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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Intro to Gemino Healthcare Financing

In 2007, a group of senior healthcare financing executives founded Gemino Healthcare Finance to fulfill the need for specialty financing with the focus on providing senior loans to healthcare service providers nationwide. The senior management team has over fifty years of healthcare finance experience and their team has originated more than $1.3 billion of financing commitments. Gemino has built their business model around relationship0building which has allowed them to maintain a reputation build on responsive service and a relationship-driven outlook. Solar Senior Capital Ltd. acquired Gemino in 2013. 

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The Good

  • Partnerships
  • Loan products
  • Eligible accounts


Gemino works with the individual to find a collaborative solution to fund most healthcare financing needs. Since Gemino has built strategic partnerships within the healthcare industry, they have the relationship necessary to find the best approach for each patient. The Gemino team structures each arrangement without hidden fees or ulterior pricing motives.

Loan Products

Gemino offers two different loan products to their customers: revolving lines of credit and term loans. Each platform comes with various benefits, but Gemino will help each patient identity the solution that best suits their healthcare needs. The Gemino loan products are broken down as follows: Revolving Lines of Credit: allows healthcare service providers to enhance their cash flow.
  • Secured by accounts receivable
  • Used for working capital,
  • Acquisitions,
  • Refinancing existing debt,
  • Other general purposes
Term Loans: offered in conjunction with revolving lines of credit and is based on company's cash flow. Term loans are secured with assets which include: equipment, real estate and/or company's stock.
  • Used for acquisitions,
  • Internal growth,
  • Leveraged buyouts,
  • Other general corporate purposes
Gemino Healthcare Finance requires healthcare companies to meet a certain standard in order to work with them. These qualifications include: transaction size needs to start at $2 million, be established in the industry with positive cash flow, and the provider must be located in the United States.

Eligible Accounts

Allowing healthcare providers to enhance their cash flow is a big draw for those looking to obtain a healthcare finance loan. They are secured by accounts receivable and that money can service a number of needs. Eligible accounts receivables include: Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and institutional accounts receivable.

The Bad

  • Financing for healthcare companies
  • Strict about funding
  • Lack of information

Financing for Healthcare Companies

A patient would not go directly to Gemino for a healthcare loan. Instead, Gemino provides financing to healthcare companies. Since it is expensive to get started in the healthcare industry, Gemino can help those with a reputable idea fund their business. Gemino doesn't provide individual loans for patient needs, but they do provide loans to those who could potentially provide a service patients will one day need. Gemino typically funds projects ranging from $2 million to $20 million in the form of both revolving lines of credit and term loans.

Strict about Funding

Gemino Healthcare Finance doesn't just fund companies in any healthcare speciality. While Gemino doesn't explicitly draw a line as to what forms of healthcare products they will fund, they do specialize in certain areas. Typically, Gemino works with businesses in the realm of providing the following services:
  • Behavioral Health
  • Home Health Hospice
  • Hospitals
  • Skilled Nursing Homes

Lack of Information

Since there is so much that goes into determining the loan (including loan type, money needed, business model, etc.) it is impossible to state exactly how much interest a company will be required to pay. A number of factors will determine the APR and loan amounts. Gemino will, however, work with the client to find the best loan structure and rate to help grow the company.

The Bottom Line

The loan process with Gemino Healthcare Finance is straight-forward, but will likely take a bit longer to approve due to the qualifications and information necessary to complete transactions. The process for getting a loan from Gemino includes:
  1. Business development
  2. Credit/Due Diligence
  3. Portfolio and Collateral Monitoring
To get started, providers/patients can visit the Gemino website and fill out an online form with a brief description of the project in order to open lines of communication.
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