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LAST UPDATED: November 11th, 2022

Intro to Care Payment

Based in Portland, Oregon, Care Payment was founded in 2004. They emphasize that their purpose is simply to help patients pay off their medical bills and that they are not a credit card company. In fact, they make most of their money off of the fees that health care providers pay to enroll in the program—not off of interest or hidden fees for patients. In its 11 years of business, Care Payment has provided relief to more than one million patients. They partner with doctor’s offices and hospitals to establish a line of credit. Patients use this credit to temporarily pay for medical bills. Thus far, the company has about 500 hospitals in its network, but they are continually expanding. Care Payment is driven by the notion that no patient should be deprived of financial help with medical bills. They assert that they understand the rising costs of out-of-pocket costs in health care and simply want to help.  

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The Good

  • Credit score
  • No interest
  • Patient approval rate
  • Patient resources

Credit Score

Care Payment is a younger competitor in this market, but they still have more than a decade of experience. This means they've had some time to build a strong provider network and learn what patients really want. One of the nice things about Care Payment is that, to them, credit is not an issue. If you have poor credit and need help with your hospital bills, Care Payment might be an option because they don't even consider the patient's credit to determine eligibility. In addition, they establish a revolving line of credit rather than giving out credit cards.

No Interest

It's not that Care Payment offers a no-interest period as a promotion; "no interest" is really their motto. No matter how long you have an account with Care Payment, you will never be charged interest. How do they afford this? They profit instead off of the fees that your provider pays to be enrolled in their program. That's right-with 0.00% APR, you can hardly go wrong.

Patient Approval Rate

Conveniently, you don't even have to submit an application to be approved for a line of credit with Care Payment. Rather, you set up an account with them through your provider (who, of course, must be enrolled in their program in order for you to use Care Payment). As long as your hospital is a participant, and as long as you have a social security number or a TIN, then you're in! And if you ever want to opt out, Care Payment makes for an easy exit. You will not be locked into a contract; when you do away with your account, your remaining balance is just returned to your hospital.

Patient Resources

It's almost a given that Care Payment provides an online portal where you can log in, make payments, ask questions, and view your account. But the company goes above and beyond and provides additional resources online-articles about credit scores, healthcare financing, and laws that affect credit lines. Why? Because an informed patient is a confident patient, and when it comes to your medical finances, you want to be as confident and feel as secure as can be. Care Payment has taken a lot of steps to give patients many reasons to feel safe using their program. Without requiring an application and with zero interest, they are a very risk-free company in many ways. In addition, they accept basically any patient whose provider is enrolled with Care Payment.

The Bad

  • Credit line only
  • Low credit limit
  • Participating hospitals only
For some customers, 11 years in business just is not enough-especially when there are other healthcare finance companies available who have been around since the early 1900s or even 1800s. In this way, Care Payment is very new to the game and may not have a big enough network yet.

Credit line only

First off, Care Payment is only an option if you want to commit to a line of credit with your hospital or doctor's office. They don't deal with loans or actual credit cards, so if that's the type of help you prefer, keep looking!

Low credit limit

Not only do they limit you to a line of credit; your credit limit is somewhat low too. They say you can borrow up to about $25,000, which might not be enough for more costly and involved treatments. At the end of the day, the amount of money you borrow is determined by your provider. Therefore, this is one of the ways your situation depends on your provider's allowances.

Participating hospitals only

Another disadvantage here is that Care Payment's network is only about 500 providers currently. Compared to companies who have partnered with thousands of providers, this number seems quite small. The company is still growing. But if your hospital isn't on that list, you can't use Care Payment through them. In addition, they don't provide a search engine for you to use to see if your provider is in their network; you just have to ask your provider personally to verify. One of the biggest questions you might have as a patient is how your funds can be used (or in other words, which treatments and medical procedures you can use the money to pay for). This depends on your provider too. Care Payment will fund the money to your line of credit, but then it's up to your hospital for which treatments that money can go to. On the whole, the limitations that come with this company are directly associated with the provider you see. Care Payment itself won't place a lot of limitations on your credit line, but they can't control the policies your provider has about where you can use that money. And on a broader level, the company is still growing and gives patients a small network of providers to work with all around.

