ADT-Monitored Security is a home security company based in Florida that affiliates with multiple dealers selling ADT authorized equipment. Founded in 1874, ADT-Monitored Security is one of the oldest and largest security companies in the world. ADT security systems offer an array of services, ranging from home and business security to fire monitoring and carbon monoxide monitoring.

ADT offers interactive solutions starting at $28.99 a month and has optional features such as video surveillance and the ADT Pulse app that can make you feel at home when you are away. ADT-Monitored Security has several equipment options with plenty of add-ons to personalize your security system to your needs. Check out ADT-Monitored Security reviews below if you want to know what customers have to say about the home security provider. 

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The Good

  • Alarm Packages Start at $28.99
  • 6-Month Money Back Guarantee
  • ADT Pulse App
  • Home Automation
  • Variety of Options for Add-Ons
  • Threat Protection Guarantee

Alarm Packages Start at $28.99

ADT-Monitored Security offers its customers alarm packages starting at a $28.99 monthly fee, which is very reasonably priced for a starting plan. A basic home security system includes 24/7 security monitoring, a control panel and a small array of sensors such as door sensors, window sensors, and motion detectors.

6-Month Money Back Guarantee

ADT-Monitored Security also has one of the longest money-back guarantees in the security monitoring industry with its six-month, money-back guarantee. You won't find this with most security systems or alarm monitoring services.

ADT Pulse App

The ADT Pulse app is a mobile app that allows you to not only adjust your security system but also work your home automation features including opening and shutting your garage and climate control. You can sign in to ADT Pulse Interactive using any mobile device.

Home Automation

ADT offers many z-wave devices for automizing homes. Equipment includes some of the following:

  • Smart locks
  • Smart lights
  • Smart thermostat
  • Remote garage door
  • Video doorbell camera
  • Smart switches & plugs

All of these smart home devices can be accessed from the Pulse mobile app and adjusted to your liking.

Variety and Options for Add-Ons

ADT-Monitored Security also offers a large variety of extra equipment, including security cameras, motion detectors, flood monitoring, fire monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, and even medical alert monitoring for people who are prone to health issues such as falls. ADT Medical alert systems come in three different plan options that range from basic pendants that work inside the home to GPS locating devices.

Threat Protection Guarantee

ADT-Monitored Security offers to cover up to $500 of your homeowner's insurance deductible if a burglary occurs at your home when your ADT security system is armed. 

The Bad

  • 36-Month Contract
  • Installation Fees
  • ADT-Monitored Security Equipment Only
  • Limited Package and Pricing Information

36-Month Contract

ADT-Monitored Security requires that you sign a 36-month contract for your alarm system as a new ADT customer. By industry standards, that's pretty low, but if you choose to cancel at any time, you will be required to pay 75 percent of the remaining cost of the contract, which can be expensive.

Installation Fees

ADT-Monitored Security also requires that one of its technicians come in and install your security system. This can be costly, depending on the package you select, but the typical upfront fee is $99. Many top-rated home security competitors don't charge any upfront fees at the beginning of the contract.

ADT-Monitored Security Equipment Only

It is also required that as a ADT customer, you only use ADT-Monitored Security equipment. There's no option to use outside equipment. This can continue to increase the amount that you are really paying for your security system. While you may think you are getting a great price, make sure you pay attention to the extra fees associated with the equipment and installation. Make sure to ask your sales rep the hard questions about price and installation fees.

Limited Package and Pricing Information

ADT-Monitored Security lists its main home security packages on its website, but it does not include detailed information regarding equipment and pricing information. We do know that the company requires a $99 activation fee and a monthly fee starting at $28.99. However, this isn't the price for all packages, so if you want more information, ADT-Monitored Security suggests you request a free quote on its site. Here is what ADT-Monitored Security does list on its site regarding its offered packages:

Traditional Package: Full security monitoring system includes a digital control panel, cellular connection, high-decibel alarm, entryway sensors, motion detector, wireless keychain remote, window and yard signs, backup battery, 24/7 monitoring. 

