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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2022

Founded in 2001, IDShield is a division of LegalShield that provides identity theft protection to millions of people. IDShield offers identity theft services to individuals and organizations across the country and is one of the nation's leading providers of legal safeguards.

IDShield identity theft protection services include security monitoring, privacy monitoring, social media monitoring, identity restoration, IDShield Vault Password Manager, consultation services, and more.

According to the IDShield website, the company covers over one million lives and provides coverage against identity thieves in 50 states and four provinces. The Oklahoma-based identity theft company also offers 24/7 emergency identity theft support to all customers.

Additionally, IDShield provides members easy access to their credit scores, fraud alerts, monitored information, and their licensed private investigators. The identity protection company acknowledges data breach threats on its website and offers advice and information regarding the importance of identity theft and identity protection.

IDShield offers a 30-day free trial along with four different identity theft protection service plans - two individual plans and two family-specific plans. Each plan comes with credit monitoring services, unlimited consultation services, credit score tracking and reporting, and more.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of IDShield's identity theft protection services.

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The Good

  • Individual and Family Plans
  • Monitoring Service
  • Recovery Services
  • Service Guarantee

Individual and Family Plans

LegalShield IDShield offers identity protection plans for both individuals and families at fairly affordable prices. Each family plan covers one person, a spouse, and up to eight children.

The individual plans include monitoring services like credit bureau monitoring, social security number monitoring, dark web monitoring, and more. The individual plans also include unlimited consultations with licensed private investigators, a $5 million service guarantee, comprehensive restoration, and the Vault Password Manager.

The family plans include every service that is found in the individual plan but also includes child monitoring services. In regard to credit bureaus, ID Shield works with Experian for its credit monitoring services.

Monitoring Service

In order to best protect customers' identities, LegalShield IDShield provides credit monitoring, dark web surveillance, social security number monitoring, email address monitoring, social media monitoring, bank account number monitoring, and more.

If any suspicious activity is detected, LegalShield IDShield will issue an immediate fraud alert to the customer.

The company also has the ability to perform credit freezes. Overall, IDShield monitors everything from customers' personal bank accounts (checking account and savings account) to their credit score and much more.

Recovery Services

In addition to monitoring services, LegalShield IDShield also offers a number of identity restoration services to help customers in the event of theft. The company provides financial, medical, and criminal identity recovery, as well as lost wallet assistance.

The company also gives customers access to a licensed private investigator who will work under a power of attorney (pre-paid legal services) to restore customers' identities to pre-theft status. 

Service Guarantee

LegalShield IDShield offers a $5 million service guarantee that acts like identity theft insurance by covering and reimbursing customers for expenses in the event of identity theft.

The company states on its website that it doesn't "give up until your identity is restored". IDShield gives full access to its customer service agents around-the-clock as well as access to private investigators.

The company also provides "industry-leading identity restoration experts" to help customers who have fallen victim to identity theft restore their identity.

Additionally, IDShield has a list on its website of frequently asked questions to help customers educate themselves on identity theft processes and what can put them at risk of identity theft (credit card usage, bank ATMs, documents, breaches, social networks, phishing schemes, websites, etc.).


The Bad

  • Lack of Antivirus Software

Lack of Antivirus Software

Unfortunately, LegalShield IDShield does not seem to provide customers with antivirus software to protect the sensitive data on their personal computers from hackers and viruses.

The lack of antivirus software means that customers will have to pay out-of-pocket costs to obtain their own protective software. Without antivirus software, customers are exposed to a variety of identity theft threats via their personal computers and devices.


The Bottom Line

LegalShield IDShield offers both individual and family identity theft plans, several identity protection and recovery services, and a $5 million service guarantee. IDShield also provides several identity monitoring services including social media monitoring, credit card and debit card monitoring, and more.

Additionally, the company services customers nationwide, provides helpful and educational information on its website, and offers 24/7 emergency identity theft customer service as well as access to licensed private investigators.

Unfortunately, the company does not appear to provide customers with antivirus software which may leave customers exposed to additional identity theft threats unless they obtain their own antivirus software.

According to the IDShield website, "identity theft hits a new victim every few seconds." This threat is what motivates IDShield to provide identity theft education and protection to its customers.

Although IDShield does not seem to offer antivirus software, it continues to be a reliable and well-known company that will effectively protect your identity.

