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LAST UPDATED: September 16th, 2023

AccessOne is a leading provider of patient payment options designed to help patients manage their healthcare costs. The company's payment plans are designed to help patients get the medical care they need when they need it.

AccessOne partners with hospitals to offer 0 percent interest and flexible, low-interest patient loans tailored to your health and financial situation. 

AccessOne's customized payment options offer the following benefits:

  • No credit reporting
  • All patients qualify
  • Convenient payment methods: online, phone, check, and autopay
  • Consolidated statements for other outstanding accounts and multiple family members

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The Good

  • Interest-Free Plans
  • Not a Credit Card
  • Use Your HSA to Pay
  • KLAS 2020 Category Leader

Interest-Free Plans

AccessOne offers 0% and low-interest payment plans (and you choose which one you want).

There are no minimum or maximum balances with any of AccessOne's plans. The low-interest plan gives the patient a much lower monthly payment. In fact, many patients choose low-interest plans to give them more flexibility and fit their healthcare bills with the rest of their bills.

Also, patients can start out in the 0% program and then if at some point “life gets in the way”, they can then opt into the low-interest program to get that lower monthly payment. 

Not a Credit Card

The Access One Card is not a credit card. In fact, all patients are accepted into the program (regardless of your credit score). 

Signing up for the AccessOne Card is simple; all patients need a statement from their medical provider that shows the account numbers, balance, and facility information. 

Once an AccessOne account is created and activated, patients will receive their card. The card will have an account number, the medical provider's name, and AccessOne's contact information. Depending on the medical provider, patients can then add new balances by contacting AccessOne with the new provider account numbers or by calling (the new provider) and requesting they send your new balance to your AccessOne account. 

Use Your HSA to Pay

Patients can use an HSA card to pay off their balance. 

KLAS 2020 Category Leader

AccessOne was ranked number one and awarded the Category Leader for Patient Financing in the 2020 Best in KLAS Report. 

2020's Best in KLAS report scores are based on patient feedback across six categories: culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value.


The Bad

  • No Grace Period
  • Possible Fees
  • Consumer Reviews

No Grace Period

AccessOne's plans remain interest-free, as long as you make your monthly payment on time. However, if a payment is received late or is less than the monthly payment, you will be switched to an interest-bearing account until the balance is paid in full. 

Possible Fees

While AccessOne does not believe in hidden fees, there are a few possible fees if patients are late on a payment or their payment is returned. 

  • Late Payment Fee — 4% of the late payment (not to exceed $10)
  • Returned Payment Fee — $20 per returned payment

Consumer Reviews

The majority of reviews left on reveal that consumers are frustrated with AccessOne. Several reviews mention issues with the company's auto-pay, costly fees and interest charges, and sub-par customer service.


The Bottom Line

AccessOne aims to help patients by offering flexible, convenient, and affordable financing solutions. The company boasts helping over one million consumers afford out-of-pocket medical expenses and having one of the industry's most comprehensive platforms. Everyone is accepted into AccessOne's program regardless of their credit score and the company does not credit report patient activity.

However, we recommend that consumers take their time before choosing AccessOne as their payment provider, as others have found themselves frustrated with the company's customer service, late payment policies, and autopay. If you work with AccessOne, we highly suggest setting up alerts (you can choose from email or text). This way, you're less likely to forget your monthly payment and you can avoid having to pay interest. 

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Joey Parris Knoxville, TN

I wasn't really asked whether I had an option in joining this organization. Greenville Hospital automatically switched me to them because what I owed was at a certain level. I am somewhat bothered that I have to pay interest on my Hospital debt when I have never defaulted on medical. I have another arrangement where I make payments directly to the Prisma with no interest. It makes me question, "Who is helping who?"

8 months ago

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Reply from AccessOne

Hi Joey - sorry for the delayed response. Nobody is forced into our program, it should always be an option of the patient, where you are explained the program options and have to accept terms and conditions. We also have a 0% interest option that is available to all patients. Our interest bearing program is an option of the patient if they want to lower their monthly payment, nobody is forced into that program. Please call into our Patient Advocate Center at 888.458.6272 for help. thank you.

Sep. 18th, 2023

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G.J. Boise, ID

I have used AccessOne a couple of times to set up a payment plan for doctor bills. For the most part they are okay. The last time I had some problems. I sent them a check for my final payment and they said they never received it. They told me to check back with them in a couple of days. I kept checking and was told to wait until the next statement came and if they still didn’t get it I could send another check and I wouldn’t be charged any late fee and if they found the check they would send it back to me. I ended up getting charged a late fee and they cashed both checks. After many unpleasant phone calls I finally got everything straightened out. They are a good company as long as you don’t have any problems.

1 year ago

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I signed up for interest free as long as my payments were made on time. I set up auto payments with my bank for 4 times the minimum payment required. One payment was a couple days late and even though I was paying 4 times the required monthly amount, they started charging interest and the zero interest went out the door. Not even one time was reconsidered. I think they should have given a one time grace, especially since I was way ahead on my payments. Not good. I would not recommend. Just get yourself a credit card.

5 years ago

AccessOne Logo

Reply from AccessOne

Hi Richard - we do offer a one-time grace in a circumstance like you have described. We apologize for just seeing this review. We'd still like to hear from you so we can better understand what happened with your account. Please call (888) 458-6272 so we can assist. Thank you.

Oct. 6th, 2020

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Stephanie Tucker West Columbia, SC

I am thankful for this program, however, my interest rate continues to increase every couple of months. It started at the 9.25 % rate but now I am paying 10.75%. Why does my interest rate keep going up when I am making my payments on time and paying more than the minimum payment due? Not cool.

5 years ago

AccessOne Logo

Reply from AccessOne

Hi Stephanie - sorry for just seeing your review. We offer two different options for patients, a 0% interest payment plan and a low interest payment plan that provides lower monthly payments. Since you are in a low interest program, that interest rate can change based on current Prime rates - so that could go up but it could also go down. If you have any further questions, please call our Patient Advocate Center at (888) 458-6272 and we'd be happy to provide more information on how your account works. Thank you.

Oct. 6th, 2020