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LAST UPDATED: June 4th, 2023

IdentityIQ strives to better protect and empower the consumer through concise delivery of credit and identity data.

The company has provided consumers with identity- and credit-related protection solutions at affordable monthly rates, as well as identity theft education programs to corporate and academic associations, since its founding in 2009.

The privately-held, Nevada-based company's goal is to help each user understand what can impact their credit and personal identity as well as give customers access to a variety of data sources and help them sense identity fraud as well as understand how that data can affect them.

IdentityIQ's comprehensive identity suite includes family protection, dark web monitoring, identity theft protection and restoration, credit reports and scores, VPN and anti-virus services, and credit monitoring. Customers can choose from four different identity protection plan options that vary in monthly pricing and features. 


The Good

  • Identity Protection
  • Affordable Monthly Plans
  • Comprehensive Identity and Credit Reporting Services
  • Anti-Virus and VPN Services
  • $1 Million Dollar Protection
  • Online Educational Resources

Identity Protection

IdentityIQ monitors for any use of a customer's Social Security Number (SSN) within its network and alerts them of what is seen. Other monitoring services will only alert customers if their SSN is used with a wrong address or name. In addition, IdentityIQ provides enhanced change of address notifications.

The company not only monitors for a change of address request with the credit reporting agencies but also monitors the National Change of Address registry to make sure customers are informed of changes made to their information.

Identity monitoring includes:

  • National and International Criminal Record Monitoring
  • SSN Trace
  • Enhanced Change of Address Monitoring
  • U.S.-Based Fraud Restoration Customer Service Team

Affordable Monthly Plans

IdentityIQ offers people four affordable monthly identity management solution plans which range from $6.99 to $29.99 per month.

The Secure Plan includes daily credit report monitoring for one credit bureau, dark web and internet monitoring, and up to $1 million in insurance.

Additionally, those who sign up for the Secure Plan receive social security number alerts, synthetic identity theft protection, file sharing network searches, lost wallet assistance, U.S.- based identity restoration services, checking account report, and Opt-out IQ.

The Secure Plus Plan includes everything from the Secure Plan along with IQ alerts with application monitoring and change of address.

The Secure Pro Plan includes everything from the Secure Plus Plan along with enhanced three-bureau credit report monitoring, alerts on crimes committed in your name, and credit score change alerts.

Lastly, the Secure Max Plan includes everything from the Secure Pro Plan along with credit score tracker, credit scores simulator, family protection, and fraud restoration with LPOA.

Comprehensive Identity and Credit Reporting Services

IdentityIQ works with each major credit bureau to help customers monitor their credit report and score activity.

Customers also receive daily fraud alerts and monthly credit score updates. Select IdentityIQ plans feature a credit score simulator, which provides consumers with information about how certain activities affect their credit ratings.

Unlike most of its competitors in the identity theft protection industry, IdentityIQ offers up to 12 credit reports per year.

Anti-Virus and VPN Services

IdentityIQ offers additional services that help you browse safely and avoid unwanted viruses on your device(s). Its anti-virus software includes threat and ransomware protection and advanced parental controls without you having to compromise device speed or performance.

It's VPN is advertised as ultra fast and grants you complete online anonymity by encrypting all incoming and outgoing traffic. It is available for multiple devices types, including Macs, PCs, and mobile Android and iOS devices.

$1 Million Dollar Protection

IdentityIQ will offer up to $1 million in identity theft insurance for users.

If customers have out-of-pocket costs due to theft, they're covered with up to $1 million in ID theft insurance for Lost Wages, Legal help, and Stolen Funds reimbursement.

If a customer becomes a victim of identity theft while using the company's services, IdentityIQ will make sure they receive personal identity restoration and insurance services.

Customers that enroll in IdentityIQ's Secure Max Plan are provided with up to $1 million in ID Theft insurance and up to $25,000 for their children. This $1 million and $25,000 family protection plan service can be a solid solution for those who fall victim to identity theft.

Online Educational Resources

Unlike some companies in the industry, IdentityIQ provides an impressive amount of identity theft information on its corporate website that all website visitors can easily access.

These online resources cover topics like data breaches, suspicious activity, identity theft motives, type of identity theft, identity management solutions, processes, personal security and risk, and more, and are designed to help consumers better guard themselves against identity theft and fraud. 

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The Bad

  • Partially Limited Services

Partially Limited Services

Although IdentityIQ does provide some great identity protection services, there are a few services that some other companies in the industry offer that IdentityIQ does not seem to provide like driver's license monitoring and data breach monitoring. 


The Bottom Line

IdentityIQ strives to provide a comprehensive identity security suite.

