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Intro to Commerce Bank Healthcare Financing

Commerce Bancshares, Inc. acts as a super-community bank that provider a number of financial products and services to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. While healthcare financing on an individual level is a service Commerce Bank provides, it is far from the only financial service that they provide. They place an extra level of focus on asset quality and expense management but their full range of financial products to consumers and commercial customers include: lending, payment processing, trust, brokerage, and capital market services. 

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The Good

  • Alternative
  • Reduces costs
  • Stress-free


Commerce Bank's Health Services Financing (HSF) serves as a complement or alternative to traditional medical billing programs where needed. Their healthcare funding program comes with a line of credit that allows for customizable solutions that patients and their families can utilize at any point in the revenue cycle.

Benefits of utilizing Commerce Bank includes the increases in cash flow, the reduction of costs, and stress-free transactions for patients. These features allow for patients to pay for procedures and other healthcare needs in a seamless fashion.

Reduces Costs

How does Commerce Bank improve cash flow and reduce costs?

  • Upfront funding for outstanding patient balances
  • Multiple rates and term options, including 0%
  • Guaranteed fee refund for defaulted account balances
  • Decrease account delinquencies
  • Enhance patient loyalty
  • Web-based enrollment, file upload and reporting
  • Customized patient marketing


How does Commerce Bank foster a stress-free transaction process for patients?

  • Up to a $50,000 line of credit
  • No credit check required
  • Simple enrollment process
  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Finance  multiple transactions on one line of credit for the same provider
  • No paperwork required to enroll
  • Repayment terms up to 7 years

An account with Commerce Bank HSF reassures patients with an easy enrollment process and simple payment structure.

The Bad

  • Term repayment
  • Interest

Term Repayment

While there are a number of determining factors that will go into the exact loan terms, Commerce Bank does disclose some of their program rate options, interest information, and term lengths. There are multiple low rate program options to choose from, but Commerce Bank also offers tiered options based on the medical dollar amount. The term for repayment is automatically assigned based on the financially responsible party's balance due.

Interest rates for tiered options are broken down as follows:

  • Prime, Variable
  • Prime + 1%, Variable
  • Prime + 2%, Variable
  • Prime + 3%, Variable
  • Prime + 4%, Variable
  • 0%

As stated previously, the term length will be automatically assigned based on pre-determined factors. The terms vary in length ranging from:

  • 12 Months/1 Year
  • 24 Months/2 Years
  • 36 Months/3 Years
  • 60 Months/5 Years
  • 84 Months/7 Years


Since there are a number of qualifiers and standards for loan options and terms, it can be difficult for an individual patient to determine just how much interest they are likely going to need to pay back. Additionally, it is also difficult for the patient to determine how long they are going to have to pay their loan back. These unknowns can cause some problems for those worried about repayment for their medical endeavors.

The Bottom Line

Commerce Bank works to create a seamless process for patients to obtain the funds they need to receive care. Their straight-forward process has enable patients to receive care and make affordable monthly payments at a rate that is mutually agreed upon.

In order to enroll in a healthcare financing loan through Commerce Bank, an individual will need to go through an online process. The transaction will then take place as follows:

  1. Enroll through the web portal or electronic file
  2. Commerce Bank will then fund the provider
  3. Provider posts funds to patient account
  4. Commerce Bank total loan servicing completes transaction

The seamless transaction experience coupled with Commerce Bank's comprehensive support allows patients to get the medical help they need without having to stress over their current financial situation.

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