The Bottom Line

Any company has pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons at Care Payment. First of all, they don't deny patients based on credit; they accept almost all patients who work through a registered provider. Once you're approved, you don't have to worry about interest (which is a major blessing) and the customer service at Care Payment is excellent. They are straightforward in their policies and provide lots of resources to maintain convenience and transparency. These benefits hinge on one entity though, your provider. There are several conditions that must be met by your provider in order for Care Payment to be a success for you: (1) they have to be a registered participant with Care Payment, (2) they must approve the maximum amount of money you seek to borrow, and (3) they must give approval for you to use the funds for the treatment you need. In short, Care Payment is indeed a recommended company, despite being somewhat young in the industry. So long as your provider meets the necessary conditions-and as long as you're okay with opening a line of credit instead of other options-you can use Care Payment as a source of financial relief. Once enrolled, you will enjoy great customer service and easy-to-understand payment plans.
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W W Fairfield, OH

I have no idea what the 'bill' is for. just an email saying I'm overdue. no account information. Click on ANY Of the links they give: no good. No customer service email. nobody at their phone number will pick up. How the Fxxx do you expect us to 'pay a bill' that we know nothing about. All my medical bills are set up on automatic payment through my HSA card. IF you want paid, THEN you have to make it possible to contact you. ELSE you will not get paid.

3 weeks ago

star star star star star

Jenny Hite Kansas City, MO

I have been 100% happy with Care Payment.....I felt like I had the choice to sign up and I love the fact that there's NO INTEREST and NO PAYOFF TIMELINE. I haven't had any issues with late payments....even when the debit card I was paying from was compromised and I had to change cards. I've been reading a lot of complaints on this very subject butt, as I say, I haven't had any problems at like that so, I don't understand the difference. i'm happy though.

4 months ago

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Dan Delfendahl Beechgrove, TN

Do not ever deal with this company if you don’t have to! After fighting with the insurance company about a bill we didn’t owe they sent us to this garbage company. I am the primary on our insurance but because the claim is in my sons name, WHO IS ON MY INSURANCE they would not accept my payment. What company doesn’t want money! Not only that, the a-hole on the phone could not have been more rude and completely helpless. Kept repeating the same stupid line. I don’t want to enroll with you, I shouldn’t even be dealing with you! Make it easier on people, not harder, it’s not rocket science!

2 months ago

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Catherine Robinson Philadelphia, PA

If I could give this company no stars I would. Being charged over $10k through Carepayment for an $1800 copay. The health provider and insurance company have contacted them to tell them there is no patient responsibility due yet they won't do anything and continually point the finger to the provider or insurance company. Completely clueless "customer service" dept. Don't try faxing any confirmation of payment to them it will never go through. Absolute nightmare to work with and I never agreed to an account with them. RUN

5 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Lindsey Boles Puyallup, WA

I was setup on a payment plan. Fine no problem there total due was like 150.00. Payments were being taken each month no problem. Then the card that was on file was compromised and had to be cancelled. Before I could setup the new card my payment plan was ended and the full amount of the left over balance was 100.00. Being a tight month I wanted to split into two payments. I went through the website put in make a payment for a different amount. Put in $50 and then processed with my new card, my receipt says it processed the full $100.00 even though I manually selected and inputed a different amount. Absolutely unacceptable. How the hell do I cancel this stupid thing I would much rather work directly with the doctors office at least they have a phone number I can call for assistance. Carepayent gives you an email form to fill out.

11 months ago

star star star star star

Kelvin Rodriguez Elkhart, IN

I recommend carepayment cause they help you out when you need it the most as long as you pay on time nothing wrong should happend, I have never had to pay any fees cause I pay on time every time on the online portal.

3 years ago

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G Kaiser Nashville, TN

I did not ask to be signed up with Carepayment. Paid them thinking it was my hospitals 3rd party billing company. Then they start sending statements with different payment dates than what I have been paying at the facility I received care at. Paid my FULL statement/ ledger balance before the due date and was advised that I would be charged a late fee on any remaining balance. THERE WAS NO BALANCE I PAID IT IN FULL. Crooked, shady and a "line of credit" I did not authorize or sign up for!!!!

