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LAST UPDATED: March 24th, 2023

FLIR has been revolutionizing the field of thermal imaging cameras and sensors since 1978. Their line of security cameras is very competitive in business and commercial fields, especially when it comes to image quality and versatility. One of their most popular items is their solitary home security camera, the "FLIR FX." This consumer-level camera is comparative to many other home security cameras on the market with a collection of unique pros and cons.

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The Good

  • Versatile
  • Battery System
  • Storage


The FLIR FX is an extremely versatile little camera. Its small size makes it easy to mount when paired with FLIR's line of camera stands. It's designed for use outdoors, indoors, and even in your car as a dash cam. Many users suggest the FLIR FX's usability as a "Go-Pro" style camera to be just as attractive, but it is mainly marketed as a static security camera.

Battery System

The FX's battery system is unique and makes it one of the most mobile security cameras on the market. There are two different internal batteries - one in the camera and the other in the indoor stand- each of which soaks up to two hours' worth of juice and enables enough power to stay mobile for up to four hours total. This makes it an ideal wireless security camera - as long as you're willing to use it within four hours, that is.


FLIR also makes it easy to store recorded video in the company's cloud. They offer up to 30 full days of cloud storage to paying customers. You can decide whether you'd like to pay yearly or monthly, and beyond that the process is cake. They also offer a free 30-day trial if you'd like to experience their storage interface before you commit.

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The Bad

  • Durability
  • Capabilities


The camera itself tends to be flimsy and fragile, making it more difficult to use in a mobile capacity (especially in the rough outdoors). The surrounding plastic cover and its plastic lens keep it from being durable and from capturing a clean image. FLIR's camera mounts can also be unreliable- this deters from ever feeling secure when mounting the camera to vehicles, sports helmets, etc.


The extras sold through FLIR tend to be expensive, even though they too can be flimsy. Their mounts, stands, and cases are necessary for full functionality but range between $50-$100 in price. When purchasing extras seems this unattractive, it limits the usefulness of the camera itself as a mobile, stable security device. The FX has no pan, tilt, or zoom capabilities. It does have a wide-angle lens broad enough to cover a whole room if positioned right (preferably in a far corner). However, this severely limits its usefulness as an outdoor security camera. You can only expect to cover a limited range of a given space - this is fine for indoor use, but your whole front yard is a different story.


The Bottom Line

FLIR is one of the smaller cameras available for consumer use, and its features aiding in security measures help to set it aside from its mobile "sports cam" competitors. The add-ons available for purchase are mostly overpriced, but its cloud storage options are pretty decent. Overall, this is a good deal for anyone looking for easy indoor security, but anything beyond that may disappoint with the FLIR FX.

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Luis Landeros Eugene, OR

I have no issues with the camera at all. The problem is the lack of costumer support and the ridiculous price tag of $1700 they charge for calibration. I sent my T640 camera to get it calibrated in December of 2021 and as of mid April off 22 we still haven’t received it. They’re holding hostage until we send payment even though we have tried to pay for it via purchase order. They wouldn’t even offer a loaner and still want to charge that much. What a joke of a company this is. Every other product we use in the PdM department gets calibrated for free with a way smaller fee they charge for support and they even offer a loaner. Once it’s time to replace this camera, which it might be really soon since they won’t give it back to us, I will not consider FLIR again.

1 year ago Edited April 25, 2022

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Henrik B Uppsala, C

As my thermal unit (Flir One 2nd gen) now is rendered useless due to lack of support for my model in Flir's own software, I will throw it in the trashcan, along with the coupon I got from support worth 200Euro (that could be used ONLY if I buy products directly from their own overpriced site for at least 500Euros). Along with huge spread of battery issues on most models, I would not recommend buying any products from this company. Every company can have bad products. But it all adds up to how you treat your customers having those problems. Flir offers a combination of bad products and even worse resolutions. That is how a company like Flir ends up with having 1 star ratings. /Henrik

1 year ago

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M. Waters Albuquerque, NM

My workplace has employed 15 PT-606 FLIR cameras. As of today, we have 8 down for repair, most units have been repiared multiple times with the same issues resurfacing. This is supposed to be the work horse camera for FLIR. When it works, they're awesome but when you have greated that 50% down at all times, it's defintely not worth the price tag attached to it. Further, after a conference call to address the issues last week, a resolve was expected within a day or 2. It's now going on 5 days ( counting weekends becasue the cameras are needed 24/7) only to walk in to work today and discover the 8th camera failed with the exact same issues. So, far only lip service has been received. Not fix and no solutions.

4 years ago

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Tammy Hiatt Memphis, TN

The wired cameras never work when you need them. Customer service is awful. They are never able to fix the problem. They always say they will look into it and they never follow up.

8 months ago