Control Package: Includes everything in the Traditional package, plus the ADT app, which allows you to control your security system and smart devices from your phone or tablet. You can connect your smart devices and get email and text alerts as well. It functions on Z-Wave technology. 

Video Package: Includes everything in the Control package, plus remote secure video that allows you to view footage from indoor and outdoor cameras on your mobile devices. You can also see live video and clips from triggered events. 

ADT-Monitored Security Reviews

With hundreds of consumer reviews, ADT Security services do not have a high star rating from customers. Many complaints note a difficult cancellation process, poor customer service, and issues with the professional installation. To read more about what consumers said about the company, see the full list of reviews below. 

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to longevity, ADT-Monitored Security is hands-down the security pro in the industry, but that doesn't mean its home security system is as highly recommended to a customer as other companies. The company has a variety of packages with a low monthly fee and options to meet anyone's needs, from monitoring centers to various sensors to ADT Pulse Interactive. However, installation fees and a rigid contract might deter some customers to another security company. Check the reviews below to see what customers have to say about ADT Security services. 

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Sandy Gordon
October 20th, 2017

Such a solid company! My order was delivered ahead of schedule, and ended up being easier to put together than I expceted. We have two kids and the piece of mind this brings the whole family is priceless. So far I'm very impressed with the service ADT monitored has provided us

David Armstrong
October 19th, 2017

ADT is the WORST company every to deal with. They don't seem to get that customer loyalty is won by good customer service. After paying for their service for nearly a decade they REQUIRED that I upgrade it costing me $$$. Then after I did this when I eventually needed to cancel they wanted 30 days of extra payments. The ONLY recourse they could suggest was that I write a letter to some invisible corporate entity.

Dee Drew
October 18th, 2017 West Newton, MA

I got a promotional email from ADT saying for $99 installation fee the customer would get 15 sensors, $850 worth of a complete system, plus $800 value in bonus equipment and 2 key chain remote without paying a cent. I talked to the sale department. The agent said she would add another $1065 worth of equipment to my order because I had many doors and windows. However, after the installation, I had to pay over $2,000 and did not get the key chain remote. The installer randomly namely the doors and windows without telling me which is which. The system did not arm or disarm 90% of the time. I couldn’t disarm the system in order to come back to the house. I couldn’t arm the system when I needed to go out. I called for help. It took me about 30 minutes from the time I made the call to the time they helped arm the system. So I left the house 30 minutes later than planned and was late for my appointment. The first time I called ADT customer service, I was intimidated by an unbelievably rude woman. I was scared by her and did not dare asking her any more question after the first one. I asked her where I could get the user’s manual because I needed to learn how to operate the system. I explained to her that the installer did not explain anything to me; he only said that if I had questions, call the company. This customer service lady was so annoyed, so irritated when I asked her about where to get the user’s manual. She kept asking “What? What did you say?” I repeatedly apologized for the sound quality of my phone. The tone of her voice was displaying obvious anger. I couldn’t believe a customer service person would behave that way. When she said: “I don’t understand you.” I replied with a question: “Am I speaking a foreign language?” She was outraged, and said: “Don’t you play cute with me.” I swear to God. That was a 100% direct quote. Two days later, despite my hesitant, I called ADT again and asked some questions. About the price, the answer was that I only got 5 free sensors instead of 15 because I was not pre-qualified. She did not tell me how a customer would be pre-qualified. Each sensor was $149. I got 25 sensors. So I had to pay for 20 of them. About why the system did not function properly, she told me to call Defenders. Every day I had to call for help on arming and disarming the system. Finally they sent a technician to check the systems. The technician worked for hours to resolve the problem. He couldn’t identify the names of some windows labeled by the installer. He said: “Did he ask you how to name the windows?” Apparently the installer should have asked me instead of arbitrarily assigning names without telling me which was for which. After the technician’s fixing, the system armed and disarmed properly for 3 days. I was very happy. On the fourth day, I was not able to arm it. I only have the system for a three weeks. Already there are so many problems. What will happen in the next three years? I am thinking of cancelling the service. How much will they charge me for cancellation?

