IDX, previously ID Experts, has provided top-level identity theft protection since 2003.

The Portland, Oregon-based company offers software and services focused on monitoring, protecting, and resolving identity theft to both individuals, families, as well as businesses and government organizations.

IDX provides monitoring solutions that protect its customers against nine types of identity theft (child, medical, social security number, criminal, financial, employment, driver's license number, insurance, and synthetic).

As part of its promise to protect customers' personal information against identity thieves, IDX offers a 100 percent recovery/money-back guarantee.

The company also provides up to $1 million in reimbursement insurance, unlimited help from a certified expert, a dedicated recovery specialist, credit monitoring, and much more.

The Good

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Comprehensive Services
  • $1 Million Insurance 
  • Recovery Guarantee

Competitive Pricing

IDX offers two premier protection services, IDX Identity and IDX Privacy, at competitive prices. Individual plans start at $9.95 per month, family plans begin at $19.95 per month.

The IDX Identity family plan covers two adults completely (credit monitoring services, CyberScan, $1 million in insurance, and access to experts/recovery superheroes are included) and up to five minor dependents can receive coverage as well (CyberScan monitoring, up to $1 million in reimbursements, and recovery services are included).

The IDX Privacy product supplies users with tools that can help them protect their digital privacy across all devices including a VPN, ForgetMe Data removal, CyberScan, a personalized privacy score, and more. 

In comparison to other identity theft protection companies, IDX has fair pricing for its services.

Comprehensive Services

IDX's plans cover a wide range of monitoring services, including credit monitoring (works with credit bureaus to monitor credit reports and credit scores) cyber (dark web) monitoring, public records monitoring, as well as a proactive feature to check for compromised passwords.

Both the individual and family plans provide credit monitoring, CyberScan monitoring, complete identity restoration assistance, access to an online resource center, customer service help, fraud notification features designed to catch any suspicious activity or unauthorized access, and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

IDX identity theft protection services cover nine different types of identity theft, including medical, social security, child, criminal, financial, synthetic, employment, insurance, and driver's license.

IDX also provides data breach identity protection and strives to educate customers on credit card monitoring versus IDX monitoring, fraud protection, credit freezes, recovery services, recovery options, etc.

$1 Million Insurance

This identity protection company, like many other identity protection services in the industry, offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance to account members.

According to the company's website, this insurance is designed to "provide reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses related to addressing the restoration of your identity."

It also includes coverage for reimbursement of electronically stolen funds. In addition to insurance, IDX provides customers with access to Recovery Superheroes who are certified identity theft risk management specialists. These specialists will use the limited power of attorney to help customers with identity restoration.

Recovery Guarantee

The company has an official refund policy in place for customers who do not obtain a 100 percent recovery from IDX's services.

According to the company's website, IDX will "refund up to one year of fees" that customers have paid towards IDX restoration services only if the company fails to remove all adverse matters (within one year of the identity theft or identity fraud event) on the customer's record.

In order to receive the refund, the customer would have had to follow the proper procedures that IDX provides for reporting the theft and would have already been enrolled in IDX protection services.  

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The Bad

  • Does Not Provide 24/7 Service 
  • No Antivirus Software Provided 

Does Not Provide 24/7 Service

IDX's team does not operate on a 24/7 basis. The company's hours are limited to 11 hours per day on a Monday-through-Friday schedule.

Although the company does employ certified identity theft experts and strives to provide reliable customer service, the lack of a 24/7 operation may limit prompt responses to customer questions and concerns.

No Antivirus Software Provided 

IDX doesn't seem to provide any type of antivirus software or protection against a ransomware attack. Many other identity theft protection companies offer antivirus software and other personal information protection for customers' computers and devices.

Unfortunately, since IDX does not appear to provide this type of software, customers must find and purchase the software on their own to ensure further identity protection as well as personal cybersecurity.

The Bottom Line

IDX offers a wide range of identity monitoring services including credit monitoring services for all three major credit bureaus, recovery and restoration services, and identity protection services such as data breach protection and fraud alert services at competitive prices.

The company also provides certified identity theft risk management specialists (Recovery Superheroes) to help those who have fallen victim of identity theft make a full recovery from a theft event. IDX has a set 100 percent recovery guarantee for victims who do not fully recover.

Additional IDX offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance which covers out-of-pocket expenses such as lost wages, legal fees, private investigators (for background investigations), and stolen funds.

IDX does not, however, seem to provide around-the-clock customer services and does not seem to provide any antivirus software or personal security features that would help protect customers from fraudulent activity and identity thieves.

Although there are some aspects customers should take into account, IDX is still a top-rated, highly recommended company that offers trustworthy protection services.