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Fooled Friend Livonia, MI

I have been making automatic monthly payments via a credit card to Legal Shield since November 2016 and to my amazement recently got an email requesting that I ACTIVATE my account. Curiously, I noticed that during the coronavirus quarantine, when no purchases were made on the credit card account except for groceries, the normal monthly payment to Legal Shield and 2 days later an airline ticket to Florida! I notified my card company that I had not left the house for weeks except to get groceries! They closed the card immediately but I find it curious that the emails about my account with Legal Shield came around the time that the ticket purchase fraud was made on the same account that they used to obtain their monthly payment, I believe the ID monitoring has been a scam and I have lost nearly $500 on a company that had no intentions of protecting my identity. I am wondering how that person used the ticket that they purchased in my name because they would have had to produce an ID at the airport in order to board the plane and they were able to use that information from my registration with Legal Shield. ID MONITORING IS A SCAM WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

2 years ago

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TBotNik Greenville, TX

Neither LifeLock, ID Shield nor any other listed providers are secure or compliant, as they have to be certified by the IISC, the only international security certification, standards, security law/enforcement agency world-wide. Neither LifeLock, ID Shield nor any other listed providers websites are secure or compliant as you would find that evidence on the websites as legally required. To be certified, there must be a thorough inspection of all webpages, all client contracts, all technologies. All refuse inspection, based on proprietary technologies. Neither impose nor deliver the 1994 mandated security required by the IISC for securing a windows computer, device, machine.

3 years ago

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Jonathan Cowan. Ph.D. Louisville, KY

There are major flaws in their data system that they refuse to recognize. They may have been hacked or compromised. Beware! Here's what I wrote to them before I cancelled my membership. "I opened my account about a week and a half ago. I entered information, including 10 credit card numbers and one bank account number, that evening. I checked back again a few days later and found no bank account number and only 6 credit cards. The next time I tried to access the account it blocked my login completely. Tonight, the same login (memorized by Chrome) worked, but I found only one credit card number there. There is something very wrong with your system. Please have a representative call me and detail how you are going to investigate." Instead of calling me, they insisted that I call them. Their agent at Kroll Investigators told me that there was no problem--that I had only entered one credit card. I told him that I was there and he had no basis for his lie. Rather than forwarding me to the person I needed to speak to to cancel my membership, he hung up. Do not join this incompetent service.

4 years ago

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Mike Myers Mesa, AZ

Do not trust this integrity lacking company! They make you sign up using your bank routing numbers and when I thought they had cancelled my services as they told me over the phone they continued to charge me for two years. They changed the names of the account pulling the money out which changed the tracking of how it was being taken out. I spent over an hour an a half on the phone with multiple representatives who said they would refund $29.90 of the $600+ dollars they took from me. I figured a company this big would not be okay taking over 600 dollars from a member who had cancelled two years ago but they all seemed fine to hold onto my money and tell me to have a nice day. Then again who would expect to trust a bunch of laywers?

6 years ago

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Mickey Thompson Emmaus, PA

Legal Shield is nothing more than a minimal legal consultation service. Although the will and other general items are good,but if you are looking for real legal insurance, this IS NOT for you. From my experience, the only service provided is "consultation" and minimal at that. The attorney I talked to wanted to get off the phone as soon as possible and wanted to spend the least amount of time possible discussing my issue. He proposed to do nothing but referred me to a government agency or a local attorney where I would have to put up a $5000+ retainer for services. Again, only service provided was consultation. Please understand, this is not legal insurance.In my opinion, it is only consultation insurance.

6 years ago

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Angry customer Locust Fork, AL

The monthly membership was very affordable. When I changed jobs and cancelled the service but was still being charged it was rectified sufficiently. Once I decided to join at my new job it was easy to sign up again. As long as I didn't need the service everything was good. Once I tried to use it after having a membership for collectively two years I could get no help. There was only one lawyer in my area that dealt with my particular issue - which to me was a pretty straightforward situation. I simply wanted to legally change my daughter's name. I called multiple times over the span of a month and never got even a call back from this lawyer. I ended up going to court alone and filing the documents myself with only minor corrections needed - AND THE JUDGE WAS NICE ENOUGH TO DO THAT. I called Legal Shield to complain about the situation and was told it was nothing they could do. How about a refund from the time I tried to contact the lawyer to the present?? Also, they would not cancel my subscription saying I was locked in for a year. They didn't offer any solutions, alternatives - NOTHING. I was livid. The lawyer's unresponsiveness they can't control but they could have handled their end better. I will never patronize this business again. They have terrible policies and customer service.

6 years ago

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Jason Zhang Houston, TX

Complete trash service. Provided all the documents they requested for a collections letter (sublease contract, invoices, statements), lawyer can't even spend the time to figure out how to arrive at the amount owed, claiming "I'm not an accountant". The charges are actually itemized in the statement and we even provided individual invoices to backup the statement. Subsequently told us our sublessee is not responsible for utilities, completely missing a whole paragraph in the sublease contract which clearly states the sublessee is responsible for utilities, maintenance and repairs. Their lawyers apparently aren't required to pass elementary mathematics nor have the ability to read.

7 years ago

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Michelle Her Bellevue, WA

I signed up for ID Shield and 5 days later I still haven't got an email saying I was a member. My identify got stolen 5 days ago and the email I received from ID Shield said my application was going to be processed in 1 business day. False advertisement and no service. I am on the phone right now and I am already on my 3rd customer service rep because the other two couldn't help me. This is wrong.