Rhonda Brant
October 18th, 2017 San Diego, CA

I called ADT to set up an consultation to have someone come out and give me a quote for a home security system. The "agent" gave the sales pitch, then asked for my SSN, which I wasn't comfortable in giving, especially when I just wanted to set up an appointment for a home consultation. Ended up giving her the last 4 digits for her to determine I was a "Premium Customer", which then threw her into another sales pitch. When I told her I got all of the great things they had to offer, and that I just wanted to get someone out to take a look at what we might need, and this is after a good 10 minutes on the phone already, she told me that she would need my credit card to get everything set up. Well if I had issues in giving her my SSN info, I sure as hell was bothered by her asking for my credit card info for a darn consultation. I refused the request, she then asked me to hold to "see what they could do for me". At that point her "manager" got on the phone and went on a rant on additional services that only he could offer me that his agent couldn't. After another 10 minutes of a very hard core sales attempt, I let the guy know that I got the whole equipment stuff, but I just wanted to have someone come out to the property without giving a credit card. Long story short, he began to get very irritated that I was "focusing" on the credit card issue when he was throwing all of these great extra at me, but in the end the credit card issue was the issue! I told him I didn't appreciate hard core sales, that he was thoroughly irritating me at that point, and that I had spent way too long on the matter and I was done with the call. The guy had the nerve to continue to badger me until I hung up on him mid sentence. Wouldn't use ADT if they paid me to at this point. Too many other great options better than what this company offers.

Bob Love
October 17th, 2017 Flushing, MI

Had issues with a bad alarm pad. Came out to fix and credit me my time down. Was helpful and nice. Did a good job.

Mark Borren
October 17th, 2017 Wayne, PA

the best! we were so excited to get set up and now we were are so happy it is. They treated us really good - no complaints there. That and the system is the best I have ever seen. Really impressed

Courtney Johnson
October 16th, 2017 Prairieville, LA

ADT collected 3 years worth of payments from automated draft because their agent didn’t cancel my service after I called to do so. They only want to give me 1 year of reimbursement back even though I have proof that I had a new company and have been paying them for years. It’s a shame that a multi million dollar company would take advantage of a customer in this way. I work too hard to give away free money.

Jon Tate
October 13th, 2017

ADT is misleading and has poor customer service. To make matters worse they pass you off to an authorized dealer who is even worse. The 2 companies have different policies and neither know what the other does. Upon moving they did not follow through with scheduling my move so I had to take down the equipment for them. Then they did not cancel my previous service and was billing me for 2 services. After spending countless hours trying to figure this all out between the ADT & Home Defenders (the authorized dealer) they still have not refunded the charges for the previous address. I have been overcharged again since moving in and got a call from ADT saying I am past due! When I tried to explain I had already paid, they said “I can’t see what you’ve paid to Home Defenders.” They are a total mess! I will say that so far the equipment works fine. I pray I never have an actual emergency because I have zero faith that either company is competent enough to handle an emergency.

Adria Blotta
October 13th, 2017 Los Angeles, CA

The worst ever. Our alarm stopped working. The soonest they could service was 6 weeks. I took a day off work - they never showed. I called twice and they told me to be patient. The next appointment was another 6 weeks. All the time I'm paying for their "service" monthly even though the alarm doesn't work. So we cancelled our service, and they still kept billing us, then sent the claim to collections... We also have ADT for our business. We decided not to change companies there bc of cost. The battery on the alarm was apparently low so the way they chose to alert us of this was with an automated voice call at 3:30A for seven consecutive nights waking us up for a week until I finally blocked the number on my cell so we could sleep through the night. These are only the two worst experiences we've had with ADT, but we will never choose to use them again and would NEVER recommend them to our worst enemies.

