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LAST UPDATED: March 13th, 2023

Medica is a health insurance provider that specializes in servicing the Midwest. It offers employer-sponsored group plans, private health plans, and Medica re. It also works with Minnesota Health Care Programs to offer health insurance to qualifying individuals.


The Good

  • Insurance Product Offerings
  • Nice Member Benefits

Insurance Product Offerings

Medica offers group health insurance plans that employers can offer their employees, plans for individuals and families, Medicare, and health insurance through Minnesota Health Care Programs. 

Beyond health insurance coverage, Medica offers dental and pet insurance.

With its group health plans, Medica offers helpful resources for employers to encourage health and wellness at their workplace, including programs and incentives.

You can find an individual or family health insurance plan from Medica in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and some parts of North Dakota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Plan offerings vary by state, so you should work with Medica directly to see what insurance coverage is available in your area.

Those seeking Medicare coverage can find plans through Medica. Medicare Dual Special Needs plans are available in Minnesota.

Additional Medicare plans including Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans may be available in other states. Availability varies by area, so check with Medica to see what's available to you.

For those who qualify, Medica offers plans in some Minnesota counties with the Minnesota Health Care Programs. Dental insurance is through Delta Dental and is also only available in Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

Covered services, health insurance premiums, and out-of-pocket limit can vary plan to plan. For more information on available plans, coverage, and costs, you should reach out to Medica.

Nice Member Benefits

Individual and family plans may include the following perks:

  • Healthy Living with Medica
  • Health AdvocateTM
  • Health Advocate NurselineTM
  • Case management support from nurses
  • Healthy pregnancy and parenting support

Healthy Living with Medica offers health resources and programs. The ActiveHealth® app encourages Medica members to exercise. Through the app, members can benefit from fitness deals and earn rewards.

Your health advocate can help you navigate health insurance and health care to make sure that you get the care you need and that your claims are processed correctly.

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The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Few Plan Options
  • Limited Availability

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Medica health insurance reviews are limited on Since we haven't received many Medica reviews, conclusions about the customer experience and customer satisfaction are not available.

Few Plan Options

While Medica includes great benefits with its plans, it doesn't offer many coverage options. In some areas, it may only offer one plan. If one of Medica's plans is a good fit for you, that's great. If not, you may want to consider another health insurance company. Larger health insurers can have more health plan options.

Limited Availability

Medica health plans are only available in some parts of the United States. If they are not available in your area, you'll have to consider another health insurer.


The Bottom Line

Medica health insurance is worth considering if you live in one of the areas it services.

Although Medica insurance reviews on are limited, the insurance company offers a range of coverage types including group health insurance, Medicare, and individual and family plans. It also offers helpful perks to enrollees with its individual and family health plans.

Keep in mind that your coverage options may be limited. If one of its plans isn't a good fit, look into other health insurers.

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Robert Prince Tucson, AZ

I find medica to be the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Their customer service people are very polite but I am still unable to get any help from them that I need.

6 months ago