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LAST UPDATED: September 8th, 2022

For almost two decades Net Zero has been bringing their customers a variety of internet service options. Currently, they offer internet networks through two different technologies: dial-up, and DSL broadband. They also offer customers phone, and entertainment services to go along with the internet networks. Their service area and customer base have grown exponentially. This can be attributed in part to their reliability, and time in the industry. NetZero's positive reputation has led them to continually give their customers the same positive experience.

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The Bad

  • Slow Speeds
  • Lack of Transparency

Slow Download Speeds

The internet is used for many different needs daily, most uses require accessing content from the internet. That type of use requires fast downloading speeds. This is why many customers are concerned with the speeds that are available through their internet service provider. This is also why potential customers might be disappointed with the speeds available through NetZero's networks.

Each specific location has a different speed possible, so there are no guarantees for any customer. If the customer decides to use the DSL broadband network, the highest speed the customer can receive is 6 Mbps, which is extremely slow across the industry. Most other internet service providers offer speeds that are much higher than that to meet the customer's' needs, some speeds as high as 1 Gbps.

Lack of Transparency

NetZero's website is lacking a great deal of information that we use to rank companies in this industry. Some of the information we would like to see is uploading speeds, if contracts are required, state availability, and data limits. Not only does it make it difficult for us to rank them, it makes it difficult for customers who are shopping around for internet services.


The Bottom Line

The technologies used by NetZero (dial-up, and DSL broadband) to provide their internet networks are becoming outdated. It can be difficult to compare the service packages offered by NetZero to packages offered through other internet service providers. One of the major drawbacks of these service packages is that the speeds available do not match up to their competitors.

NetZero's speeds vary depending on the exact location, but only go up to 6 Mbps. That is a very low top speed in the industry. However, the prices for all of the packages are very low and reasonable. Customers will definitely be able to fit that cost into any budget. NetZero also gives their customers some extra bonuses such as free protection software. Because of the lacking information and low speeds, we cannot recommend NetZero's services at this time.

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James Tuttle Kingman, AZ

When I did use there service It was great. Very affordable . A Tad slow but reliable .

3 weeks ago