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LAST UPDATED: July 16th, 2020

Located in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Pendleton, Anderson, Wilkinson, North Salem, and Jamestown, Indiana, St. Pierre Family Funeral has been family owned and operated for six generations. It is also a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, a worldwide professional association of independent, locally owned funeral homes that operate under strict standards. This funeral home offers funeral, cremation, and burial services to families in central Indiana.

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The Good

  • Pet Services
  • Reception Areas
  • Floral Service
  • Personalization
  • Online Pre-planning

Pet Services

St. Pierre Family Funeral offers services for dogs, cats, and other pets that have passed away. Families can gather and say goodbye to their pet with the help of the funeral home’s services.

Reception Areas

St. Pierre Family Funeral has beautifully decorated reception areas where large parties of family and friends can gather. Families can rely on the staff at St. Pierre to help them plan a nice meal for everyone rather than finding a restaurant to accommodate a large group. 

Floral Service

For those who are attending the funeral or cremation service as well as those who cannot travel to attend, St. Pierre Family Funeral’s website offers flower delivery services from a local florist. Anyone can order funeral flowers and have them sent to the service. 


Funeral directors at St. Pierre Family Funeral will help each family personalize their loved one’s funeral service in a way that is unique to them. Some personalization activities include balloon releases, live music, or creating a video tribute to a loved one’s life. St. Pierre Family Funeral can put together a memorial video to show at the service and to be kept as a keepsake.

Online Pre-planning

Families and individuals can use St. Pierre Family Funeral’s website to start the pre-planning process for themselves or a loved one. The website has a checklist of everything to consider when planning a memorial service, helpful articles, frequently asked questions, and an online form to fill out. The information in the form will save to St. Pierre Family Funeral’s records and can be consulted by a family member at a later date. Families can also reach out directly to a funeral director to consult with during the planning process.


The Bad

  • Some Webpages Broken
  • Lack of Pricing Information

Some Webpages Broken

Consulting the St. Pierre Family Funeral website is a great idea to find information about services and other resources, but some webpages don’t work on certain browsers. Users on Safari may find that some pages on the site don’t load. This is an issue on several pages throughout the website.

Lack of Pricing Information

St. Pierre Family Funeral’s website has information about all the types of services it offers, but there is a lack of pricing information on the site. Families who are trying to compare prices or work on a budget will have a hard time finding any information about funeral or cremation costs and package pricing.


The Bottom Line

St. Pierre Family Funeral offers many different memorial services, including pet services, to personalize a service for a loved one. The funeral home also has reception areas that can cater meals for large parties. Its website has good information about pre-planning, though some of the pages don’t work on some browsers. There also isn’t any pricing information online, meaning anyone who wanted to know how much funeral arrangements or other service costs would have to contact a funeral director.

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