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September 14th, 2017 Wheaton, IL

thanks to the OMB breach, we are stuck with this "protection". I hate it. You get alerts on every little thing, yet it is very unclear as to what you are reviewing online. Why do I need them to give me info on sex offenders in my area>!>. I can figure that out myself by reviewing the state website, jerks. I live near a major city, I am tired of the alerts on nonsense. And when you call them to inquire, most are basically "fake" alerts yet it is "clear as mud" when you speak to the customer service rep. Oh, and yes, I said I wanted my children on this - they said they were, yet, I see NOTHING on the stupid portal. Oh my god, the portal. I hate it. Designed horribly. I feel so bad for older people who have to figure this out because it is hard enough for me. I had an issue and they use a third party contractor (CSID) to help resolve the issue. This "restoration specialist' contacted me via email and used horrible grammar and spelling and the text was really "off" - very small. It didn't even look legitimate! I decided I didn't even want to speak to them. I was so angry. We ended up freezing all of our info with each credit bureau. MUCH easier to deal with!!! I can't believe this is who the federal government stuck us with...and then I am supposed to pay for this "service" after 12/18? Please.



August 17th, 2017

Try filling out an online application, encountering problems with application, and see how long it takes you to get a customer service representative. For me, it was never. I waited on the line almost an hour before realizing I was not going to speak with anyone. Called the next next, left a number to call to "remain in queue" and never got a call back as of now, which is nearly two hours ago. I'm cancelling application. If you can't reach them before a major problem, good luck getting a claim filed and handled properly.


Sabrina Kipp

August 15th, 2017 Chester Springs, PA

Can never log in. Ask for a verification code, code is never sent, website then logs you out and any verification code you MAY have gotten is useless. Have never been able to log in since the initial setup. Service is free due to a screw up with the government being hacked, so I don't really care. Would never pay for this service.


lost patience

August 11th, 2017

Forgot my password and tried for over an hour to follow the "link" they gave me to reset it. Then told me via generic instruction, to cut and paste it and that also would not work. Frustrated and tired of dealing with them. This company was "FORCED" FREE (ha ha) on me, due to do a government hack. Fed up. I'm done.



July 25th, 2017 Bainbridge, NY

What a wast e of time and money. They say they will send a pass code to your phone or computer and you have only ten minutes to use it to gain access to the web site. The pass code never arrives or hits the computer after 10 minutes. Try to use it and you are told it is invalid.



July 19th, 2017 Irmo, SC

Notifications are vague. Reports are confusing. Long waits to get to customer service.



July 13th, 2017 Jacksonville, FL

Can never log into their site. the ridiculous two factor authentication is too slow. By the time I receive a passcode, the site session has expired.



June 5th, 2017 Washington, DC

MYIDCARE, IS THE WORST COMPANY nation wide , bad service and the worst customer service ever .


Robin Bensinger

March 11th, 2017 Newport, KY

Horrendous and practically nonexistent. No help whatsoever. They cause more problems than they fix. Worst customer service in the history of the universe.


David W. Johnson

January 27th, 2017

I received notice that something happened and I should check my account. When I tried to log in, it said I was locked out and to call the 800 number. The voice mail went on for 3 minutes before giving me any options. Then, someone answered, told me I needed a specialist and put me back on hold...I hung up at the 20 minute point. Useless, useless, useless! My guess is that they would not survive if the government did not pay them to pretend to provide services. More wasted tax dollars.



January 17th, 2017 Henderson, NV

This site keeps making me verify my identity, even though I check the box to remember me. Worse yet is it's taking me 8-9 of the 10 allowed minutes for the verification code to get to me. By then they've logged me out because of inactivity. Really??? How dumb can they get?


K. Smith

January 14th, 2017 Panama City Beach, FL

Worthless service! The only notification I get is sex offenders moving in around me and I can easily check that myself for free. My credit card was hijacked online, but I have yet to receive a notice from these people! Thankfully the credit card company was on top of it!


[email protected]

December 30th, 2016

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED! This is a terrible company. Never use it unless you have to. I was impacted by the government breach, so I had to use it. Here is my experience: 1. The warnings they give you are not clear. All of the notices I've received regard child sexual predators in my area. Good to know, but this is not what the service is expected to do. You have to log in to see the details. 2. Better be ready. They only give you three shots at a password entry. Get it wrong and you have to go through the customer service. 3. The customer service is the worst. I had my account locked because I entered the wrong password three times. This is a very common issue in this day and age, when everyone typically has 20-40 passwords. (See note 5 for another little detail.) 4. Once locked, they will not let you reopen your account via the internet. You have to call the horrible customer service line. Fine, but you aren't directed to any menu to support that. They send you to a generic phone menu, but you have to listen to 5 minutes of messages before they even allow you to access the menu. Once there, the options don't cover your need to reset your password. You have to guess which menu items to select to get to a customer service representative. And you better not make a mistake, since there is no "back" button. I had to go through the menu FOUR times to make the right choices. (That's four calls comprising 20 minutes just to get to a customer service representative.) Once you get to that representative, they tell you that they can't help you, and then switch you to another "special" service representative. When I finally got there, I was informed that there were 33(!) calls ahead to me, and I had to wait over an hour to get to the representative! They did tell me that I could give my name and number and they'd call me back, but you'd be taking quite a chance there; based on the terrible "service" that they provide. 5. When I finally talked with the service provider, he told me that they will lock your account automatically if you haven't logged in to it within 60 days. Why would they require that??!! I only need to log in when I get a warning, since that is the service that they provide. So, if I get no warnings (and they're doing their job) within 60 days, why should I bother logging in? It's probably a good idea to do that, but it shouldn't be a requirement before they lock you out, especially since they give you no notice of an impending lock out or state it in your e-mails or account. They don't even tell you when you enter the correct password three times - they just say that your account was locked because you entered the wrong password. (I found out that I was indeed entering the right password, but it had been locked out because of the 60 day limit - which the customer service representative only told me when I told him that I had entered the right password. He didn't even explain that little detail until I commented that I thought that I had entered the correct password.) My advice - never use this company unless it is the only option (as with the government breach). The government clearly chose the cheapest service provider they could find.