Jaina Gordon
October 13th, 2017

ADT is awesome, their system is always running with no weird poweroffs. Ive been really impressed so far.. also they almost always have a special deal going on - its worth keeping your eye out.

Daniel Sherman
October 12th, 2017

Their phone represents helped me time and time again I can't thank them enough. Seriously a company who cares about you. My experience has been nothing but wonderful and I just got my friend to sign up! My wife and I are very happy with ADT's system.

Ryan Trent
October 11th, 2017

Excellent service, I was so impressed by the professional and courteous staff. The system I have is rock solid as well.

Tom Juergens
October 5th, 2017 Seguin, TX

I had ADT for several years, then at the end of 2016 they jacked my bill up $5. When I called to cancel they quoted me $29.99. I told them that I could live with it, but I would need a written contract. Instead they billed me $32.46 without any contract. When I told them to cancel they said I had a "Verbal" Contract. After fighting with them for six months they sent it to collections. Of course there was no contract. This is the worse company I have dealt with in my life.

October 4th, 2017 Colts Neck, NJ

I have not noticed any downtime with my sytstem at all. So far it's been very reliable and signing up was short and sweet. Overally really good, I would definitely recommend at least trying it out

James Horner
October 4th, 2017 Clearwater, FL

After months of time on the telephone with lame reps as well as written requests to terminate service, I am no closer to terminating the policy of my elderly mother's account. Her house is sold, telephone service is disconnected, and she is living with me--but the reps don't care. Complete run-around, after years as a loyal customer.

October 3rd, 2017 Schenectady, NY

ADT Pulse goes off line despite our top service internet provider (they blame the internet carrier) then they blame microwave then they blame baby monitors.... after you buy and install this crap. The cameras don't capture enough angle view and, they don't pick up a second incident following the first :30 seconds....

Sydney C
October 2nd, 2017 OH

I have not had this company installed yet, but plan to do so tomorrow as long as what was promised holds true. I do however already have a complaint about the customer service. I had to call 3 times just to get my confirmation email. I was told I would get 3 door sensors, 2 motion detectors, fire/smoke monitoring, and a $100 visa gift card all for the low cost of a $105 installation cost (one time) and a $27.99 a month monitoring fee with a 3 year contract. I refused to have a technician in my home before receiving something in writing to indicate all that the original sales rep promised.The original sales rep. Terrance, said I would receive the email last night. Never happened. I then called this morning and was told that I would get it by the end of the morning. Never happened. Finally I called during my lunch hour and was told by Laqueisha that it was sitting in a ticket for billing and they would get to it. I asked to be transferred to billing and was told "Billing doesn't talk to customers only we get to do that. I can reschedule your appointment to give them more time to get you the confirmation" She transferred me. This new sales rep named Michael (I think) asked what the issue was and immediately reached out to billing and got my confirmation email within minutes. He seemed shocked that I had been told otherwise. If it were not for Michael I would have cancelled and walked away. If they do not honor all that Terrance (original sales rep) has promised then I will not allow the install and walk away. Update: I had the installer in my home. I confirmed that the equipment freebies they promised were in the contract. After he began installing however I was told my monthly rate would be $48.99 not $27.99 because the placement was not near the landline. I was very annoyed that I now was being charged double without ever being told that the placement of my keypad mattered. I just had my walls painted and was not about to let them drill holes and then just leave with no system to show for it. They ended up rectifying the situation by giving me $200 visa gift card and a 10% discount on the remaining equipment. I hope the customer service is more consistent and they learn from this issue. It is not fair to punish the customer for your MANAGERS mistake.

Xavier V
September 29th, 2017 North Bergen, NJ

In all my days I've never been so impressed with a company as much as ADT. Their system is top notch, I love love love how easy it is to monitor. Could not be better

September 29th, 2017 Jacksonville, FL

Easy purchase! Everything has gone smoothly and I appreciate the effort they're putting in to make sure I've gotten what I need.

