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LAST UPDATED: April 9th, 2024

AmeriHealth is an insurance provider with several subsidiaries. It specializes in health insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, and individual and family plans. Its plans are primarily available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but some are available in other parts of the Northeast.


The Good

  • Health Insurance Plan Options
  • Member Perks

Health Insurance Plan Options

AmeriHealth Caritas offers Medicaid plans. It has earned several awards for its plans and services, including the Multicultural Health Care (MCH) Distinction from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

AmeriHealth also offers plans for individuals and families in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It offers Medicare plans in New Jersey.

While employers may be able to find state-specific group plans to offer their employees, AmeriHealth Administrators work with employers on self-funded health plans, ancillary insurance products (e.g. dental and vision insurance), and more. AmeriHealth CasualtySM also offers assistance with workers compensation.

Member Perks

AmeriHealth also offers nice member benefits with some of its plans.

In Pennsylvania, the company's AmeriHealth Healthy LifestylesSM programs offers members reimbursements and discounts and supports fitness, weight management, and smoking cessation programs. Members can receive gym discounts through the GlobalFit Gym Network. Nutrition counseling and care management is also available.

In New Jersey, AmeriHealth offers Commit2Wellness ® Rewards for physical activity, weight management, and smoking cessation. The company also offers a Baby FootSteps ® program to support expecting mothers.

Telemedicine is offered with all AmeriHealth plans, and case management is available to support members with chronic or complicated health issues.

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The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Limited Service Areas

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Best Company has not received many AmeriHealth reviews, which means we have limited insight on the customer experience.

While more reviews would offer a clearer picture of AmeriHealth, the insurance company offers helpful support services for members.

Limited Service Areas

AmeriHealth does not offer health plans everywhere. Its health plans are available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. AmeriHealth also offers Medicaid plans throughout the Northeastern United States, Washington, D.C., and Louisiana.

If AmeriHealth is not available in your area, you'll have to look at other health insurers.


The Bottom Line

If AmeriHealth offers insurance in your area, it's a good option to consider. Review your health plan options considering the overall costs and coverage of each plan to make sure it's a good fit for you.

If you're an employer, AmeriHealth has great resources for creating a benefits package for your employees. Work directly with the company to learn more about plan specifics and insurance rates.

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Trinity Garner


4 days ago

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Regina Davis Emerson, NJ

I had a pleasure of speaking with Holden L . He went over the plan that I picked and explained that the plan i picked i had a high deductible and would need to meet that deductible before a copayment would kick it. Of course this is something that I did not know when i picked that plan. He helped me picked a perfect plan that i was very much happy with and could afford. Such a wonder young man, he took his time with me to look up my drs and my medication to make sure they they are in network. Thank you Holden L very a pleasant experience.

5 months ago

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Suzanne Cassidy Downingtown, PA

first, trying to get a representative is impossible. After you get through the IVR system and are connected for assistance, the phone will just ring and ring with no pick up 9 out of 10 times. If you do get through they give you incorrect information. I have an EPO plan through AmeriHealth. Using their find a doctor feature for my exact plan, the website says a particular doctor is an in network provider. I call the toll free customer service line. They look up my plan and provider and assure me the provider is indeed in-network. I go to see the provider and they tell me they are not in-network. I call from the Dr office where once again AHNJ customer service re-verifies that yes, the Dr is in network. I then ask the rep at AHNJ to look up the doctor by the NPI number, and suddenly the response changes to ooo so sorry they actually are not in network. So basically you cannot use any resources including customer service to determine if your doctor is in-network, because AHNJ provides inaccurate information. They rarely answer the phone to get them to even look up the doctor by NPI to actually get a true answer on in network status, so you run the risk of a surprise bill constantly with this insurance. My recommendation, choose any other company.

3 months ago

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Robert Berman Hackensack, NJ

Horrendous! Their list of providers is poor but they provide NO benefits for out of network. My wife has been seeing a meh neurologist in our area for her midstage Alzheimers.. I have to suggest actions, to which he agrees and I am NOT a physician. So I wanted her to see a good neurologist at Weill Cornell in NYC. Out of network, of course, so I have to pay $800 for an office visit. AmeriHealth informed me that since he is out of network, they will pay nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Oh BTW, I pay them $800 a month. For in network providers, their only benefit is the negotiated amount, never a payment to the provider. Which means my monthly payments drops to their bottom line. Nice gig if you can get it. If you're thinking about using AmeriHealth, don't.

2 years ago