. I would give no stars if it was possible, they've caused nothing but trouble, I have more important things to do than dealing with people who can't do their job right!

3 years ago

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Robert Manzer Austin, TX

I had a 20 year term policy with Fidelity, during which I paid $250 every 6 months. At the end of the policy, Fidelity "renewed" the policy and began charging me $1,681.09. Fidelity claims they sent me a letter to this effect, but I did not receive it. They did not require my affirmation for the renewal, but assumed it since they received no response. I caught the mistake before the next charge in May, and promptly canceled the policy. Fidelity refused to refund the $1,681.09. I told them that they should require an affirmation of a renewal before raising the premium 700%. I paid Fidelity on time for 20 years for my insurance without incident. Sad to end on such a sour note. I do not recommend giving Fidelity your credit card; they took advantage of having mine.

3 years ago

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vicky Middletown, MD

When my husband died he had a 100,000 accidental death policy; When I turned in the claim it was sent to another company to process. These people appeared to be overworked and rude (one man I spoke to on the phone told me he had a stack of claims on his desk and recommended I drop the claim). They turned down the claim and I did not press it because I had always heard it is almost impossible to collect on an accidental policy. I had another small accident policy with AFLAC through my job and I turned in my husband's death along with a broken rib he suffered about a month before he died. AFLAC paid both the death and broken rib. Both policies did not require a medical exam and both were inexpensive. I do not recommend Fidelity because of my experience. You only get a false sense of security thinking your family will be provided for if you die. I don't believe they pay claims based on my experience. Vicki C.

4 years ago

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Karen Herndon, PA

I needed a life insurance policy that would be assigned to the bank in order to process a federal SBA loan. SBA required that the assignment document have a stamp on it. Our insurance agent called Fidlity two separate times to confirm that we could have a stamp on our assignment document. Both times he was told that they could provide that. We went through the process to get the insurance. Right before they policy was activated I received a call from Fidelity about the policy. I asked the woman when we would receive the stamped assignment document. We could not move forward with the loan until that we received. The lady told me they did not stamp the assignment documents. I told her without the stamp the policy was useless to us. I told her we did not want the policy now. Later we notice payments were automatically withdrawn from our checking account for a policy with Fidelity! I couldn't believe it! We called Fidelity and explained the situation. They said the we had an active policy with them. When I explained that I told the lady on the phone that we didn't want the policy and we needed a refund for over $200 in automatic payments they said we would not be refunded. Since the policy was active. A policy that I told them we did not want. This company is a rip off. They will not make good on their mistakes. Stay far far away!!!

4 years ago

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Bryan Lemke Roanoke, TX

Wow. This company is a piece of work. If you ever try to cancel a policy, they will drag it out for two months or more (telling you about additional forms they need, asking for you to resend the form(s) again, and...THEY DO ALL THEIR CORRESPONDENCE VIA LETTERS! No tracking to prove you got a letter, but you continue to pay a LOT (their rates are the highest you can find out there, which is why we wanted to cancel) while their process plays out over the postal system. I've never seen a more poorly-run customer service or policies to eek more money out of a customer than this company. Their policies are well-crafted to drag out the cancellation policies for months and months while they continue to charge you.

4 years ago

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Bryan Hughes Parkville, MD

I purchased a $250K Rapid Decision Life Policy on December 31st, 2016. My exam was completed on 1/19/2016. In mid-February, the examination company began calling me to repeat the blood test. Weeks after I made an inquiry, I was told the blood sample was compromised. In the interim, my primary care physician performed a physical and blood work (which revealed no issues). When I took a second blood test for Fidelity, the refused to "upgrade" my policy to the quoted value. They acted as if they were "doing me a favor" by selling me one fourth of the coverage for the quoted premium. If I had not "passed" another blood test in the same time period, I would believe that I legitimately "failed" it. As it stands, I believe Fidelity never intended to insure me for $250K. I am filing a complaint with the state insurance commissioner.

6 years ago

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Deedee Cowansville, PA

My Dad signed on for 10 yr term life. His payment was 40.00 a month once the 10 year term was up and since he wasn't dead yet it went to 400.00 a month. Which he couldn't afford. So he was out his money and then died a year later with no coverage. Don't get term life it doesn't hold cash value and then they make payments unaffordable to continue coverage if needed.

3 years ago

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Dr. Brad Jines Lake Saint Louis, MO

I was prepaid by six months, customer for over 20 years, checked my bank acct. on a friday afternoon, FLA took 1885.00 out of my account when the premium auto debit was 170 every three months. They said this is a common error. No notification. No advance warning. OVER TEN TIMES increase WAY BEFORE THE POLICY premium was supposed to take affect by over four months (which had already been paid) THEIR customer NO service couldn't fix it without ME SENDING THEM LETTERS USING OLD TECHNOLOGY. To me it was ORGANIZED THEFT> I want to bring charges against them.

5 years ago

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Glenna K. Tampa, FL

These thieves took $1,877 out of my bank account. My policy premium was $229. When I asked why they took so much, they said my annual policy premium changed. I told them they had no authority to take that much out of my account. They said, so sorry, we can cancel your policy if you send us a letter and we'll send you a refund check later. I told them I couldn't pay my mortgage. They didn't care.

5 years ago

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Jerald Calame Fairfield, TX

I have two annuities with Fidelity & Guaranty for over $200.000. Both annuities have matured after five years and I cannot get anyone there on the phone to discuss my options. All I can get is recorded messages and placed on hold where no one answers.

3 years ago

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Anna Tzvetanova

I cancelled my insurance, that's started on 09/09/17 and I had 30 days to do co. Now they refuse to give me my money back because I spoke with them on 8/24/17. Ript off company. After I say let me think and if I don't call start the policy on the 9th. That's for me is stealing. I don't recommend to go with them. Anna

5 years ago

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Donna Poulson Chandler, AZ

I have continually reported the ridiculous amounts of emails as spam and yet they continue. STOP SENDING ME EMAILS!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago