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LAST UPDATED: November 4th, 2021

Foscam is a Chinese-owned company that offers IP security cameras, camera accessories, and network video recording equipment. While Foscam does not offer routers or other extensive home automation, like Nest or D-Link, Foscam surveillance systems integrate extremely easily into most existing home networks. 

Founded in 2007, Foscam's digital camera brand is based on its motto: "Focus on the Camera" and that culture is reflected in their product line. 

With the official Foscam mobile app, customers can set up their IP cam over their home wireless network. The app also sends real-time alerts via push notification when triggered by motion or sound and allows for remote viewing of your live feed, right from your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Keep reading for pros and cons, plus Foscam reviews from real customers. 

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The Good

  • Camera Variety 
  • Storage Options 
  • Support Features 

Camera Variety

Foscam offers an impressive range of camera options. Some of the cameras feature pan and tilt options, such as the Foscam Plug and Play FI9826P. Customers can choose an indoor or outdoor camera, with night vision via infrared LEDs, motion sensor capability, wired and wireless camera, pan and tilt, as well as a standard fixed-spot surveillance camera. They have a range of different picture quality options to choose from, including 720 p, 960 p, 1080p, and Ultra HD 2k resolution.

They make PT, cube, bullet, dome, PTZ, battery-powered, and baby monitor cameras. Some models even have two-way audio with a built-in mic and built-in speaker. 

The Foscam site has all models listed as out of stock, but their cameras are sold officially through Foscam Direct on Amazon, where prices range from $39.99 on the low-end to $229.99 on the high end. 

The $39.99 lowest-priced option is the Foscam C1 HD 720P WiFi Security IP Camera with iOS and Android App, Super Wide 115° Viewing Angle, Night Vision Up to 26ft, PIR Motion Detection. 

The most expensive model available for direct sale is the Foscam FI9928P Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera - Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision up to 196ft, IP66 Weatherproof Shell, WDR, & Motion Alerts. It costs $299.99. 

Storage Options 

Foscam makes video storage readily accessible, with lots of options. You can use FTP and NVR video recorders for local storage or use the Foscam cloud to view footage from your video feed. Some models even have a local storage SD card option. 

Foscam offers free storage through their cloud service for new customers, while other companies charge, even at the entry level. Their cloud storage pricing is 4-tiered and based on how long your motion-detection-triggered videos are saved. 

  • Free (for new users) - 8 hours 
  • $3.99/mo - 3 days 
  • $7.99/mo - 7 days 
  • $12.99/mo - 30 days 

No long-term contracts are required. Customers are also granted the flexibility to switch plans as often as they choose; so if they find the free option too limiting, or their standard package too expensive, they can opt for another plan. Most new purchases come with a 30-day free trial. 

Support Features 

Potential and existing customers are also treated to several support features that set Foscam apart from the competition. In addition to a live chat feature on their homepage, Foscam also provides customers with an extensive online knowledge base and dealer locator. They also offer firmware downloads on all their devices and video tutorials for the do-it-yourself market. 

Cameras have a 2-year limited warranty and accessories have a 6-month limited warranty. 


The Bad

  • Account Security 
  • App Issues
  • Limited Foscam Reviews

Account Security 

Foscam has had issues in the past with securing the accounts of its customers. Some customers have complained that their Foscam equipment - including Foscam baby monitors - had been hacked, and the only solution Foscam could offer was to change their passwords. The burden ultimately falls on the customer to make sure their firmware remains updated. 

App Issues

The Foscam Cloud mobile apps have middling user reviews on the App store (1.8/5) and Google Play (2.8/5). 

Limited Foscam Reviews

Unfortunately, Foscam reviews are limited so it's difficult to know what the customer experience is like with the security provider. However, the few reviews Foscam does have are negative, highlighting defective cameras. We suggest looking into other home security providers that have more reviews with positive feedback from consumers. 

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The Bottom Line

Foscam's wide range of cameras offer entry-level options and higher-priced device options. No matter the camera you choose, you can use the viewer app for iOS and Android smart devices or the web interface to watch your video stream any time of the day or night and receive push notifications if sound or motion are detected. Foscam also has a good return and refund policy that guarantees the user gets a replacement camera or refund within 30 days of purchase, minus a 10 percent restocking fee. 