5 years ago

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Heather Newby Kernersville, NC

Signed up for the service. The process was great, smooth, no issues until the end. I received an email with my membership number and was advised to register the first time with it. When I did, it continues to inform me they cannot process my request.....but they were quick to take my money! Oh, and of course they are closed and couldn't speak to me about it. I think I want my refund! This is definitely not a good start!

6 years ago

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anthony ciambrone Boston, MA

Legal Shield is not an answer to anyones legal issues. The company provides poor service if any and is actually a pyramid scheme. The representatives are nothing more than salesmen who are decietful and fast talking employees whos main concern is to get the commision. The reresentative i had the displeasure of doing buisness with attempted to block my refund after providing no service. I strongly urge anyone seaching for legal help to not use Legal Shield!

6 years ago

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Linda Martin Canyon, TX

This is the second time that I have received an email late Friday and I have never been able to log into my account. One reason I can't log in is that my number contains a letter at the end and the web will not let me enter the letter and then they tell me I don't have the right number. When I call the 24/7 phone number I am told they are closed from Friday to Monday. Well, a lot can happen over a weekend. Why can't I get in touch with ID Shield when they send me an alert? 24/7 REALLY?

7 years ago

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Marie Block Toms River, NJ

I used to get monthly updates from Identity Shield. After my payment this past year I have received none. I wrote them on May 1, stating my complaint. As of this writing, I have not received an answer. I consider this a scam. I have not received the service that I paid for and asked to have my payment returned. I am a widow on a fixed income and refuse to be taken advantage of. I threatened them that I would report this to BBB. That did not have an impact. In their ads, Identity Shield is no longer mentioned, just Legal Shield. Scammed!!!

7 years ago

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Maggie Rochester, MN

My company paid for a year of Legal Shield after our personal information was breached. Halfway through our trial, I took out a school loan, had my debit card stolen twice and had my paypal account hacked. Each month my friendly Legal Shield would e-mail send me updates happily letting me know that "no suspicious activity had been found on my account!" I'm not entirely sure what the company was supposed to be looking for, but I wouldn't trust them to find much..

7 years ago

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Sylvia Journiette Salem, VA

I was very disappointed with the attorney that I spoke to. She offered no help for my problem with my medical insurance company. I had to ask her to send a letter on my behalf; which she did. No one has contacted me as a follow up to see if problem corrected. This was my first time of requesting representation and I feel that I have paid my fee for nothing. After reading the reviews, maybe I was connected with a "slacker" who didn't want to do anything. I am considering canceling this service.

7 years ago

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Joe Mountain View, CA

My company is harassing me, trying to get me to quit, and doing things that have affected me and my family. I have witnessed, authority as witnesses of these abuses and I cannot get assistance from legal shield against This large delivery corporation that I have worked diligently for 24 years! I need help standing for honesty and integrity...and retirement was promised so I need legal assistance immediately!

7 years ago

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This is a scam i agreed to $20 a month but received 2 emails saying that my card would be charged for $20 a month and another email saying i would also be charged $132 a month. So now I'm having to do damage control...ridiculous. I try to protect my family only to get conned and scammed by the company assigned to protect us.

5 years ago

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IPaz Hialeah, FL

Even though I've been a member for over 10 years, one payroll screw was enough to "lock" the account until it was paid. This is a horrible company!!!! It's totally insensitive, unprofessional and absolutely does not value anyone's patronage. Find another company as soon as you can! I sure am.

5 years ago

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Richard Roanoke, VA

The services is pretty useless they say they will advocate for credit reports against but if you happen to disagree with the credit cards report then tough shit, they do nothing beyond investigating this even if it damages your credit score. I had this service for 12 years and dropped after this situation occured.

5 years ago

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Tina New York, NY

Since signing up with IDShield to protect my identity, the only interaction I've had with the company has been a flood of spammy email marketing from them trying to sell me deals that have nothing to do with identity protection. Subject line of the latest email form them was "Today Only! $25 Certificates for $3."

6 years ago

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Lisa Stone Townville, SC

This company is horrible. I paid them for 6 plus years and when I need simple estate planning like wills and a trust they were simply awful to deal with. Save your self time and money Go to someone else Customer service and home office are worthless and of no help to you the client. This firm only wants your money.

6 years ago

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I was in Prepaid legal now Legal Sheild, to make a long store short. I paided into them for about a year, when I had a problem I got the run around. And still had to hire attorney.. They tell you if you need any help with legal process they have attorneys... Don't believe that crap....

7 years ago

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tom briggs Eustis, FL

I have been trying to cancel this account for weeks, they do not answer e mails

6 years ago

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Sonya Valeriay Jasper, TN

I called to sign up but couldn't get a live person on the phone. That scares me

6 years ago