The company offers consumers a number of attractive features to protect their identities from identity fraud and theft, including affordable monthly subscription plans, enhanced identity monitoring like Social Security Number monitoring and credit report monitoring, and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

Unlike many other companies, IdentityIQ offers family protection services that include up to $25,000 for family identity theft insurance. The company also provides comprehensive, U.S.-based identity restoration customer service to all users who are faced with a stolen identity situation while using the company's service.

Additionally, IdentityIQ also offers VPN and anti-virus services, plus a variety of online educational resources that cover topics like data breaches, identity thief motives, and more.

Overall, if you are searching for a fairly comprehensive, affordable identity theft protection service, IdentityIQ may be worth looking into.  Potential customers are encouraged to read IdentityIQ reviews to see the company's service from a consumer point of view.

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AWalk Philadelphia, PA

The good thing about this service is it provides credit reports for all 3 bureaus side by side to compare. This is great if you're trying to correct errors and improve your credit scores. The not so good part is the "credit scores" provided. They provide the Vantage Score 3.0. This scoring system is not used by banks or credit card companies so what's the point. It gives a false sense of progress and most people are shocked when they're denied because their true credit scores are significantly lower. The score is useless because you can't walk into the bank or car dealership with confidence because you don't even know how much lower the score will be. I can't speak on the identity protection because I haven't seen the company in action and from all the other reviews I've read, no one has so it's just an unproven claim. I also would like to mention that I get the same credit monitoring service for FREE from all of my major credit cards and charge cards as well as my bank. The same useless VantageScore 3.0 credit scores are included. So the actual service provided by IdentityIQ is REALLY OVERPRICED compared. I get alerts from the free services as well and the emails from them are always received long before I get the alert from IdentityIQ. Not to mention, IdentityIQ only updates once a month. A million changes could have happened in a month. The bottom line is that this service is ok if you're trying to correct errors on your credit reports but it's a waste of money to pay beyond a short period of time when you can get the same services for FREE. From what I've read, the problems start when you try to cancel. So I will be vigilant and prepared because I will be cancelling soon. I gave 2 stars for quality of service & value for money but this review system wouldn't post my true rating. I haven't used customer service yet but it wouldn't save my review without it.

4 years ago

IdentityIQ Logo

Reply from IdentityIQ

Hello Awalk, We apologize you’re unhappy with your experience using our service. We really appreciate you taking the time you did to write all of this feedback. Our customer service phone number is 877-875-4347. Please give us a call so we can make this right.

Mar. 6th, 2020

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R Miller Valley Center, CA

Everything was ok, till I cancelled. I was using a credit repair service that uses this to see real time credit changes on my report and adjust their dispute process as needed. A few times I had to contact customer service for different reasons. Each time they did what I needed with relative ease. I went to cancel today because I no longer am getting my credit repaired and they told me I can not access the content anymore once I cancelled. I asked for a prorated refund since I was only 10 days into my billing cycle. She told me no, that I would have to call back at the end of the cycle to cancel. I, like most have a busy life and will probably forget to cancel and get charged another month of service and have the same issue again. Just beware, if you cancel early, you WILL NOT get a refund for the service you did not use

6 years ago

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Stacey K. Round Rock, TX

Not bad but it didn’t give me the results I was looking for in a credit monitoring company. They report on all 3 credit bureaus but don’t use FICO scores. This doesn’t benefit the consumer since these scores are what most of not all companies use for inquiries.

4 years ago

IdentityIQ Logo

Reply from IdentityIQ

Hello Stacey, Thank you for your feedback. We want to apologize for the bad experience you encountered. Customer service is extremely important to us and we encourage our customers to ask for a supervisor if you are not satisfied for any reason. For security reasons and for our customers’ protection we require our customers to call IdentityIQ to cancel their membership. Our customer service phone number is 877-875-4347. Please give us a call.

Mar. 6th, 2020


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Austin Sisneros Idaho Falls, ID

I received monthly updates on any suspicious activity. The problem I received was they would send me an email that 74 of my passwords were compromised and I had to click a billion times to find which ones I needed to reset. Drove me nuts.

1 year ago

IdentityIQ Logo

Reply from IdentityIQ

Thank you for your feedback, Austin. We appreciate your review, and for choosing IdentityIQ services for your identity theft protection and credit report monitoring needs. We apologize for your experience in regard to the email you received. Our 100% U.S.-based customer service team is happy to assist.

May. 3rd, 2022


Verified Customer


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Maybe. Not sure. Saint Louis, MO

not sure if the scores where correct. Got dif. scores from other sources

6 years ago