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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Intro to Capital One Healthcare Financing

Capital One Healthcare Financing specializes in the funding and investment of customized healthcare financial solutions. The Capital One Healthcare team financed over $65 billion to healthcare providers in 45 medical sectors over the last decade and is one of the leading online lenders in the U.S. For the last three years, Capital One has been the leader in healthcare-leveraged loans in both volume and number of loans. Since Capital One is a top 10 U.S. bank, it has resources, experience, and capital other lenders may not have access to. 

Top Ranked Companies


The Good

  • Financial assistance for healthcare providers
  • Venture loans

Financial Assistance For Healthcare Providers

While Capital One Healthcare Financing does not provide individual healthcare financing solutions, they do offer a great deal to healthcare providers looking to finance or fund new equipment, technologies, or projects.

Venture Loans

As a lender, the Capital One Healthcare Financing program provides venture loans to healthcare providers in an effort to expand the asset base, preserve the company's cash and/or liquidity, and also to leverage business assets to continue to grow the company. These types of venture loans fall under the Capital One "Life Science" lending initiative. It has a commitment to the healthcare industry and diligently work to support the growth of innovative life science companies, regardless of size. Capital One will provide venture loans to early mid-stage companies that are working to develop related life science products and services. Typically funded medical projects are classified in the following areas:

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics

Both of those areas encompass a great deal, so for specific clarifications and details, a healthcare provider will need to consult a Capital One Healthcare Finance lender to see if the project is qualified. Featured funded deals through Capital One include providers such as: Amneal Pharmaceuticals ($1,024,800,000), US Anesthesia Partners ($670,000,000), Diplomat ($320,000,000), Renaissance Pharma ($287,100,000), Drive ($220,000,000), Accent Care ($170,000,000)and many more.


The Bad

  • Personal loans & medical credit cards
  • Lack of information

Personal Loans & Medical Credit Cards

As a healthcare lending company, the Capital one Healthcare Financing program unfortunately does not fund personal loans or medical credit card services for individuals who need help paying for various medical bills, and/or other procedures or treatments. Even though individuals can get loans for a home or car, at this time, Capital One does not finance personal loans to cover varying medical expense payment and health services.

Lack of Information

Since Capital One is a lender to healthcare providers rather than individuals, specifics regarding the actual fixed or variable APR and other terms will vary on a number of different factors. To get an accurate picture of what Capital One can provide in terms of flexibility pertaining to a healthcare lending, a provider will need to work directly with Capital One to get that specific information.


The Bottom Line

Capital One is a globally diversified services provider and a member of the Fortune 500. It operates in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It has the ability to fund some of the largest medical providers in the world and continue to invest in the healthcare industry to provide solutions necessary to progression in the medical field through equipment financing, medical technologies, and/or projects. Its industry expertise is rivaled by few and loans are granted to qualified healthcare providers. Capital One Healthcare Finance does not just fund large corporations, but can help smaller providers as well. If you are in the market for a personal loan, healthcare credit card, or other personal healthcare financial services for health and medical expenses payment, this unfortunately is not the company for you.

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