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Family operated, Avenue Home Furnishings provides local customers an excellent option for well-priced home furniture items. In fact, they state on their website they are typically able to save customers between 20%-30% over the big stores. They were recently given this award to showcase their retail store: • Daily Herald – The Best of Utah Valley 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards They have a number of different categories to offer their customer base. Also, they offer financing options with no credit check and no interest. There is also a content-filled blog that offers interior design tips and item suggestions. 

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The Good

  • Guaranteed low prices
  • Simple online shopping
Right on their website, they guarantee the lowest prices for home furniture items. This is quite the guarantee, seeing how many categories they have to shop through. These item categories include but are not limited to patio furniture, sofas, mattresses, kids' room, rugs, and home décor. Saving money on these types of products of high quality is a great bargain for shoppers. The ability to shop for furniture from your home is appealing to many people. Their website is laid out in a simple format and allows for a hassle-free shopping experience. Not only can you shop from your home, you are also able to pick up items ordered online in-store. There are six super centers located in the Western United States, and if you are located near one of these locations this would be a simple cost-saving plan.

The Bad

  • Shipping policies
  • Only 2 states with physical locations
If you are located in the metropolitan areas of Colorado and Arizona, American Furniture Warehouse will be geographically able to take good care of you. If you are located elsewhere, things are not impossible as far as shopping and shipping are concerned although there is certainly less to be desired. If you are shopping for furniture items other than select designer pillows, there will be a high price and long time frames associated with the transportation of your products. For you to be able to schedule exactly when you are wanting your furniture delivered, you will need to pay an additional $99 to make this happen. These policies are difficult to swallow when shopping from states other than Colorado or Arizona. However, with the prices as low as they sell items, the shipping time frames and costs may still be worth it for your particular situation.

The Bottom Line

With low price guarantees and a simple online shopping experience, American Furniture Warehouse provides customers with a valuable option for finding their new home furniture. However, there lack of nationwide physical stores and expensive nationwide shipping policies prevent a full recommendation. If you are located in Arizona or Colorado, we do recommend shopping with them.
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Justin Bowman Peoria, AZ

Bought from AFW several times, always a great experience. Good quality furniture available at other stores too, but for a much better price. of course they have lower end stuff that costs less, and higher end that costs more. Realistic expectations are a must. Oh, and don't show up to the warehouse without a truck, of course they don't want you taking furniture home on the roof or in the trunk of your car... they would be liable. Common sense people.

3 years ago

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Christine Farmer Littleton, CO

I appreciate the selection and value at American Furniture Warehouse. The pieces I have purchased there--a bunk bed and entertainment center, have held up great and look nice. I'm currently looking at sofas and so far have found the best value at this store. It's hard to pay $2,000 when there is one you like just as well for $500! We have not needed delivery but they have been helpful in loading items and tying them down, etc... The employees are helpful without being pressuring to buy. I always check this store when I need new furniture.

1 year ago

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Michael Hume Billings, MT

We have furnished our house twice from AFW. This last time we had the money to buy everything we wanted, but now the furniture is killing us. We have two sets of steel framed with stained wood shelves. The stain is so strong after 6 months of wiping them down daily we are moving them in the garbage. This summer I plan on making new drawers and shelves for the frame before moving in back in. Because of me being a stage 3 cancer patient I am limited on how much time I can put into it.

1 year ago

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Brayden D. Gilbert, AZ

American Furniture Warehouse is a great place to buy furniture from. And the best part is when you walk in the warehouse they have so much furniture for display where you can sit in and admire furniture for yourself.

2 years ago

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kayshel Herriman, UT

When I moved to Colorado, I pretty much furnished my entire house from American Furniture Warehouse. After I left Colorado, I really missed having them to shop for items for my new house. They have such a great selection and good prices.

1 year ago

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Joanna Hester Gilbert, AZ

We needed new patio furniture. We went to a few patio stores and the prices were outrageous. Luckily, American Furniture Warehouse is close by so we went by and found a great patio set for about half of what the patio stores were charging. We get compliments on it all the time!

2 years ago

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Kate Scarpino Loveland, CO

American Furniture Warehouse has the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the state! Love their products and love their company. We will always shop at their stores here in Colorado!

1 year ago

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Ashley Pleasant Grove, UT

After looking through the catalog this store does their own financing with no credit checks or interest. That’s interesting enough for me to inquire on my next purchase.

