Intelius is an information commerce company that focuses on collecting online people data, as well as delivering comprehensive information about individuals and their connections to others. Its services include identity protection, people searching, background checks, and criminal records.

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The Good

  • Insurance
  • Credit Monitoring


Intelius offers up to $1 million in identity theft protection insurance. Coverage features include zero deductible, dispute letters for lenders, an identity recovery kit, FTC complaint filing forms, lost wages discovered within 12 months after identity theft is discovered, legal defense fees and expenses, instructions for filing police reports, credit bureau fraud alert requests, and 24/7 access to a personal identity theft specialist.

Credit Monitoring

Intelius' service package includes credit monitoring through TransUnion. The company allows customers to view and track their credit score, as well as find out who has been looking at their credit report. If a threat to a customer's personal information is discovered, Intelius will send an alert immediately.

The Bad

  • Limited Services
  • No Family Plans

Limited Services 

Intelius does not provide social security monitoring, bank account monitoring, lost wallet assistance, antivirus software, or recovery services.

No Family Plans

Intelius only offers individual plans, which means that there is no option for an entire family to be covered under one plan. 

The Bottom Line

Intelius offers identity theft insurance and credit monitoring, but does provide a number of other services, including bank account monitoring and lost wallet protection. Additionally, the company does not offer family plans. 

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Ed Marcinkowski

May 13th, 2016 Waterloo, IN

simply can not get my credit report online. called in twice and called another number after that. got disconnected from supervisor and very difficult understanding language of help desk. wasted lots of time with no results.



July 6th, 2015 Orlando, FL

What a scam . False advertising . After I located the person I've been looking for I oined for a special membership price I did the supposed real search on my friend and I received the same info I got for free before joining. UNLESS I USED A "search voucher" for the real info and then I would automatically be billed almost 30 dollars for the month. I joined, searched and cancelled My membership in five minutes. I want my money back. It's blatant thievery.



June 27th, 2014 Greenfield, NH

When you buy anything, charges for all manner of other things come up. Rip off alert.

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