Victor Jones
September 29th, 2017 North Bergen, NJ

amazing representatative took me through the process of getting secured, was easier than I thought! Plus the security system I have now gives me the piece of mind I haven't had in many many years. I should have contacted ADT a long time ago!

Sydney C
September 29th, 2017 OH

I have not had this company installed yet, but plan to do so tomorrow as long as what was promised holds true. I do however already have a complaint about the customer service. I had to call 3 times just to get my confirmation email. I was told I would get 3 door sensors, 2 motion detectors, fire/smoke monitoring, and a $100 visa gift card all for the low cost of a $105 installation cost (one time) and a $27.99 a month monitoring fee with a 3 year contract. I refused to have a technician in my home before receiving something in writing to indicate all that the original sales rep promised.The original sales rep. Terrance, said I would receive the email last night. Never happened. I then called this morning and was told that I would get it by the end of the morning. Never happened. Finally I called during my lunch hour and was told by Laqueisha that it was sitting in a ticket for billing and they would get to it. I asked to be transferred to billing and was told "Billing doesn't talk to customers only we get to do that. I can reschedule your appointment to give them more time to get you the confirmation" She transferred me. This new sales rep named Michael (I think) asked what the issue was and immediately reached out to billing and got my confirmation email within minutes. He seemed shocked that I had been told otherwise. If it were not for Michael I would have cancelled and walked away. If they do not honor all that Terrance (original sales rep) has promised then I will not allow the install and walk away.

Ngoako Tshivhule
September 29th, 2017

My alarm went off and the the patrol guys just came and parked on the street and never even opened their car window to check what's happening. And then they lied to their office and said the gate was too high.

Debbie Trant
September 26th, 2017

I was in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. They were the most thoughtful. I have no bill for three whole months. Not paying anything at all. You are appreciated, and ADT service is excellent.

Ryan Pickering
September 26th, 2017

ADT offers a service, and mostly provides it... however it is my opinion that the only thing they care about is locking you into a contract. They do innovate, which is good... but they are a giant company that has so much bureaucracy that even if you could prove a portion of their system was going to kill someone... it would land on deaf ears no matter what mountain top you yelled it from

M. O'Brien
September 26th, 2017

I have called on 4 different occasions to cancel the account and request refunds of additional billing. The account was cancelled in March 2017, here it is September 2017 and I'm still getting billed but they show my account closed and CANNOT & WILL NOT refund the additional charges.

Jayin Lee
September 22nd, 2017 Charlotte, NC

excellent warranty and service. I'm suprised how courteous of a company they are, these days companies seem like they're out to get you for every dime you have. But ADT stands alone. Strong staff with a good product! Keep it UP!

Greg V. Charles
September 22nd, 2017 Boydton, VA

ADT Protect Your Home is great, I was so impressed by their generous phone workers who didn't hesitate to lend a hand. Plus the system they set me up with looks professional and works very well!

sumit bhagchandani
September 22nd, 2017 Fort Myers, FL

Repeated issues with billing when you change addresses, they start double billing you until you catch it and then explain 4 or 5 times by calling them again and get the hard earned money that you pay for this is absolutely a disaster.. I so want to be out of ADT's contract right now , bad customer experience, bad customer service..twice it has happened to me and then you have to explain to them to resolve the issue

September 21st, 2017

It was horrible (1200 dollars) to remove a system that I have for a little over a week it’s just terrible.

September 19th, 2017 Stony Point, NY

ADT had been installed in our new home so we activated it @$59 per month. We are new customers and were not offered any promotion. A few days later we received mail to our new home from ADT offering promotion of $19.99 for first year if we re-activate the system. Called immediately and they absolutely refused to honor the offer or provide any discount. Took 1/2 hour on hold and spoke to obnoxious people. Cancelled on the spot and was told $1,200 early cancellation fee will be charged. They will never see another nickel from me. Charges to my credit card will not be honored and my card company was appalled at the way we were treated.

