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LAST UPDATED: January 19th, 2021

Logitech is a Switzerland-based company with U.S. headquarters in Newark, California. The company started in 1981 and has expanded their product line to include computer accessories, gaming accessories, smart home, home security and many others. For home security cameras, the price point is higher than a Tend or Wyze camera, both new players to the market, but fall in range with Ring, Nest, or other home security options.

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The Good

  • Innovative Products 
  • Widely Recognized International Brand
  • Low to Mid Price Point

Innovative Products 

Logitech’s product line includes ergonomic keyboards and mice, gaming accessories, and many other products designed for comfort and ease of use. This background in product manufacturing makes them expert at creating home security products that combine the best of multiple arenas: user experience, video, physical equipment, and software. It is uniquely one of the only cameras where you can mix & match accessories, due to its swappable design, letting you choose which functions are important to you. Customers can also choose between window, magnet, and outlet plug mounts, making the camera’s placement extremely versatile. There are also some new and interesting collaborations with Apple HomeKit, that could be very beneficial for customers who utilize products from both brands.

Widely Recognized International Brand

Due to their popularity and reputation, Logitech products are readily available at all computer and electronic retailers. Products can be found online as well as in physical retail locations. Although not a home security company solely, Logitech leans on its strengths of expertise, international base, and long history as a brand, to make a solid play in the market.

Low to Mid Price Point

Logitech offers a range of products and price points, with most of them falling in the very affordable range. Newer players to the market, like Tend or Wyze, focus solely on home security camera manufacturing and only have single product focus with lower price points ($30-$70); however, Logitech is by no means the most expensive option on the market, coming in around $179.

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The Bad

  • Poor Quality
  • Unreliable Customer Service 
  • Compatibility Issues 

Poor Quality

In this case, “you get what you pay for” rings true. While Logitech products are mid range price point products, they are not known for their long lasting quality. Some customers disputed the company’s claims about various features from night vision, to its outdoor viewing abilities, to the inconvenience of its need to plug in to an adapter rather than internal battery pack. There have also been reports that some essential functions are not accessible until paying higher subscription fees, which inflates the shelf price substantially.

Unreliable Customer Service

There have been complaints about Logitech’s customer service. Lack of response, inability to understand customer representatives, unwillingness to help and other issues have been described. For customers who are not tech savvy and need to rely on written materials, tutorials, customer support, and live chat technical support, this does not bode well. 

Compatibility Issues

While this problem seems to be more frequent in gaming products, incompatibility with computers, systems, or other electronics have been an issue for some customers. Customers are advised to research their particular needs before purchasing a product to ensure technical compatibility with existing home technologies. Especially because some customers note a lack of efficient support options, a little extra research will help reduce likelihood of issues.


The Bottom Line

Logitech provides a wide range of products that do hit a good price point. Purchasing a Logitech camera from a retailer with a very lenient return or exchange policy (longer than 30 days or a one-year warranty) would be the best route, so customers can try out the features with the option to return if expectations are not met. If cost is the only concern, customers may be better served by lower-end models, such as the Wyze or Tend cameras; or if price is not a concern, moving up market to higher quality options from industry leaders who focus exclusively on home security, like Ring or Nest, may be a better use of resources.

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