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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021

Eliminate ID Theft is an identity protection and resolution company that is owned and operated by Murdoch Capital, LLC. Eliminate ID Theft started out by offering identity theft protection solutions to banks and financial service companies through private label partnerships. However, now the company's services are available directly to consumers, employers, and other organizations. According to its website, the mission of Eliminate ID Theft is "to be the consumer's trusted source for complete identity theft protection and to eliminate the associated financial and time drain associated with prevention, protection, and restoration."

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Credit Monitoring


Eliminate ID Theft's individual protection plans are priced at $12.95 per month or $140 per year, while the cost for an individual plus spouse plan is $17.95 per month or $180 per year.

Credit Monitoring

Eliminate ID Theft offers credit monitoring from all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). In addition, customers receive activity alerts about any key changes made to their credit report via email on a weekly basis. If no changes have occurred, customers will receive an "all clear" notice.

The Bad

  • Lack of Recovery Services
  • Limited Insurance

Lack of Recovery Services

Eliminate ID Theft's services are lacking when it comes to recovery and restoration. It is unclear whether or not Eliminate ID Theft assists with pre-existing conditions and the company does not help with financial, medical, criminal, or tax identity recovery.

Limited Insurance

Eliminate ID Theft offers its customers up to $25,000 in identity theft insurance. While this is better than nothing, many other companies in the industry offer up to $1 million in coverage. 


The Bottom Line

Eliminate ID Theft offers affordable identity protection plans and credit monitoring. However, the company's recovery services are lacking and its insurance coverage is limited. 

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Stormy Watson Atlanta, GA

I receive monitoring alerts from this company before receiving it from others on your list. It is rated as a 0 for monitoring, but I disagree. The e-mail alerts alone are better than several other programs on this list that I have tried. It also is the only one that provides credit reports on a regular basis and it does without up charging each time it's pulled. This alone puts this product in a category by itself. I would definitely change the numbers related to protection and monitoring. I agree, however, that the site appears outdated and seems cumbersome for logging in purposes. It is the best value, however, for someone looking to review their credit on a regular basis have it monitored.

9 years ago

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Dale B Mattoon, IL

I have EliminateIDTheft (EIDT) and have used them for a few years. The good: the price isn't bad and the monthly credit alert summaries directly to email are nice. ONE CAVEAT: If you do not get the email, for whatever reason, EIDT cannot get you a duplicate credit alert summary. I know from experience. They missed getting me one. It never came to me vial email as usual, and did not end up in my spam folder, which I diligently scan. I called them and emailed them, and after ten days (six business days), I can tell they are not going to respond to my complaint or my request that they send me a duplicate copy of my credit alert summary. There is a reason they cannot send me a duplicate summary (which you would not think should be a problem, but it is): EliminateIDTheft is a mere re-seller of product. So, when a credit alert summary problem arises (i.e., you don't get it), they have to contact someone at My Privacy Matters (MPM), whose platform they sell. It gets worse. MPM relies on TransUnion for these summaries. So, to reiterate, EIDT has to reach out to their contact at MPM, who subsequently has to reach out to his/her contact at TransUnion. With all these third parties involved, somebody can (and did, in my case) drop the ball. So, their credit alert summaries are great...as long as you get them. If you don't, forget about it. Their program isn't bad, but their customer service is, essentially, nonexistent. If good customer service is a priority for you when you have a problem, pick another company.

9 years ago

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Nicole M New York, NY

EliminateIDTheft and the company they outsource to My Privacy Matters has not fulfilled anything promised regarding the Credit Report services they provide. I have been a member since July 28, 2016 and I have Not been able to access my credit report or any information on my report! I attached the screenshots I received after signing up through their outsourced company, My Privacy Matters and logging in for the first time and also after logging in as a returning member. I received No assistance from customer services nor the other departments I was transferred to. Now that I want to just cancel my service, I am continuing to get the run around. I was given the phone # (800) 370-9510 to call and cancel, but only received a voice mail to leave a message (which was during their listed business hours). After being told this was the Only way to cancel my service, I left a voicemail message with my member#, name and call back #. I am still waiting on a call back.

7 years ago