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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Expledge is a job search engine designed specifically for individuals looking for jobs rather than for employers looking to fill positions. This shift in the job search industry places the focus on those looking for steady and competitive work. Expledge will do the heavy lifting when it comes to applying for jobs on behalf of job seekers and assisting in obtaining interviews and ultimately full-fledged employment. 

The main focus of Expledge is finding employment for job seekers in a timely manner. The Expledge system will match job requirements to a skillset and quickly identify employment possibilities for job seekers. If the job search takes longer than expected, Expledge will still be a job advocate for as long as it takes.

Expledge offers a number of services and utilizes a unique set up in terms of payment and eventual fees. The staffing agency has placed clients at a number of well known companies including: Google, Oracle, Tesla, Adobe, Cisco, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and PayPal.

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The Good

  • Job Seeker Services
  • Not Designed for Employers
  • Fee Structure
  • Specialized Job Search

Job Seeker Services

As a platform designed for the job seeker, Expledge offers unique services to prospective employees. On behalf of the job seekers, Expledge offers the following employment solutions to those actively looking for work:

  • Job application directly handled by Expledge
  • Applications submitted to all relevant companies and through various websites
  • Tool that matches job seeker experience and needs with relevant requirements
  • Corrections made to resumes where mistakes can make a difference
  • Professionals will handle and present a salary negotiation strategy to the job seeker
  • No time limit on job acceptance, meaning Expledge will work until a position is accepted

Not Designed for Employers

Many job search sites or recruiting platforms work to fill positions on behalf of employers. Expledge has flipped the industry on its head, focusing on the job seeker. The functionality and services are specifically designed and implemented to help those actively looking for employment. 

Fee Structure

Many job search platforms charge a monthly or subscription type fee to use the service. There may be a “basic” service offered free of charge, but then a premium option that better assists the job seeker that will come at a price.

Expledge recognizes that many individuals looking for employment may not have the income needed to pay these types of upfront fees. That is why Expledge does not charge a fee, at all, until the job seeker accepts a position that suits their needs. Even then,  Expledge only charges a one-time fee. The standard employment agencies put people on payroll and indefinitely take a portion out of their check. Expledge's one-time fee is significantly less (usually a $3,000 to $5,000 fee) than an employment agency that takes a portion out of the person's paycheck (sometimes a $10,000 to $30,000 cut every year).

Specialized Job Search

Expledge does not simply want to help job seekers find any job. The job search agency is focused on finding the right opportunity for every job seeker. To assist in this effort, Expledge offers specialized job search with the following criteria:

  • Job title
  • Job responsibilities
  • Salary
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Work visa sponsorship

The two unique search capabilities that Expledge offers that most other companies do not is the work visa sponsorship function and specified job responsibilities. 


The Bad

  • No Interview Prep Services

No Interview Prep Services

While Expledge will help job seekers obtain interview opportunities, the service itself does not provide interview preparation courses or advice. Since each company or employer interviews a bit differently, Expledge encourages job seekers to do their own research and preparation for these interviews.

However, since Expledge claims to want to help potential employees land employment sooner rather than later, it is odd that no interview preparation services are offered, not even for additional compensation. 


The Bottom Line

Expledge offers a wide range of services specifically designed to help the job seeker. Most job search providers are geared towards helping the employer fill a position, but that is not the case with Expledge. The fee structure is set up in a way that it does not initially cost a job seeker, which is beneficial as many do not have an income to pull from. The Expledge service also has specialized search capabilities narrowing down opportunities ideal for each client. 

While there are a number of reasons job seekers would want to use Expledge as a job search supplemental service, it is important to note a couple areas of concern. First, there is a prolonged payment structure for job seekers who accept a full-time offer. The service is not free and can cost a job seeker money for a period of time. Additionally, the company will assist in getting interviews, but does not help job seekers prepare for them. 

Expledge can be an excellent resource for job seekers. The company is motivated to help each job seeker accept a job offer, otherwise no payment is required.

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