ID FraudSafe is an identity theft protection service that is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and owned by Identity Rehab Corporation, which offers identity theft protection and resolution services to consumers worldwide. Its comprehensive monitoring solutions scan billions of data across public and private databases, as well as black market websites. The company also provides full-service resolution from experience professionals to dispute fraudulent activity.

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The Good

  • Comprehensive Monitoring Services
  • ID Rehab

Comprehensive Monitoring Services

ID FraudSafe scans private databases, public databases, and black market websites for suspicious activity. If any suspicious activity is detected, the customer will be alerted immediately. ID FraudSafe also offers payday loan monitoring and credit report monitoring.

ID Rehab

ID FraudSafe will assist consumers with identity theft resolution. Through a signed limited power of attorney agreement, the company's ID resolution service agents work on the customer's behalf to dispute and resolve stolen identities.

The Bad

  • Lack of Detailed Information
  • Additional Fees
  • Service Limitations

Lack of Detailed Information

ID FraudSafe has not clearly distinguished which services and benefits are available for each of its three identity theft protection plans. Consumers must contact the company directly for more information on exact coverage.

Additional Fees

Not all products and services offered by ID FraudSafe are included in its identity protection plans. For example, the company charges fees for mediation on pre-existing identity theft events discovered on the consumer's initial monitoring scan, plus administrative fees for each event. Fees also may be charged for ordering additional credit reports.

Service Limitations

ID FraudSafe does not offer bank account monitoring services, online data protection, or antivirus software to its customers. 

The Bottom Line

ID FraudSafe is an identity theft protection and resolution company that provides comprehensive monitoring services and identity rehab. However, not all available products and services are included in the company's plans and additional fees may be charged for these services. 

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