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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Lifestyle Furniture started in 1991 in Fresno, California. This home and furniture store provides customers with low prices on furniture in the Central Valley of California. This family-run business took sales online and now offers its merchandise to a broader consumer base. 

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The Good

  • Price Match
  • Brand Partners
  • Years in Business
  • Local Storerooms
  • Stock Assurance

Price Match

Lifestyle Furniture guarantees the lowest price to customers on identical furniture items from its in-person store in Fresno. If a person can find a better price on the same furniture piece within 80 miles of its store and the specific piece is currently in stock, Lifestyle Furniture will beat the competitor’s price. Unfortunately, it doesn’t price match with online websites or prices. 

Brand Partners

To offer a greater selection to customers, Lifestyle Furniture partners with the following reputable furniture and mattress brands:

  • Ashley Furniture
  • Spring Air
  • Impression Vanity
  • Lane
  • Classic Homes

Years in Business

Lifestyle Furniture has been around for more than 30 years, which is a long time for a furniture store. It started at a time when furniture was all bought in person, and showrooms and salespeople were part of every sale. Now with the internet, consumers have many more choices than the local furniture store. Lifestyle Furniture still has its doors open and has adapted with technology to keep sales going strong. 

Local Storerooms

Many customers still prefer to choose furniture in person and want to feel the fabric and cushion density, pick color swatches, and work with a salesperson. Having a physical store is crucial for business for many companies to serve a consumer base that wants the in-person experience. Being in the same local community for more than 30 years helps with store awareness and marketing for residents in the area. 

Stock Assurance

Lifestyle Furniture has a stock guarantee which ensures certain pieces can be bought and taken home immediately. For the consumer who wants to go to the store, buy a couch, load it in a trailer, and bring it home to set up the same day; this is a very appealing guarantee. Customers don’t like to hear that when they find a product they want, they must wait another eight weeks to be able to see it in their living room. 


The Bad

  • Poor Quality Furniture
  • Return/Refund Policy 
  • Misleading 5-Year Warranty
  • Selling Points Apply to In-Person Sales

Poor Quality Furniture

There are many online complaints about the quality of Lifestyle Furniture pieces. Some past customers claim heavy-duty cardboard is now being used as furniture components. This is not necessarily the company you will want to use if you need furniture that lasts longer than a few years and can hold up to common wear and tear. 

Return/Refund Policy

Lifestyle Furniture doesn’t have an open refund/exchange policy.The company will only accept returns with manager approval and even after approval to send it back or return it, the customer will incur restocking and pick up fees. It seems there is little accommodation made for customers who find themselves disappointed with a purchase. 

Misleading 5-Year Warranty

Many online reviews comment that the 5-Year Warranty advertised was not honored when problems surfaced. One specific complaint stated that the store would not honor the warranty because Lifestyle Furniture couldn’t keep the specific furniture brand in stock. 

Selling Points Apply to In-Person Sales

Lifestyle Furniture uses strong selling points to get customers in the door: price match guarantee, in-stock pieces, financing, etc. This may have been a tactic used heavily in the sales industry in the early nineties, but times have changed, and so has the furniture market. The company's marketing techniques are listed on its website but aren’t honored with online sales. 


The Bottom Line

Depending on what your furniture needs, Lifestyle Furniture could be an option some may want to explore. If someone lives in the area of Fresno and is able to take advantage of the price match guarantee on a piece they know Lifestyle Furniture has, then this store could be a good option.

It does have good reviews to be found from satisfied customers, but the negative reviews show some not attractive business dealings customers have experienced that sour our opinion of Lifestyle Furniture. Consumers should look for furniture companies that offer high-quality options, superb customer service, and have many top-notch reviews. 

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