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LAST UPDATED: March 31st, 2023

West Elm has been in business since 2002 to offer their customers choices in handcrafted and high-end home décor and furnishings. West Elm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma and has a robust online presence as well as operating over 50 retail stores in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.


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The Good

  • Navigation
  • Registration benefits
  • Full design services
West Elm's website and online catalog are easy-to-navigate. For those preferring a paper copy, requesting one is simple and done via an online form. Those registering with West Elm (free of charge) receive special discounts and notifications of promotions via email. West Elm offers full design services by appointment in their stores and design tips and tricks shared via social media channels.

The Bad

  • Customer service
  • Delivery
When posing as potential customers, our review team found that the customer service agents were a bit short and not as helpful as one would expect, relative to the cost of the average product. Agents were less inclined to answer questions from "browsers" and seemed to only be interested in serious customers who were ready to purchase. If customers live outside of the listed "major metropolitan areas," delivery can be delayed and more expensive.

The Bottom Line

West Elm's parent company (Williams-Sonoma) is well-known for their quality. Our review team is confident in recommending West Elm for your décor and/or furniture purchase due to their selection and strength of the brand. Their customer service was a little lacking when our team was posing as "browsers," but they did respond to all questions in a timely manner.
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Rafaela Matos Wimauma, FL

Now that my nightmares are done I can post here to try to help someone who is thinking to buy anything from them. I bought a sectional back in September from them and everything started from the purchase. I order from the website and the price was (x) because I had just moved to new address somehow I’m order got canceled like 4 times and they had the price changed like $900 up in this mean time. No one called to asked me my billing address or informed me that they canceled my order. When I called them MOST OF THE TIMES I WAS MISTREATED by the costumer service. They took more than 5 months to deliver it and when they did the section was HORRIBLE, smelled bad, cushions empty, feathers everywhere. I had it replaced, just waist of time. And when I finally returned it I found out that one leg was broken. Never buy from them again and if you are reading it you shouldn’t do it

2 months ago

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LisaJane Salt Lake City, UT

We bought the Drake sofa the end of October 2018. They assured us we would have it by Thanksgiving or the first week in December. Well Christmas was coming and we were having a houseful. The sofa showed it was in Salt Lake but the warehouse could not deliver it until after Christmas. We have a truck so I begged to let us pick up the sofa ourselves. After talking to several "manager" we were given special approval to pick up. We picked up the sofa on December 19, 2019. By mid January the fabric looked horrible! It is piling and sagging. On February 9, 2019 I called the City Creek store, since that is where we ordered it. I was given a customer care number to call. I called that number only to find out it is just for store associates. I called the store back and was given another number. It took about 45 minutes to file a report with a very nice customer service lady. She said I would receive an email with instructions on sending pictures in. On February 14, 2019 we still had not received the email so I called again. The report never got filed?? Really? Another 30-45 minutes and I filed a new report and immediately got the email. On February 16, 2019, I sent the pictures as instructed. On February 20, 2019 I had not heard anything so I resent the pictures as instructed. February 25, 2019 STILL had not heard anything. I called the direct line that was given to me on February 14, 2019. That line is for Pottery Barn shipping issues. NOT West Elm. Got transferred to West Elm. That was the wrong department. Amy said she would stay on the line to get me to the correct department. She just transferred me to The wrong area. That person.. Didn't get his name.. Transferred me to a rude woman in the Southern CA area. Also the wrong area but she assured me that she found my emails and sent them on to Northern CA which is the correct area. This ordeal was 36 minutes.. What a waste of time!!! Never received a call back after my many phone calls and emails. 3/1/19 my husband and I went into the store and talked to the store manager. We explained what was happening. He was EXTREMELY nice and really wanted to help us. He told us he would contact corporate and find a solution. I left there feeling so much better. 3/6/19 I get a call from the store manager that he is having Pauline H from corporate contact me. 3/6/19 Pauling calls me and tells me to send more pictures. 3/7/19 I send the pictures to Pauline. She confirms that she has received the pictures and that she will review and get back to me. 3/11/19 I call Pauline for an update. No response. 3/14 /19 I call Pauline and ask for another update. No response. 3/20/19 I email Pauline asking for a response. 3/23/19 I get a response from Pauline that West Elm does not cover piling of their fabric and that they would send me a complimentary fabric shaver. I feel so taken advantage of. What a waste of our hard earned money and time. This is a 3 month old couch that looks 10 years old!!! It looks so bad that we have it covered with blankets. I am blown away! I plan on sharing my horrible experience with everyone I know. The sad thing is we choose West Elm because we thought they had good reputation. Turns out they don't. After googling West Elm fabric I found that many others have had the same issues as I have. I guess I know why you don’t have reviews of your products online. So disappointing!