Garret Redding
September 12th, 2017 Kansas City, MO

ADT Monitored Security is the absolute best security company in business! Friendly and helpful staff get you exactly what you need on time. I really appreciated the kindness and understanding of their staff.

September 12th, 2017 New York, NY

Easy easy easy! ADT Monitored Security is the absolute best, don't accept any substitute. The customer service department helped me get an appointment set up that worked around my hectic schedule and I'm liking what I got more and more every day.

Sasha Warren
September 12th, 2017 Monrovia, CA

Good overall! I'm liking the easy setup. Their staff has been nothing but helpful which has made my experience better than I expected.

Amy Reese
September 11th, 2017

ADT Monitored Security sets the standard for this industry. Such a great process, I was in and out in the blink of an eye and they seemed very happy/eager to get me exactly what I wanted

Thomas Jackson
September 5th, 2017 Seattle, WA

Quick delivery and very nice customer support! We had no issues getting our system set up, and so far everything is good!

Nate Mensen
September 1st, 2017 New York, NY

Really wonderful plan for billing, I got approved for a nice rate all thanks to their customer service rep on the phone. Delivery was expedited. I'd definitely recommend them to a friend.

Debora J Broussard
September 1st, 2017

I had ADT installed against my better judgement. They contract the work out and I never did get my $100. visa card. I have had nothing but trouble with the unit it has been disconnected from the outlet with me just paying the bill for insurance purposes. I do not remember a 3 year contract and asked for proof of that due to my moving and not needing service for sereral months, I have yet to receive a copy of that 3 year contract they said I signed. I would not reccomend them to anyone!

August 30th, 2017 Norfolk, VA

I had ADT for about 4 years and there service went down hill after 2 years. There equipment was shabby. the batteries didn't seem to last very long. The personnel that monitored the system must have been a sleep or very busy cause it took them more than it should have to answer the alarm. Had a motion detector installed in the living room and it kept alarming. So it was useless. I just bypassed it after 2 false alarms. I'm happy with the system that I have now and unless ADT has really improved there game, I'll stay with who I have now.

Sam Rodgers
August 28th, 2017 Valdez, AK

superb through and through. Great deal for me and my family, we're very happy with how simple the process has been.

G. Carpenter
August 28th, 2017 Faribault, MN

I have been with ADT for eight years, they are the best. Always good customer service, their monthly fee is very reasonable and I did not have to pay for installation or equipment. If I call about my equipment not working they will work with me and try to resolve the issue over the phone if not then someone will be here, there is never a charge for them coming to our home.

Jill Smith
August 28th, 2017 Caseyville, IL

The app does not work and will not connect to any other vendor's products (e.g., Ring). HORRIBLE. I'm cancelling ADT the second my contract is up.

AJ Harrison
August 25th, 2017 Cincinnati, OH

all great! The lady I spoke to was very nice on the phone and helped me get something that was perfect for me.

Charles Gregor
August 25th, 2017

I am imprssed by how nice the people on the phone were. they sorted out all of my issues and my system is golden

Corey Richardson
August 25th, 2017 Clifton, NJ

service here is good, I liked how responsive the techs were it really made my day

Riley White
August 25th, 2017 Unity, WI

What a great time! Delivery and setup were suprisingly fast. I feel safer already, highly reccomend

Braden Adams
August 24th, 2017

Terrific warranty, that's what got me interested in the first place. Now hopefully I won't need it but the extra layer of security is nice to have.

Scott Porter
August 24th, 2017 San Mateo, CA

I had no trouble getting this set up and every body I spoke to was very helpful. I will definitely be back again

Lance Rawlings
August 24th, 2017 Boardman, OR

so great!! super impresed with how things are going

Katie Johnson
August 24th, 2017

Got everything in 1 order was very fast to set up and use. fast, im happy with it!

Ben Truong
August 24th, 2017 West Jordan, UT

amazing .. I didnt expect such great service I was really surprised. not much else will compare