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Hammer & Hand opened its doors in 1995 after two college graduates, Daniel Thomas and Sam Hagerman, decided to begin remodeling historic homes around Portland. After succeeding with its initial plan, Hammer & Hand began to expand and now provides kitchen remodeling and other home remodeling services. Hammer & Hand currently provides its kitchen remodeling services to residents of Oregon and Washington.

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The Good

  • Unique Business Model
  • Eco-Friendly 

Unique Business Model

Most companies in the industry pack the designing and the building features into one package. Employees at Hammer & Hand decided it would be better to partner with independent architects—this way, the builder, the customer, and the architect provide a more dynamic vision to each project. 


Hammer & Hand has been dedicated to eco-friendly business practices since its birth in 1995. Its services and products are all designed and built to last. For employees at Hammer & Hand, sustainability is on the top their list of priorities. 

The Bad

  • Undisclosed Fees
  • Undisclosed Warranty
  • Low Coverage

Undisclosed Fees

Because it does not disclose possible project fees, Hammer & Hand customers must assume there will be additional fees added onto the cost of kitchen remodeling.

Undisclosed Warranty

Hammer & Hand does not disclose information about a possible warranty for kitchen remodeling customers. 

Low Coverage

Hammer & Hand only provides kitchen remodeling services to customer within its two-state boundary. Those outside of its boundaries and who might be interested in its services are out of luck.

The Bottom Line

Even though it doesn’t provide information about fees and warranties, Hammer & Hand does seem like a company that is genuinely concerned about the needs of its customers. Its eco-friendly business practices make it an appealing choice for potential customers. If you live within its boundaries and don’t mind the initial lack of warranty information, we recommend that you at least keep Hammer & Hand in the running as your kitchen remodeling choice. 

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