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LAST UPDATED: February 16th, 2024

Swann is a security company that is based out of Melbourne, Australia. The company began with a family-owned business that has expanded to include locations in the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, and other major countries.

Swann prides itself on making security advanced, yet easy and having exceptional customer service with 24/7 availability. You can purchase Swann technology directly from its website, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Lowe's, and a variety of other online and in-store retailers. The network of resellers is part of Swann's promise to make its technology easy and accessible to its customers.

Swann offers a variety of products, including indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras, video recorder options, and other smart home security solutions. 

If you want to see what consumers have to say about the security company, you can find Swann reviews below

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The Good

  • Camera Options
  • Features
  • Swann Pricing
  • Smart Home Options
  • Online Tools
  • Extended Warranty
  • Swann Mobile App

Camera Options

Swann is a smart security company that has a wide range of security cameras and security systems at a very low price. The company stocks well over twenty cameras. Swann's products range in price, which reflects the "do-it-yourself" approach to Swan's branding culture. Customers, depending upon their needs, can select affordable cameras for a home security project or the most expensive cameras to provide the maximum security for a business or other commercial enterprise. Having a variety of options and a wide price range ensures there are security options for most customers.

Swann camera options include bullet cameras, dome cameras, video camera doorbells, and Wi-Fi connection cameras. Individual camera prices range from $59.99 to $399.99. Security systems with additional equipment range from $179 to $2,000


Swann's security cameras include a variety of features such as:

  • Motion lighting
  • Heat and motion sensing
  • 2-Way talk
  • Color night vision
  • Weatherproof technology
  • Sirens and spotlights
  • Video analytics

Swann Pricing

Because Swann offers an assortment of security products, there is not an exact price range. Having the freedom to select individual products and not being forced to purchase a large security package ensures more customers have the ability to purchase Swann products, regardless of their budget. 

Smart Home Options

Swann offers a variety of smart home options. Swann smart home security includes a wired security kit or a wire-free smart security camera that can detect and record heat and motion. Swann security cameras also have two-way audio so you have capabilities like speaking to someone who is at the front door.

Swann smart home options additionally include live streaming and remote viewing of footage from a mobile device or tablet as well as instant alerts to the Swann app when activity is detected and recorded. The company's security products are compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can easily control your wireless Swann security cameras and home security system with these smart home devices. 

Online Tools

Swann's website has exclusive content resources to help its visitors and potential customers make the best security decisions for them. This includes online video tutorials and how-to guides. This makes it simple for consumers to find the help they need and to research more about Swann and its offerings. 

The company's website also has a Security Solution Finder that lets consumers select and compare security systems. If visitors need additional help regarding Swann's products, the company also offers technical support with a wide array of FAQs, customer service support, warranty and return information, and more. 

Extended Warranty

Swann Security offers a 12-month warranty on all products. If anything malfunctions, you can send it back and receive a new product. If you contact Swann within 30 days of your purchase, you can also apply for an extended warranty, which is an additional six months of coverage (18 months in total). To be eligible, you need to retain your original purchase receipt or invoice. 

Swan's website states that the extended warranty "offer excludes RC toys, Xtreem product range and products purchased as refurbished or open box from SwannStore."

Swann Mobile App

Swann has its own mobile apps that give you access to live footage from your surveillance cameras and push notifications when motion and heat are detected. Because there are multiple apps, Swann's website notes that you should check the model number printed on the video recorder or camera.

This will tell you which mobile app you need. For example, if you have an 8 Channel DVR-4500, that will require the SwannView Plus app. If you have any issues determining which Swann app to download, you can contact the company's tech support or customer service department. 


The Bad

  • Number of Products
  • Swann Reviews

Number of Products 

A point of concern deals with new camera customers being overwhelmed with the number of products available from Swann. While Swann does carry information on some of its bundle packages, it lacks several support options such as PDF manuals and online tutorials. However, the customization of choosing individual Swann products is convenient for many customers and Swann can assist you in selecting the cameras and equipment that is right for you. 