4 years ago

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elizabeth ransom Newton Center, MA

I sent the following email and received a reply 2 days later. The reply had no indication of how or when they would rectify the situation. To whom it may concern, I placed an order for a couch on September 1st. This order was given the "white glove service" which allowed for a scheduled delivery. September 6 was sent an email that delivery was ready to be scheduled. Couch was delivered on September 14th. The man delivering the couch was unable to fit it up the stairs in the package. He said that West Elm could not take the couch back if we took off the packaging which would allow the cushions to come off and possibly allow the couch up the stairs. I had ordered the couch with a gift card. I was told that in order to reorder the couch to a service that would cut the couch, I had to wait 7-10 business days for a new gift card to be delivered, rather than applying the credit to my account. On October 3rd my husband called to check the status of the gift card. We had spoken to the service that was going to be cutting the couch and had scheduled a tentative date, so we were hoping to know exactly when we could place the order and receive the couch. We were told that the gift card still had not been processed or mailed, but that we could apply the credit to reorder the couch, which is what we had requested originally and were denied. In speaking with Debra M R, she informed my husband that the couch needed to be delivered straight to a non-West Elm location and could not be picked up by the company that cuts the couch (a "rule" that was directly contrary to what the company cutting our couch has traditionally done with West Elm, that being picking up the couch at the warehouse). As we needed to confirm and obtain an address for the couch to be sent, Debra provided my husband her email address to let her know if we wanted to apply the credit and reorder the couch. The next day, on October 4th my husband emailed Debra M R with the address and asked a question about the pick up and delivery. When he did not hear back, he emailed for a second time the following day on October 5th to obtain confirmation. On October 8th, he emailed for a third time and still got no response. On October 10th, I spent 23 minutes on the phone with West Elm. I do not know what customer service representative I spoke to. Because I had been having so much difficulty with the ordering process, I asked to be connected to a manager to ensure that the order went through and I would have confirmation. The manager I spoke to was Mitchell from the leadership team. He assured me that he would now be overseeing the order and that the couch would be delivered on October 17th to Melo and Sons, the service that I had hired to cut the couch. At 6:47 PM on October 14th, I received an email saying that I needed to call the delivery team at West Elm to schedule a delivery between October 23rd to November 6th. I called West Elm and asked to speak with the person who was supposedly overseeing the order. I was told that I could not speak to Mitchell and instead was connected to Justin, another person on the leadership team. He told me that he was unable to give me an estimated delivery because the warehouse that does the deliveries was closed. He told me that he would call the original manager (who was working at the time) and request a call back immediately. He also told me that if Justin did not follow up with me, he would call me first thing in the morning with a status update on my order. This was important as I had originally scheduled a cutting to be done on the 17th. I did not receive a call. I called West Elm today, October 16th at 5:09 and asked to speak with one of the two managers that I spoken to previously, as I were told that they had been noted in the customer notes. After waiting for 16 minutes on hold, I was disconnected. I had a scheduled call at 5:30 so I was unable to call back immediately after. When I called again at 6:12, I spoke with Penny from Customer Service. At the time, I did not know the names of the managers to whom I had previosuly spoken. I asked for their first names, and Penny refused to give them to me stating that she would get another manager on the line. At that time, I very much regretted not writing down exactly who I spoke to. After the 25 minutes, I was connected to Jessica from the leadership team. She said that the delivery warehouse was closed so she was unable to check the status of my order but that it would definitely not be delivered on the originally quoted date of October 17th. She provided the managers first names, but would not give me an email for Mitchell or Justin or even send me an email to confirm that we had spoken. She told me that she could not let me speak to them because they were on other service calls. She told me that she sent Justin an urgent email to call me. It is now over an hour later and neither manager has called me. I scheduled a service to be done tomorrow and need a status update tonight.

5 years ago

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Nola H Brookline, MA

HORRIBLE! they are the worst company we have ever dealt with. They sent us a defective product after 6 months of wait, and it's been around 2 months we are trying to get our money back. Our money is lost between them and their bank. No one is able to help us and we have been suffering from sever stress and frustration due to that. I advise you to abstain from buying anything from them.

1 year ago

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vince New York, NY

When you are purchasing a piece of furniture, the question that will arise is, when will it be delivered. You are lied to, then 3 weeks later you learn that the product is on back order, and you have to wait another 5 to 6 weeks. They refuse to sell you the floor model because they want to attract customers, i am told. Well they are obviously not out to satisfy the customer. Will never shop here again, and will inform everyone I know to stay away.

3 years ago

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GL R Jacksonville, FL

Ordered and received the 2 curtain rods I purchased however on my statement I was charged for 2 rods 2 times so I called West Elm CS. I was told no problem they would refund but it takes a couple of weeks so i waited. No refund so I called again and was told to give it a little longer. I called today which is at least a month later and was told I'd have to dispute the charge with my credit card company. They stole money from me and I have to fight with them to get it back...this is ridiculous.

4 years ago

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Worst customer experience. Long telephone delays, staff are unhelpful and constantly say matter is escalated. Clearly no escalation given I have to constantly follow up with them!!  Will never buy from them, can't deal with this lack of competence - call centre in usa and has been the worst call centre service I have experienced!

5 years ago