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How we rank for

14% Accuracy Guarantee

Description: A good company will guarantee accuracy to a certain degree on your tax filing. Additionally, some companies will offer support if a calculation error ends up costing you money. Companies will score well when they offer these features.

12% Audit Support

Does this company provide audit coverage? After entering in your tax information, some tax softwares will run through everything to make sure it doesn’t look like you will be audited. In addition to this support, some companies will help figure out why you were audited if you use their product.

12% Federal Price

When you file your tax returns, there are usually two different filings, one for State and one for Federal. Most tax preparation companies offer free federal filing. The free federal filing is usually very limited and is not set up to maximize your federal return. For the most basic federal filings, the free option is best. Usually, it is best to pay for the upgraded federal filing as spending an additional $20-40 could yield hundreds of dollars extra to your return. We looked at the free filing available as well as the the upgraded federal filing fee of each company in our ranking.

12% State Price

The second filing of your taxes includes filing your state taxes. Paying to file your state tax can change depending on which state you are filing through. There is not a lot of variation in pricing between companies on state pricing, but coupled with Federal filing fees, the best priced companies begin to rise above the rest. We looked at the free filing available as well as the the upgraded state filing fee of each company in our ranking.

10% Customer Support

Customer service is important to tax prep customers because this is where you can ensure that you get the maximum refund and follow-up on your taxes. In this category, we look at whether or not a company has the following ways to communicate with customers: email, phone, live chat and social media.

8% Supported Forms

Another important feature of a tax prep software is having the forms you need. Besides the basic 1040, 1040a, and 1040ez, we outline if different software offer forms for small businesses and those who are self-employed.

9% Data Import

Does the company allow you to import data from W2, 1099, or prior year tax returns?

10% Stability

We look at the legal history and financial stability of each company. This metric takes into consideration any bankruptcies, class action lawsuits, government lawsuits, or government investigations a company has had in the last five years.

15% User Score

Authentic user reviews are critical to what we’re doing at BestCompany.com. Because customer service is an important reflection of a company overall, nobody can provide better insights into a company’s performance than actual customers. Consequently, every company’s overall score is influenced, at least in part, by reviews submitted by customers.

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