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LAST UPDATED: July 19th, 2022

Founded in 2003, Bright House Internet is an internet provider that services over 2.5 million customers in five different states. In addition to internet, Bright House offers TV, phone, and home security services. Customers do not have to sign a contract and there is no data limits. Bright House offers great customer service options which include a live chat feature. Bright House also offers some great bonus features with their services.

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The Good

  • Several Service Packages
  • Bonus Features

Several Service Packages

Bright House Internet offers several different packages with a variety of speeds for customers to choose from. These packages are as follows:

  • Standard — 3 Mbps (upload), 25 Mbps (download)
  • Lightning — 3 Mbps, 35 Mbps
  • Lightning — 5 Mbps, 75 Mbps
  • Lightning — 10 Mbps, 150 Mbps
  • Lightning — 10 Mbps, 300 Mbps

This large range of speeds is beneficial because customers can decide what their needs are and choose the package that will best meet those needs. The top tiers have a high download speed in the industry. However, the upload speed is quite low. Customers who require a great deal of uploading may want to consider a different company.

Bonus Features

Bright House Internet offers its customers several additional features to help make its services even more complete. These extra features vary depending on package but can provide a lot of value to customers. Some of these features include:

  • Access to thousands of hot spots
  • Additional email accounts and storage
  • McAfee virus protection
  • Other spam blockers, anti-virus software, and personal firewall
  • Advanced bandwidth for streaming
  • Support for multiple devices

The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Higher Than Average Prices

Limited Availability

Bright House Internet-only offers its services in five states: Florida, Indiana, Michigan, California, and Alabama. This leaves a majority of the country uncovered, which means that many consumers will not have access to Bright House Internet services. Even with this limited availability, Bright House services 2.5 million customers in those five states.

Higher Than Average Prices

Bright House Internet's prices are higher than the industry average. When combined with other services the bundled prices are lower, but prices for each Internet-only package are as follows:

  • Standard (25 Mbps) — $57 per month
  • Lightning (35 Mbps) — $74 per month
  • Lightning (75 Mbps) — $89 per month
  • Lightning (150 Mbps) — $104 per month
  • Lightning (300 Mbps) — $202 per month

There are several other companies in the industry who provide quicker speeds for lower prices. While Bright House Internet also offers many bonus features with their services, customers will want to consider the cost and compare to other internet service providers.


The Bottom Line

Bright House Internet offers several service packages and does not require its customers to sign into any contracts. Bright House also offers high download speeds and bonus features that can be beneficial to customers. However, the company charges higher-than-average prices, has slow upload speeds, and is only available in five states. At this time we do not recommend Bright House Internet.

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Jocelyn Casselberry, FL

By far the worst company. I rely on their internet because I work from home, and every month I have to miss out on work because of the internet. If it’s not lagging, it completely shuts down. Every month I have to make that call for a robotic apology and for them to send a technician out to tell me he’s fixed the problem when in all actuality they did nothing but place a band aide. The only reason I haven’t dropped them is because I’m less than a month away from moving. This company as an internet provider is stressful and not worth the $, so do yourselves a favor and run in the other direction

