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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

For decades, Achieve has helped everyday people achieve financial success and stability through quality financial solutions. Founded in 2002, Achieve helps clients turn lofty goals into reality through effective and proven financial programs and processes. To date, Achieve has provided financial services to over one million clients resulting in $7.5 billion in loans to its members. 

Each individual who enrolls in an Achieve program will receive dedicated and personalized service. Each financial situation is different, and Achieve can analyze those differences to formulate the best possible outcome. This is done through tailoring the financial approach to meet each individual's specific needs and desires. 

Achieve utilizes key components of data, gathered intelligence, proprietary technology, unique solutions, and a focus on client care to better each client's financial situation. The Achieve team includes over 2,700 dedicated professionals with services in 27 states including hubs in California, Texas, and Arizona. 

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The Good

  • Financial Services
  • Payment Stability
  • Qualification and Funding

Financial Services

Achieve is known for offering quality financial services to individuals with varying needs and future goals. As a digital personal finance provider, Achieve has created financial products that have benefited over one million people to date. Achieve offers the following financial services:

  • Home equity loans
  • Personal loans
  • Debt resolution
  • Financial education

It is not uncommon for home equity providers to also offer a number of other financial products for clients to utilize. However, Achieve Loans sets itself apart with its commitment to educating clients. This allows for long-term and sustained success. 

Payment Stability

One of the main features of the Achieve Loans home equity product is the stability of its payments and structure. Clients who turn to Achieve for home equity services can take advantage of the following:

  • Fixed rates
  • Fully amortized HELOC
  • Clearly defined payments
  • No surprises in payment increases

Those looking to improve their financial situation want clear and defined payment structures, and Achieve offers just that with its home equity solutions. 

Qualification and Funding

A common complaint for home equity clients is the drawn out qualification process and time it takes for the loan to be funded. Achieve recognized this drawback in its competitors and has cultivated an environment where these processes are streamlined and simplified.

The entire qualification process for home equity services takes two minutes through Achieve Loans. No more answering thousands of qualifying questions and providing countless items of private information. Additionally, clients who go through Achieve for home equity help can and receive full funding in as little as two weeks. 


The Bad

  • Requirements for Eligibility
  • Associated Fees
  • Minimum Loan Amounts

Requirements for Eligibility

Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for Achieve home equity solutions. In fact, everyone that applies is subject to strict eligibility requirements. That means if a client does not meet these requirements, they will have to turn to alternative home equity providers for assistance. Examples of eligibility requirements include:

  • Minimum credit scores
  • Loan amount requirements
  • Application review
  • Loan terms

Eligibility requirements exist with nearly every home equity provider, so Achieve is not alone in requiring certain items, but it can exclude those truly in need from accessing its proven service. 

Associated Fees

Clients that go through Achieve for home equity services can expect to pay origination fees and can potentially be responsible for paying late fees. All home equity clients will be subject to an origination fee and potentially an underwriting fee which will be based on state laws. These fees will be grandfathered into the monthly payments and will not be charged upfront.

Additionally, those that do not make monthly payments on time will be responsible for an additional late fee regardless of personal circumstances. 

It should also be noted that these fees vary based on the state of residence and are not publicly disclosed. That means that prospective clients need to anticipate paying for these fees but will not know what these specific fees will cost them upfront. 

Minimum Loan Amounts

While loan amounts are commonly associated with eligibility requirements, the Achieve minimum loan amounts are relatively high when compared to other providers offering comparable services. 

The minimum loan amount for home equity secured loan clients is $15,000. This could potentially cause problems for some borrowers as this amount may be more than is required or feasible for the situation.


The Bottom Line

Achieve provides a wide range of financial services that have helped over one million people achieve their personal financial goals. In addition to offering home equity solutions, Achieve Loans also provides clients with personal loans, debt resolution, and financial education services. Clients that use Achieve for home equity purposes will have access to stable payment solutions, something not always found with other providers. Additionally, Achieve offers some of the fastest qualifications processes and funding times in the industry. 

Prospective clients considering Achieve for home equity services should be aware of some of the limitations that exist within the Achieve operation. For starters, there are requirements that must be met in order for clients to even be eligible for Achieve services. Additionally, there may be additional fees charged for various reasons. Lastly, there are minimum loan amounts that need to be met in order for Achieve to be a viable home equity option.

Considering all of the beneficial financial solutions it offers in addition to company drawbacks, clients in search of a quality home equity provider should consider Achieve. The individual approach with a proven process is enough to reliably depend on what Achieve can offer those in need of home equity services. 

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