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Founded in 2014, EverSafe, which is a branch of Elderscan LLC, offers identity theft protection services that are specifically targeted at seniors but available to anyone.  After Howard Tischler, the founder of EverSafe, discovered that his mother was a victim of identity theft, he saw a need to protect senior citizens and their families from fraud. EverSafe offers alerts for abnormal spending patterns, credit card charges, missing deposits, unauthorized cash withdrawals, dishonest telemarketers, changing in spending habits, credit bureau activity, and identity theft and fraud.

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The Good

  • Three Plan Options
  • Ability to Add Spouse

Three Plan Options

EverSafe offers three identity protection plan options at varying prices so that customers can select a plan that best meets their budget and coverage needs. Plans range from $7.49 for the EverSafe Essentials Plan, $12.99 for the EverSafe Plus Plan, and $22.99 per month for the EverSafe Gold Plan. Enrollees who are over the age of 60 receive a 10 percent discount. The company will provide support to those who have pre-existing identity theft for a charge of $799 with annual Gold Plan enrollment. 

Ability to Add Spouse

All three EverSafe plans allow the customer to add their spouse to the plan for an additional fee of $2.99 to $14.99 per month, depending on the plan. Since this service is aimed at seniors, many of whom are married, it's helpful that both spouses can be covered without having to enroll and pay separately.


The Bad

  • Short Time in Business 


Short Time in Business 

Since EverSafe was founded in 2014, it is one of the younger companies in the identity theft industry. Want to know which identity theft companies are top rated? Click Here

The Bottom Line

EverSafe offers three different identity protection plans and gives its customers the ability to add their spouse to the plan. However, the company has not been in business as long as the majority of other identity theft companies and may lack experience in the industy. 

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