4 years ago

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I had abysmal service before moving... I became a Brighthouse customer in 2013 when I was told that was the only service option. Fine I wanted Fios but it wasn't option. The professional installation ($75) came with a technician who did not know how to set up a DVR.... In essence professional installation involved them dropping off a modem and DVR.... I ended up setting up and installing all the cables and rebooting/configuring DVR.... Then about 6 months in I see a jump from 84.99 to 104.99, and notice that they have been charging me for digital voice, which I neither ordered nor requested. I call them they tell me it will cost more for just Internet. I am single. I am on the laptop or Netflix, but whatever Brighthouse has a monopoly on cable.... No choice but I need Internet to occasionally work from home.... Fast forward 2 years later after multiple cable outtakes which they never credit you for and lousy customer service.... WiFi cuts out. Call customer service.... They schedule an appointment to which they do not show. Call customer service. First representative tells me I don't have wifi... I blow up and get passed to technical support. They tell me I have an outdated modem (which I am still paying a rental fee for) which is not compatible with the network. Thankfully the technician walked me through manually reenabling the WiFi on the modem through a laptop. Since I did not want to waste another 2 hours waiting for a technician to show, the technician said I could swap out the equipment or have to manually re-enable the modem periodically. Fast forward to December.... new house 2 Dec schedule an appointment for 5 Dec 2-4pm.... I arrange for someone to sit at the house, because I had to work. After waiting from 2-5 with no calls from Brighthouse or technician, my friend had to leave, but thankfully I had just arrived home. I called Brighthouse who said the technician would be over at 5:30pm, and dispatch would call me in 15 minutes. 9:15pm I finally receive a call from Brighthouse dispatch stating they installed the cable... The real shocker the cable is still disconnected at the pole. Out and out lie, but they aren't held accountable. 6Dec 8:45am on the phone with Brighthouse and dispatch. They apologized and said a technician would be out between 12 and 2. 2pm again no Brighthouse. 2pm customer service states a technician will be out between 3 and 6 now. So it's not like I took the day off to move or anything. Obviously I took the day off to wait for a Brighthouse technician. 5:30pm receive calls from dispatch stating technician was running late, but I was the next stop, and technician would be here between 6 and 8. 7pm rolls around, I call dispatch. Different person states that it doesn't look like the technician will make it out tonight, but they can set me up for a priority appointment tomorrow. At this point I'm livid today's reschedule was supposed to be a priority appt and I sat around all day waiting. I call customer they state they can set me up for an appointment tomorrow between 10 and 12 but they still show in their system it is scheduled for today. Oh the customer service representative stated she could ensure I wasn't being charged for this lapse in service. To sum it up in the 3 years I have been a Brighthouse/Spectrum customer, I have only received two calls from Dispatch and no calls from Brighthouse.... the first a boldface lie... the second a notification of a delay which turned into another falsehood.

6 years ago

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Greg Noblesville, IN

Had Bright house services (cable, phone and internet) for a little over 5 years and up until Spectrum took over, the services were great and the pricing wasn't bad either. Now that Spectrum has taken over, the internet service is a joke! SO SLOW!!! And, my bill is going up! Needless to say, I called customer service to cancel and switch to AT&T and they could care less. What a way to treat a loyal customer! Pretty much told me ok and where to drop off my boxes. Deuces!!!

6 years ago

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Vance Black Bakersfield, CA

Spectrum's 60mb/s service is about as fast as a 56K dialup connection. I have had Bright House for 15 years but will have to drop it. Ever since it has become Spectrum the speed has averaged 2Mb/s and my internet service has a 2 minute lag time before anything happens. Nine times out of 10 I can not run an Ookla speed test because the page won't load.

6 years ago

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jean Winter Haven, FL

Bright House is totally unreliable. I have had Bright House in my new home for less than 6 months and find them completely unreliable. I work through my phone and internet. In the past 6 months, there have been at least 4 times, that the service has been down or gone down when I am working. This time they told me I need to reboot my modem at least once a month. I have been doing this for years through other service providers and never had these issues or that advice. You pay for your service, but they sure do not provide it.

6 years ago

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Daniel Le Jackson Birmingham, AL

Only if I can give 0 star! Well my apparment complex should sign a contract with them or something, bright house is the only carrier of this complex. I pay over $50 a month and the internet is so slow that I always find my self turn the WiFi off and use my Service from my phone, I have T Mobile and it likes 10 times faster.

4 years ago

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Alex Cook Winter Park, FL

It was a good experience until Spectrum took over. They decided to change my service plan to a more expensive one without notifying or consulting me. I am now paying for 200mb but only getting 25mb (even after they "fixed" it) every time I call now, I just get transferred and then dropped. Definitely the worst internet provider I've dealt with.

6 years ago

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Jon Leesburg, FL

The kid that hooked up my internet robbed my house I have it all on video . As he was hooking up the internet he was casing my house . About 5 hrs later I captured him and 3 of his friends inside my house .

6 years ago

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Terica Johnson Bradenton, FL

This is the WORST cable company. They disconnect service without notice Than had me on hold for 3 hours with no help. I AM SOOO PISSED AND DISSATISFIED with this service. Words cannot express how upset I am.

6 years ago

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Joanne Port Orange, FL

Slow service, outages when it rains, they are the only provider in my housing complex

4 years ago

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John Oliver Campbell Anderegg Birmingham, AL

F*** Bright House.

7 years ago