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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021

Experian, which is the world's largest credit bureau, launched IdentityWorks in 2010 to provide identity protection services to consumers. 

IdentityWorks offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance as well as a suite of identity theft protection services that are divided into three distinct categories: detect, protect, and resolve.

With IdentityWorks, members can also get an easy lock and unlock credit file service and access to a credit monitoring service as well as three-bureau FICO scores.

Read on to learn more about Experian IdentityWorks and to see verified customer reviews. 


The Good

  • Affordable Plans
  • Free Trial Period 
  • Enhanced Login Security
  • Identity Theft Insurance

Affordable Plans

IdentityWorks' services are considered to be more affordable for most consumers, especially when compared to what other companies in the identity theft protection industry charge for similar services.

The company offers two different plan options— the Plus plan and the Premium plan. Each plan comes with various identity theft monitoring services including dark web surveillance, three-bureau credit monitoring, social security number monitoring, financial account monitoring, and more.

Plans are offered for one adult, one adult and up to 10 children, and two adults and up to 10 children. It's important to note that IdentityWorks provides coverage for families while many other companies in the identity theft protection industry do not provide any type of family plan option. 

Free Trial Period 

IdentityWorks offers a free 30-day free trial membership for each of its provided identity protection plans.

The credit bureau's identity protection service also has an annual option available that allows consumers to get two free months of service. 

Enhanced Login Security

In addition to the standard email and password line of defense, IdentityWorks also requires users to input the last four digits of their social security number in order to log in, which provides an additional layer of security to their account.

Identity Theft Insurance

IdentityWorks provides its customers with up to $1 million in identity theft insurance with zero deductible. In the event of identity theft, this policy covers expenses such as fraudulent electronic funds transfers, lost wages, legal fees, and private investigator costs.

Although it's not unheard of for an identity protection service to provide identity theft insurance, some companies only offer up to $25,000. 

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The Bad

  • Limited Customer Support
  • Lack of Recovery Services
  • Additional Charge for Credit Reports
  • Credit Card Required for Free Trial

Limited Customer Support

IdentityWorks' customer support center is only open 12 hours per day on weekdays and 8 hours per day on weekends. This means that customers may not be able to get ahold of the company during an emergency.

Meanwhile, there are many other companies in the identity theft protection industry offer 24/7 customer support services. 

Lack of Recovery Services

Not surprisingly, IdentityWorks offers great detection services-Experian is a credit bureau, after all.

However, the company's identity theft resolution services are somewhat lacking when stacked up against competitors. For example, IdentityWorks does not offer the limited power of attorney or follow-through options on surveillance alerts.

Additional Charge for Credit Reports

While many identity theft protection companies offer free credit reports, IdentityWorks charges a fee each time a customer would like a credit report copy. 

Credit Card Required for Free Trial

In order to sign up for an Experian IdentityWorks 30-day free trial, consumers must input their credit card information. Once the free trial is over, the company automatically bills the consumer's credit card if the consumer does not cancel services within that 30-day period.

Those who choose to try out the Plus plan will be automatically billed for $9.99 per month and those who choose to try out the Premium plan will be billed for $19.99 per month once the free trial membership expires. 


The Bottom Line

Experian IdentityWorks is a credible organization backed by one of the largest credit bureaus in the world. The company offers a number of attractive features, including affordable identity protection services, a 30-day free trial membership, and significant identity theft insurance.

When it comes to identity restoration and recovery services, the identity theft protection service does lack a bit compared to other companies in the industry. Additionally, many other companies offer around-the-clock customer support and do not require credit card information for free trial services.

If you are looking for an all-in-one, trustworthy service that includes identity theft monitoring, credit monitoring, and more for an affordable price, then IdentityWorks may be a good service option for you. However, we encourage you to conduct your own research and read Experian IdentityWork customer reviews to see if the company's identity theft protection service is right for you. 

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Mary Centreville, VA

I have a subscription running out March 16th thru a data breach at a college. Coincidentally I was also caught up in the Target breach and they offered a year of free membership. I signed on for this end of Jan 2014 assuming Protect My ID would reconcile the 2 accounts so that I wasn't receiving the unnecessary double coverage. I continued to get warning emails that my account was expiring and asked why they didn't know about my new agreement from Target. I feel they are more interested in their bottom line than the actual consumer. If their systems cannot identify customers and avoid double coverage I have concerns about how they monitor credit. They have been reluctant to start my new service after the older one expires, great customer service. Would not pay for this service. Just my thoughts.

7 years ago

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Josh Hartmann San Marino, CA

I signed up for Experian Identity Protection after the Equifax breach. They do a great job of blending credit monitoring and id protection features into the product. I trust them more than Lifelock because Lifelock uses Equifax credit information to "protect" their customers. I am happy with this service and would recommend to anyone looking to feel safer about their identities.

3 years ago

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Ron Mueller

I was using ProtectMyID until I received an alert and could not access my page on-line to find out what the alert was about. I called their customer service and they initiated a trouble ticket. A week later they called to tell me due to security reasons my account was cancelled and that they would pro-rate a refund. No further explanation was given. What poor service! I also use LifeLock and have never had an issue with them. My advice is to avoid ProtectMyID and use LifeLock.

7 years ago

star star star star star

William Hart Jamison Atlanta, GA

I signed up for Experian's Identity Protection after seeing their promotion for a free dark web email scan. The scan showed that my email had been breached and I figured I better start protecting myself from identity theft. I immediately locked my credit report which provides a big relief for me.

3 years ago

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JenniGSN Chicago, IL

I'm a bit confused if Protect My ID is a separate company from Experian, or if it's the same. I hope its the same, but I just sign up today got my scores, and feel better already!

7 years ago


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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

Experian IdentityWorks is super helpful at keeping my private information secure. They help monitor on an ongoing basis and send alerts when questionable activity surfaces. They keep me apprised of all activity that involves my information, they are trusted and helpful. i highly recommend this service for identity protection.

1 year ago

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Anne Kimball Salt Lake City, UT

My husband and I got a letter from the IRS this year saying that there may have been some activity going on which out social security so we immediately signed up for Experian and we were able to lock any activity having to do with our social security numbers and we were be able to track all activity. It gave us incredible peace of mind.

3 years ago


Review Source

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Rischelle Mikkelson American Fork, UT

I like the ease of use with Experian to look up any issues with my security. They would send me alerts on a regular basis, either to tell me that everything was OK or to alert me of something that looked possibly suspicious.

2 years ago


Review Source

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PessoaJ Herriman, UT

Had to get identity protection when my purse was stolen. Experian was great to work with and I was notified when anything under my name looked suspicious.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star star star


I find this the easiest site to read and understand our if all the ones out there. It is also one of the major companies used for credit inquiries.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Derek Scoville Pleasant Grove, UT

We were given credit watch service since our info was hacked. Experian was very helpful in sending notifications for any inquiry to our credit.

3 years ago

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