A Quick Home Security and Home Automation Feature Guide


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

Home Security

Black Friday will be here before you know it. Stores are already stocking up on some of the cheapest, fastest-moving merchandise they will sell all year. It's going to be a busy and big day once again, like every other year before, but this time, one thing will be different. This Black Friday, you can expect to see more home security cameras on sale than ever before. So many startup companies and big technology names have entered the home security game and have put their own cameras out on shelves to try and become the next name in a rapidly growing industry.

If you are looking for a new camera of your own, there are some things you should look for. While price is an obvious one, you should know what kind of features are out there so you can maximize the security your camera helps provide. You can find new cameras for under a hundred dollars, but they might not have what you are looking for so look out for the following features in your planned camera this shopping season.

Motion sensing is a powerful security tool. Most new cameras may at least say they have motion-sensing technology, but you might want to stick with something more in the two hundred dollar range if you want to know it will work.

Two-way audio is a way to both listen live through the camera and also let your voice be heard through the camera. Something you might not think to look for is a wide field of view. You're cheating yourself out of a lot of security if you get a camera that can only see directly forward.

Most new cameras come with HD video recording, but you may want to find out which ones just give you 720p resolution, and which go all out with 1080p resolution. Know your ideal camera's power source, as many work very differently, be it with batteries, plugs, or extended wires.

Getting a camera would be almost pointless without infrared or low-light capture options. Finally, a huge part of having a camera is recording. Know if your ideal camera will store on an SD card, upload to cloud storage, or send the footage somewhere else, like your computer. Stay up to date on what cameras will provide the best protection that you need, and have a successful camera hunt.

Home Automation

A large part of smart home security is home automation capabilities. Home automation is not only convenient for consumers, but it also is a way for them to save money.

Automation capabilities such as programmable thermostats, motion lighting, smart door locks, garage door controllers, z-wave light and appliance modules, and so many more are home automation capabilities that consumers can easily take advantage.

Many homes security providers offer this equipment as part of their packages, so consider home automation when looking for home security equipment. 

The Top Home Security Cameras Companies

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