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LAST UPDATED: May 22nd, 2020

Cincinnati Financial Corporation started out in 1950 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has since relocated to Fairfield, Ohio and is run under CEO Steven Johnston. In 1968, it created a subdivision company for life insurance. According to Cincinnati Insurance's website, "The Cincinnati Insurance Company stands among the nation's top 25 property casualty insurer groups, based on 2014 net written premiums."

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The Good

  • Thorough Coverage
  • Great Customer Service

Cincinnati Life Insurance is an independent agency that focuses a great deal on the quality of its representatives. The company has about 3,000 associates, and 807 local claims associates trained and ready to serve individuals local based agents are committed to providing the best customer service experience. The company intends not only to provide policyholders with excellent customer service but also to help those that are struggling financially because of a loss. Other benefits include:

Thorough Coverage

It is a no medical exam company, that offers life insurance policies, disability income insurance, and annuities.


For those on a tight budget, a term policy is a great way to get insured. Term life insurance is a way to feel financial security. Some benefits of term life insurance include:

  • Insurance savings can help a widowed spouse pay off business, personal, and car loan debt.
  • Term insurance can help fulfill the budgetary from a child's education expenses.
  • People can choose to buy a 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year-long term.


Cincinnati Insurance offers LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance. This option is great for helping people feel financially secure. It protects the buyer and their family for their whole lives. It cannot be canceled as long as premiums are always paid. Some benefits of whole life insurance include:

  • Premium costs stay consistent and are guaranteed not to increase during the policy.
  • Cash values increase over time.
  • Every year, guaranteed paid-up values are stated up front.

According to Cincinnati insurance's website, The LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance is ideal for:

  • Estate conservation: conservation-guaranteed liquidity to cover estate settlement
  • Business continuation: guaranteed cash value, death benefit and premiums to finance business needs
  • Charitable giving: increased ability to give larger charitable gifts to churches or non-profit organizations
  • Conversion: convert your current term insurance to this guaranteed, permanent plan at very affordable rates with no proof of insurability
  • Impaired risk: guaranteed premiums for individuals with increased health, occupational or avocation risks


The LifeHorizon Simplicity Life Insurance has great coverage as well as flexibility. Some benefits of universal life insurance include:

  • With this option, policyholders can choose the amount of protection they want.
  • This option has great death benefits, tax-deferred cash accumulation over time, and flexible premiums.
  • Buyers are guaranteed insurability through age 120.


Families who depend on an earned income should look into LifeHorizon Disability Income Insurance. It is a great way to feel protected in case an unexpected emergency disables one from working and earning an income. While a majority of people insure their car and their home, many forget to insure their ability to work. Depending only on social security as a safety net is less stable. Disability insurance is a smart way to go to make sure a family is covered financially in case the breadwinner's disability prevents them from being able to bring home an income.


Cincinnati Life Insurance offers annuities - which are great things to have if one is worried about outliving their savings. The company offers The LifeHorizons Single Premium Deferred Annuity and The Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity, both with no added surprise fees. Annuities purchased from Cincinnati Life Insurance guarantee no increase in premiums or interest rates during the policy.

Great Customer Service

Because Cincinnati Insurance focuses on independent representatives, the agency can build lasting and long-term relationships with its clients. This also means that each representative takes their customer's request very seriously. Representatives handle claims fast. Cincinnati Insurance is often praised for having great service for a great price. Their goal is to provide a "strong local presence, unparalleled claims service." Cincinnati Insurance offers a 24-hour toll-free customer service line.


The Bad

  • Age restriction
  • Long Underwriting System
  • Inconvenient Quoting System
  • Limited Information Website

The Cincinnati Financial Corporation as a whole appeared on Forbes' America's 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies list. Not only that, but the company also received an A+ rating from A.M. Best. While they have developed a reputation of helping their clients, there are limitations to be aware of too:

Age Restriction

According to TopQuote, Cincinnati Insurance will only issue policies to people ages 0-60. Alternatively, people ages 61-75 can obtain insurance with Urinalysis only.

Long Underwriting System

Some have claimed that the approval process takes a lot longer than most other companies. This could be a result of it being a no medical exam company. According to TopQuote, "Underwriting (for Cincinnati Insurance) will consist of an application, medical history questionnaire, review of your MIB, MVR and prescription check. The average underwriting period for a general life insurance company lasts typically about 3-8 weeks, however, customers claim that Cincinnati Insurance can sometimes take a little longer than that.

Inconvenient Quoting System

Unfortunately, there is no way to calculate and compare price quotes online. Cincinnati Insurance only issues quotes and sells their policies through individual representatives. Sample quotes are not listed upfront on the webpage. Customers can try and locate a representative online or by phone. Not only that, since Cincinnati Insurance is an independent company focused on agents, commission rates may drive up the prices to a degree. Product availability does differ by state, and people need to contact their agent to find out exactly how.

Limited Information Website

Navigating through the website feels cluttered, and there is not a lot of information listed about how to file claims. Cincinnati Insurance does not display information on how it specifically handles claims either. The website could be made better by displaying more pricing information for customers to compare. Some customers criticize that in the past, Cincinnati Insurance has increased its rates at times.


The Bottom Line

Cincinnati Insurance is a great company that keeps its rates affordable and is happy to go above and beyond for its customers. Even with it being a company based on individual representatives, the rates are still affordable, and customers get a tailored and efficient experience.

The company always tries to find the lowest rates for its customers. As an example. tobacco chewers are offered non-smoker rates.

Cincinnati Insurance offers a lot of great coverage options for life insurance, and if people are willing to spend the time and go directly to an agent for a quote, this positively-rated company is a great way to go.

While Cincinnati Insurance does not really compete with its financial corporation competitors, many say the customer service is what makes it a quality company to do business with.

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Gary H.

Cincinnati Life is an excellent life insurance carrier with very attractive term life rates. They are a solid, highly rated insurance carrier. I've sold their products and I own their products and are very happy with the service I receive from them.

7 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Vickie Coatesville, IN

Beware! Just when you need them the most they will kick you to the curb. Life insurance is something everyone wants to have only to find out when you need them they spend 2 months reviewing your application and try you in the worst possible time of your Life! Heartless, insensitive company!

5 years ago