2 years ago

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Jen B Denver, CO

I ordered a mattress online for my son so he would have something to sleep on during an internship in Denver. I ordered the rest of the bedroom set from another company - it saved me over $300. I did not want to pay $85 for delivery and volunteered to receive the mattress from the closest store to his new place (Edgewater - the Corporate Headquarters??) I arrived before 10 am - the earliest I could pick it up. When I get to the bay door the "warehouse workers" state they can not let me take the mattress without a luggage rack on my car. (I have a Subaru which can take a mattress if tied down!) They then decide to tell me, "we are not allowed to let you take it without the rack - you must pay for delivery" (There is NOTHING POSTED at the warehouse or ONLINE requiring a rack on the car/truck/anything to take the mattress!) I told the workers I will take responsibility for the mattress falling off the car or any damage that might occur - they refused. I had to go into the main store and plead my case - STUPIDS - and they did not want to listen that I needed the mattress in Aurora (my son's new place) instead of MY current household (Weld County). I would need to pay for delivery - after a "nice" exchange they decided to "let" me take a rental truck to deliver the mattress. Now to the real exchange ----- After I left the mattress only at his place - I asked to speak with anyone associated with the "corporate headquarters". I was met by one person and was told, again, they can not let anyone use their own car/truck/whatever without the rack to take a mattress. As I was talking with one person - another person {NO NAME GIVEN} stated they were with "Risk Management" stated they can not let people take delivery without the rack. I stated, again for the millionth time, it is not posted at their warehouse or online about this "company policy" all she could say is "we will just agree to disagree" - what a lame excuse for a large company to not have policies in place for customers to understand or follow - AND THEIR EMPLOYEES TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!! If you want to purchase anything from this company ------- DO NOT DO IT!!!! They will not help or allow anything that will be accommodating for any customer! Why they they will think and allow - "we will just agree to disagree" to ANY policy is just the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. This just shows - AFW - wants to be the best at PISSING all customers off and "Jake Jabs" has no control over policies and no desire for real customer service. This happened a week ago and I am finally calm enough for others to understand the frustration and crap I had to go through to make what should have been a good experience for someone living on their own for the first time. I BELIEVE NOT A SINGLE PERSON SHOULD BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS COMPANY SAYS OR ONLINE WHERE NOTHING IS STATED!!! NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN MY FAMILY (OR FRIENDS) WILL EVERY ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING AGAIN FROM THEM - NO MATTER THE PRICING!!!! If a company has a "policy" for anything - it had better be in writing and posted for all to see and understand!

4 years ago

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AK Riverton, UT

We like to visit the one in Denver. One of my favorite things at Furniture Warehouse is the artwork. You can buy beautiful pictures of local landscapes... really cheap! They are the big ones too - a great addition to our home.

1 year ago

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Liana Colorado Springs, CO

Their furniture is durable. I bought my bed here around six years ago, and it has been through four or five moves. Still going strong, and it's beautiful and easy to take down and set up.

1 year ago

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Tom Pleasant Grove, UT

There used to be an American Furniture Warehouse in my town, but it moved. I bought furniture there in the past and they had a good selection and good prices, but since they are not around anymore, I won't be going there anytime soon.

2 years ago

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Matt Teahan Denver, CO

Bought a recliner. Was not the same as in the showroom. They sent a tech out to adjust it. I settled and kept it. Bad move. I've had to repair it twice already in 6 months. It's a china made piece of junk. They put it together with staples....not nails....not It wobbles, probably won't last another year. My last recliner lasted 15 years. Matt Teahan

5 years ago

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Austin Stelmach Boulder, CO

I bought a bed frame from American Furniture Warehouse that perfectly matched the style of my bedroom. It was affordable and stylish and the staff was super helpful!

1 year ago

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KC Riverton, UT

I normally like to just go into the store, but we have found a few good things online. They have some really beautiful artwork that is really reasonably prices.

1 year ago

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Kaitlin Ashcroft Mesa, AZ

I had been looking for a headboard for months and finally found one I liked. It matches my room perfectly and brings it all together. So happy I looked at American Furniture.

1 year ago

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Bobbie Arvada, CO

Was not given the opportunity to inspect furniture for damage before receiving. Lo and behold furniture was broken. They then charge ME to replace the furniture. Would never recommend this type of customer service to anyone.

1 year ago

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Sharon Battula Aurora, CO

My family went here first to pick out furniture for our first house - almost 10 years later and the furniture still looks great and has held up

1 year ago

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