With limited reviews, Foscam's customer experience is unknown. We suggest looking into other home security providers with positive reviews that highlight important security camera factors, such as high image quality, good viewing angle options, and other pros that indicate a satisfactory product. 

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Kevin Wilks Schertz, TX

I have had the same camera with Foscam for around 5 years. The app, video review, web interface and related software are all crap. They cant figure out why im missing seconds of images prior to an "event" on every event. I get an error message that says "sometimes your camera doesn't have connectivity" The wifi on the camera sucks so I had to fish a cat5 through the house to my modem. The only issue with connectivity that I have with anything on my network is the camera itself. It never gets unplugged, i have UP and DL speeds of 24mb & 485mb with no other problems elsehwere. Foscam wants me to jump through hoops and become a computer genius to port this, ip that, sign in here, sign in differently here, reset the camera thats outside and required a ladder, reset the camera again, change log in credentials and blah blah blah. Its a circus and i am over it. I demanded my 24hr 365 day cloud storage to be refunded for the remaning unused year though i should be asking for a complete refund considering how much labor and IT work I have done on their behalf, multiple times mind you, and the fact that for years now my play back has been plagued by the previously mentioned gaps in recording that are essential for reviewing. WHy pay 100% for something that doesn't work 100% of the time? DO NOT BUY FOSCAM. They might be cheaper and now you know why... just like TMobile.. you get what you pay for. Shop elsewhere, you've been warned.

2 months ago

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hello fos

Further to the review above, we would like to clarify that Foscam UK does not nor ever has sold old stock as new. This is false and misleading. Unfortunately with some customers you never quite reach that level they expect.

6 months ago

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Francis Martins Godalming, SRY

I purchased Foscam cameras eight years ago and the model number is FI9900P. The NVR kit that is advertised as Foscam FN7104W and the advert does not indicate that the camera Kit is supplied with four old FI9900W cameras, which is just the same model with a different sticker on it. The specification of the FI9900P is exactly the same as the one I just purchased at 1080p and anyone would be under the impression that the cameras purchased would be more advanced than something I purchased eight years ago. The invoice provided for this order does not state the old camera model number's purchased, it just shows the kit reference which is disingenuous. Beware of this old stock being portrayed as new stock. When I complained I was told a load of codswallop. I requested a full refund and was told some rubbish about software loaded on a hard drive just so the company could keep £20. I have to say that a company selling old stock with new labels on it is disgusting and I have to let potential customers know the pitfalls of dealing with Foscam Uk. Beware as they make their own rules up for returns policy, for this reason, I will never ever purchase from this company again.

6 months ago

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Moses Avent Manning Congilaro Roanoke Rapids, NC

Please be aware of these folk. They have no support at all. a real rip-off company. All their rating is bad. Been trying to talk to someone for 2 years, they just give you a run-around. Please don't buy a camera from them.

5 months ago

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Bill Roanoke, VA

They do respond to questions. Picture (real time) not bad. Motion recording nt reliable. Zoom. Din't plan on reading license plate # or identifying faces. Playback of alarm videos awful...if it works at all. They have an online offer to take back Foscam camera (obviously they know they have problems)and replace it with a Amcrest camera. Contacted Amcrest they don't do it!

1 year ago

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Sal Patane Moreno Valley, CA

I got a foscam camera last August. I thought it would help in getting my home safe. I was wrong. The camera does not work and it says "off" probably 40 to 50 percent of the time. I contacted costumer service 4 times, they are very difficult to reach and they said to reset it, I did it, but worked a few days only. Following contact with CS did not help either. I m sorry I wasted the money with this camera I hope noone else waste money with this camera.

2 years ago

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Kevin Carbone, PhD Bluemont, VA

Been a Foscam customer for years. A few months ago, my P9821 P&T camera needed to change my alarm email address. So I did so AND IT FAILED. There is now NO LONGER ANY SUPPORT. THEY ARE OUT OF BUSINESS AND SO ARE YOU. ak carbone bluemont va

3 years ago

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Leigh Lake Villa, IL

Complicated set up with multiple different instructions. Customer service and support is horrible and no one will talk to you, just emails. Don't buy their products.

11 months ago

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dzldan Sumpter, OR

I think they went out of business. I wanted to buy the F19903P camera, says where to buy Amazon, nope. Their own website points to the wrong product. I they this is a dead company. Used to be real good. Now crap.

2 years ago