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LAST UPDATED: May 23rd, 2023

Amcrest is a security product creator and distributor that offers its products across a variety of locations in the world including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Amcrest services hundreds of thousands of customers in these locations and offers speedy shipping within 24-48 hours through its local warehouse. The company also has authorized dealers that sell Amcrest products online as well as in-store, including, eBay, Target, Walmart, etc. 

Amcrest security camera capabilities include 4K Ultra HD, night vision, and water resistance. Amcrest has its own mobile app called Amcrest Cloud that gives you access to your video footage anywhere at any time. Amcrest requires you to pay extra for Amcrest Cloud, monthly prices ranging from $6-$27.50 per camera per month. Basic security cameras are priced near $100, and prices can range up to $3,000+ for more advanced equipment and large camera bundles.

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The Good

  • Variety of Authorized Retailers
  • Product Filtering Capabilities
  • 4K Ultra HD Amcrest Camera Series
  • Camera Bundles
  • Cloud Storage
  • Detailed Website

Variety of Authorized Retailers

You can purchase Amcrest security products from a variety of popular retailers, including in-store and online retailers. The complete list of authorized retailers is on Amcrest's website, but some of them include, eBay, The Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Staples, Groupon, Amcrest Direct, etc.

Having so many retailers, online as well as in-store, makes it simple for customers to get their hands on Amcrest security products without much difficulty. Keep in mind that not all Amcrest security devices will be available through every retailer. 

Product Filtering Capabilities

Amcrest's website allows you to filter its search results based on your preferences. When searching for an Amcrest security camera or another security device, you can filter your results by price, technology standard (HD IP Wireless, HD IP PoE, or HD Analog), camera resolution (720p, 960p, 1.3MP, 1080p, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 8MP, or 12MP), number of cameras in a pack (1-16), type of camera (indoor camera or outdoor camera), number of channels (4, 8, 16, or 32), night vision capabilities (32 feet/10 meters, 50 feet/15 meters, 65 feet/20 meters, 98 feet/30 meters, 115 feet/35 meters, or 328 feet/100 meters), viewing angle (40-360 degrees), camera style (PTZ, bullet, or dome), color (black, blue, camo, gray, green/camo, red, silver, white, or yellow), quantity (1-20), pan/tilt (yes or no). 

4K Ultra HD Amcrest Camera Series

Amcrest has 4K security cameras with high-quality resolution, 4K wide coverage, and consistent sharpness across the entire camera frame. The 4K Ultra HD Amcrest Camera series is IP67 waterproof and includes PoE connection, quick and easy setup, night vision, wide-angle view, and mobile viewing. Amcrest's Ultra HD has four times the resolution quality as a conventional HD camera.

The Amcrest cameras that are 4K are as follows:

  • IP8M-2496E outdoor camera vandal
  • IP8M-2493E outdoor camera bullet
  • IP8M-T2499EW outdoor camera turret
  • IP8M-2454EW outdoor motorized dome 4K cameras and 4K video security systems

Camera Bundles

You can purchase Amcrest security cameras in bundles rather than individually if you are looking to buy a larger quantity of cameras at once. You can purchase up to 16 cameras in a bundle, and many different camera bundles are available. The larger bundles with 16 cameras are priced close to $1,000-$3,000, while the smaller camera bundles with four to eight cameras are priced closer to $200-$500. 

Cloud Storage

Amcrest gives users access to camera footage through its app, Amcrest Cloud. The cloud is also available through Amcrest's website. The cloud allows users to store their camera footage in the cloud, saving recordings and images and having the ability to access them at any time through remote viewing from the Internet or a mobile device.

With Amcrest's cloud storage, recorded footage is in HD 1080p resolution and you can filter the footage through a scrolling event timeline, making it simple to quickly find the footage you are looking for. 

Amcrest Cloud is easily set up and can be programmed to send you smart alerts when your Amcrest camera senses movement through its motion detection capabilities. You can also set any camera to record during certain times of the day or night, increasing your security measures. 

Pricing for Amcrest Cloud varies, and all package options include unlimited live streaming.

  • 4-hour storage: free for one camera
  • 7-day storage: $6 per camera per month
  • 14-day storage: $10 per camera per month
  • 30-day storage: $15 per camera per month
  • 60-day storage:$23 per camera per month
  • 90-day storage: $27.50 per camera per month

Detailed Website

Amcrest has an extensive website that includes information on all of its products and offerings. You can find pictures, pricing, and equipment details for each offered product, as well as detailed information regarding cloud storage, GPS tracking, authorized dealers, and live demos. Having an extensive and easily navigatable website makes it simple for customers to learn about Amcrest and how it's products and services compare to other home security camera providers. 


The Bad

  • Pricing


Because Amcrest has high-quality security cameras, you will need to pay close to $100 for the most affordable camera the company offers. However, this is common within the security industry, and you get what you pay for. If you want durable cameras that are waterproof and have a wide-angle view with a clear image, you may decide the price is worth it. Amcrest also isn't significantly more expensive than most other security companies. 


The Bottom Line

Amcrest is a quality security product manufacturer and distributor. The company makes its own products as well as sells them directly. However, you can also purchase Amcrest's security products through its authorized dealers, including a variety of well-known companies such as Walmart,, Target, etc. You can find the entire list of authorized retailers on Amcrest's website. 

Amcrest has camera bundles of two, four, eight, or 16 cameras if you want to purchase multiple cameras at once. For smaller bundles (two to four cameras), prices range near $200-$500. For larger bundles (eight to 16 cameras), prices range near $1,00-$3,000. The company also has a mobile app that gives you unlimited access to your camera footage for a monthly fee. You have to pay a base fee per camera and per month, but this is common with other cloud offerings. 

If you're looking for more than just security cameras, you can also find home security companies with more offerings that include video monitoring and alert systems in addition to just video recording. It may give you peace of mind to have more protection for your home and loved ones. 

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Glen Coffield Altamonte Springs, FL

This used to be a great and reliable product but unfortunately the quality has dropped over the last few years. I own over 20 of their cameras and would love to upgrade but the new models do not support latest wireless protocols and only connect to 2.4 Ghz. This is no longer acceptable for high resolution streaming. Just not realistic for me to run wires to all locations.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star star_border star_border

Brandon Holcombe Dallas, GA

Some of the best and most discreet cameras I've ever seen great picture day or night including infrared and some models

2 years ago