Swann Reviews

Swann reviews include some negative comments regarding the company's products. Thankfully, Swann products include a 12-month warranty and are eligible for an additional six-month warranty (18 months in total), so if there are any issues within that time frame, Swann will take care of the problem with a refund or a product replacement. 

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The Bottom Line

Swann is a security company that offers innovative and wireless surveillance and monitoring technology with an abundance of security equipment. The company provides indoor and outdoor security cameras for more extensive security.

The company has a DIY approach to make installation simple and carefree for consumers and offers a variety of products that consumers can choose from. 

Swann security systems include smart home solutions including a mobile app that sends your mobile device push notifications when your security camera motion sensor detects movement. You can also use the app for remote viewing of your digital video recorder as well as to control your Swann products with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

Swann is convenient for customers looking to buy individual security products rather than a prearranged security package that is non-customizable and may not include all desired security products.

If you want to learn more about the security provider, check out Swann reviews below. You can also check out full security systems companies if you are interested in professional monitoring and more robust security systems. 

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Howard Thrift

Intermittent working products , recently purchased an indoor unit which has turned out to be piece of junk. After initial setup all seemed fine but then gradually we could not log into monitor the house . After rebooting resetting and spending hours trying to pair and self setup the camera it fails every time to connect . During the setup procedure it says connecting and the pairing light does what the instructions say , then it says please wait were setting up your camera 10 minutes later it says 100% successful and then gives a message cannot connect to camera . The camera is now residing twenty feet below the house after bouncing off the driveway , never had so much of a problem trying to get a simple camera to work .

1 year ago

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X Minneapolis, MN

Swann cameras are great...when they work. We have 6 wireless cameras and 2 hardwired floodlight camera, we've had them for 2 yrs. The wireless cameras constantly go offline and you'll spend half of your life troubleshooting them and trying to get them online, even when you're sitting right next to your modem with a "weak or no signal" according to the camera. The floodlight simply doesn't record activity half the time. Now the lights are strobing and we can't get them to stop, so we had to turn it off and it's worthless at this point. The app crashes frequently on multiple devices. Don't waste your $$ on Swann products, they're basically expensive paperweights that slowly steal your life trying to get them to work.

2 years ago

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Paul Tampa, FL

I'm delighted to see the numerous frustrations with Swann support. Me too, and I have a story that should shock you. I cannot record on my Swann system. Twice the local sheriff's office rang my bell asking to see footage that would help them with what they were called about, and twice I told them I have a Swann system and Swann does not have the passwords for their equipment, based on my experience. You see, shortly after I installed the cable-based system (I was in tech) I realized I needed a password to record using the cameras. I called Swann several times (four times) asking for it. Someone in tech support told me they do not have passwords for their DVR decks. I was in tech, and cannot believe that a tech company would not have a database matching serial numbers with passwords. It shouldn't be. So I'll send communication to Swann's executives asking for the password. If that fails, I'll tell their competition about this and let the local law enforcement know that Swann products are not reliable for crime prevention and security. It's unfortunate, I like the products but the money they're spending in tech support is wasted. Happy New Year.

5 years ago

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linda gallmeyer Buffalo, NY

I have the indoor 2 pack camera. camera is ok after months of back and forth with swann. I was using two camera's and unpluged one for a few weeks, well, swann did a update and now the camera that was not plugged in will not work. called swann, cannot find the receipt but i have the packing slip with date. Swann will not accept it so I am out of luck. I will never purchase another swann product or recommend them.

3 years ago

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Bob Jensen Folsom, CA

Dvr is great, cameras are good, app is HORRIBLE. Will not ever connect to 4 different dvrs at 4 different locations. The software when I log into the DVR from internet explorer does work. Just useless on my phone. Would not recommend if you need to use your phone to view but if you are ok with using your PC you will be fine for remote viewing as long as you have internet explorer. Will not work with any other browser.

3 years ago

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TB Alamogordo, NM

Swann systems used to be okay...but they sold the business and it has gone down hill ever since. DVR's need updated bad as they lose some of their functionality and are very combersum to use. CS doesn't know what they are doing.

4 years ago