December 15th, 2016

Double whammy in our family! Suddenly my husband was getting alerts from myIDcare. Called and spoke to representatives who explained that someone was attempting to take out loans and credit cards in his name. MyIDcare walked us through everything and got everything taken care of BEFORE any attempts to steal his ID went through. Then we put all our children's SS numbers into myIDcare's system. Within hours we got an alert that one of our children's SS number was being used across the country. MyIDshield gave us the information on this person and contacted the social security office who has now opened a case regarding the theft of my child's SS number. Curious to hear how this one ends. MyIDshield has been invaluable to two of our family members.



November 28th, 2016 Vestal, NY

This company is awful!! impossible to contact always high call volume useless!!! days late in notifications if you can even access to find out what the alert was. don't waste your money!!!



November 19th, 2016

I've had the service for 3 years and have NEVER been able to log in. I get alerts via email but no way to log in to review the alert. The link they send for "forgot password" hasn't NEVER worked. It's called a "token" and the token is never valid, even when I try to use it withing first 2 minutes. They've never answered the phone for service. 3 friggin years and zero service. Don't waste your time. I suspect they are just stealing info. No real reason for them to exist otherwise. Shena Lally (real name)


Michael Henry

November 18th, 2016 Saint Petersburg, FL

Have been enrolled for over 2 years they send emails saying credit report has been changed or accessed. The password they sent does not work. They do not send password reset link when requested. If you call their customer service line you are usually over the 50th person in que. I have tried to talk to and agent now for over 2 years. This is fraud waste and abuse for the Federal Office of Personnel Management. I have requested a audit from OPM.


Tyler Garrett

July 5th, 2016 Woodbury, NJ

I was part of the free "trial" in the contract the government had. The letter said I have 2 years of free service and I have been using it for close to a year now. The credit monitoring part of it is just as good or better than any free solution and their ID monitoring seems pretty comprehensive. I haven't gotten anything on the identity theft scanning stuff, which is good I guess. They also have a service that shows you where sexual predators live in your area, with all of their information so you can watch for them. I have not needed to contact customer service, as the service is very easy to login to and use. If there is a way to extend my "trial" when it runs out, I probably will, though not knowing if there is and how much it would be is annoying.



March 22nd, 2016 Pasadena, CA

I registered and about 3 months later got an email saying i have an alert on my account and asked me to login to view alert. I forgot my password so i clicked on "forgot password" and typed in my userid. I didn't get the reset password email until at least 10 mins later. I clicked on the link and started to reset my password. I couldn't finish the reset process because I keep getting error message saying my password/userid not correct. I was RESETTING my password, how can it be incorrect when i was resetting it? My userid couldn't be incorrect, either, as i have provided the correct useid for it to send the password reset email to me in the first place. Now I can't view the alert because i couldn't reset my password. WTF.


Brian Bay

March 4th, 2016 Lynnwood, WA

Customer service takes forever to get on the line. I called about issues on my credit report that were fraudulent and was told "We can't help with that." Forget that I was called by MY bank's fraud department, the fact that I filed a police report and spoke with investigators who found the illegal immigrant who had been using my SSN to purchase vehicles. (Beauty of lemon lot "in-house financing"...they close down and that are no employees to positively verify/identify that the illegal immigrant was the one who fraudulently filled out the loan paperwork. Now there are several addresses attached to my SSN (with 'guess who's' name). Nobody will help me get her name removed from being associated with my SSN. "Sorry, we can't help you there either." FML!!!


Louise Parker

November 25th, 2015 Somerville, MA

This company is terrible. My data was stolen form the Federal Govt. There was a problem registering. I spoke with two people who said it was fine but I was sure it was not. One person finally it admitted it was a problem but that they could not help me. I was passed around to useless people. I finally spoke to a supervisor who also said he would not do anything. I asked to speak to a higher level person and he kept saying it was not possible again and again but gave no reason. Clearly reading from a script. The federal government picked the wrong contractor. The customer service is appalling.