9 months ago

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Bob Redford, MI

I was signed up with them, without my permission. I was on an autopay agreement, and due to a mix up with my credit union, the auto pay was stopped, and I was asked to re-enroll. I paid the payment that was effected, then re-enrolled in auto pay. It stated the next payment would be the following month. What they didn't say was, it took an extra payment out of my bank account. I received a receipt for the payment I made, and that showed up on my transaction history on their web site, but the one they snuck in without telling me, did not show up, nor did I receive a receipt for it. They claimed it would take 3-5 days. It didn't for the payment I actually did authorize, so why would it for the one they stole from me? Very shady and unethical company.

1 year ago

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Rebecca J Rice Star City, IN

Everytime I have had to deal with carepayment something gets messed up. First month website would load my payment had to call it in. 2nd month said auto pay was set up but didnt come out. Called they said they would waive the late fee and both months would come out on the 3rd payment. 3rd month late fee came out. Called and was told that whoever I talked to was wrong and should have told me the total amount with the late fee would come out. I hate that I have no choice but to use them because I can't pay a $5000 hospital bill of in 45 days. Will not go back to the hospital that uses because of the payment place

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Trey Patterson Hatboro, PA

I am disputing the charges with the Doctors Office. And Care Payment sends me an installment plan to pay charges I refuse to pay. The Charges have been in dispute from day one, documented by phone calls, and written correspondence. Why would they even agree to take on my account? I am at least happy to know that they are not a Collection Agency, yet I responded to them as if they were. Guess next step is to dispute with whatever Collection company this goes to.

1 year ago

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Susan Meyer Federal Way, WA

We are enrolled in a debt consolidation program and we pay medical bills that are less than $500. We made a payment, to Carepayment, and were automatically enrolled. My husband ended up in the er this past May. I tried to pay on 2 unrelated Bill's to Multicare. The online billing system wouldn't take the payment as it was turned over to Carepayment. Luckily, I was able to call in and pay over the phone. We added the bigger bill to our debt consolidation program. Carepayment is more of a headache than anything else. Yeesh.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Earlene Gaddis ,

We are being charged late fees for paying early. We have called numerous times do to receiving a late notice. We were told it was because we pay early. Ok. This is 2021? Anyways, adjusted the date we pay, to accommodate their problem. Today I recieved another late notice. We literally have called every other month. Last time I asked for a supervisor and they left me on hold until I finally hung up. Left a review on BBB, website. Next I will have to file a complaint to get this nightmare over.

1 year ago

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Lavonne E Thorpe West Harrison, IN

Several months ago, I received a credit card in the mail from them which was immediately cut up. Today, I received a statement from them with a charge on it that was not authorized with a due date of 03/27/2019! Of course their office is closed on Saturday and in order to email them you have to set up an account which I refuse to do. Seems like another good reason to NOT use TriHealth. Christ is a better system anyway.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Denise Geri South Bend, IN

Horrible company!! Can only pay the full amount when you call and their website payment was unavailable so I missed my payment. Charge 25 for late fees. Would rather deal with a collection agency!!

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sballets Anacortes, WA

I have been trying to pay off my operations for three years now and they take out interest so I know they are making money off me. This company is causing me to go into more debt that it is paying it off.

3 years ago

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FSR Hixson, TN

They will not allow you to pay by ETF from your bank account . You have to pay by written check or credit card. I do not write checks and don't like to use my credit card for patient payments.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

James DaNN Saranac, MI

They are a predatory collection company. I have paid in full and still receive monthly 25.00 fees increased each month. I have never asked for their services and would not recommend them to anyone.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Dave Emery Tacoma, WA

Worst thing ever. Just try to create an account on line. Impossible. Don't pay the hospital either, your payments wont show. They suck!

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Nelson Ricardo Brooklyn, NY

I'm sick and tired of receiving fake hospital bills from these crooks. They are frauds and need to be dealt with by state and federal regulators.

1 year ago