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LAST UPDATED: July 13th, 2020

With locations in Longview and Henderson, Texas, Rader Funeral Homes has been in the Rader family for generations. The company was founded by LeRoy Rader and is now run by Charles Rader with his son, Preston. The funeral home offers cremation, funeral, and burial services.

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The Good

  • Unique Experiences
  • Gift Services
  • Memorial Services
  • Online Collaboration Center
  • Online Pre-Planning Form
  • Grief and Healing

Unique Experiences

Rader Funeral Homes focuses on designing unique memorial services. Families can plan a traditional funeral at this funeral home, but they could also choose a unique experience to remember their loved one by. Some of these experiences include bringing a prized vehicle to the service, playing a favorite game as a tribute, or creating a theatrical performance to view as a family. 

Gift Services

On the company website, mourners and sympathizers can purchase flower bouquets for hand delivery. The store also offers gift baskets, food, blankets, jewelry, and more. Many items offer free shipping and the wide variety of products available will give customers lots to choose from.

Memorial Services

Rader Funeral Homes offers funerals, cremations, and burials. 

Families can choose a traditional funeral service or a unique memorial service. Gatherings can be held both in the funeral home or in a different setting with the transportation assistance from the funeral home. 

For cremation services, families can choose to have their loved one’s ashes stored at home, at a cemetery, or scattered in a meaningful place. For all of these options, Rader Funeral Homes can assist in planning and execution. Graveside funeral services can still be arranged if a loved one was cremated with a custom grave marker. Ash scattering can also be organized with Rader Funeral Homes, with events from scattering ashes in the sea to sending them off in space.

Burial services can be organized with an additional funeral or memorial service or an immediate burial. Rader Funeral Homes will help direct the graveside service as well as create an appropriate memorial, such as an upright monument, flat memorial, or a private estate. Immediate burials can also be arranged through the funeral home without an accompanying service.

Online Collaboration Center

Rader Funeral Homes’ website allows families to make arrangements and plan a funeral collaboratively. The online collaboration center allows families to sign into an account and communicate about funeral plans with their other family members. This can make planning easier because family members can login from anywhere and see everything that has been planned.

Online Pre-planning Form

For those who want to plan ahead, Rader Funeral Homes has great resources on their website. An online pre-planning form allows families to start working on a few of the details without having to contact a funeral director. Families can save, exit, and come back to an existing form to make modifications or view choices. 

Grief and Healing

Another great feature of the Rader Funeral Homes’ website is the grief and healing section. Individuals struggling with grief can sign up for free, daily email affirmations, join a support group, or be a part of an online newsletter. The site also links to an interactive aftercare site with videos about the dimensions and dynamics of grief.


The Bad

  • No Online Pricing

No Online Pricing

Although Rader Funeral Homes’ website offers many great resources, there is no online pricing guide available. This may be due to the fact that this funeral home focuses on unique memorial services, but there are no estimates for any package pricing at all. This can be frustrating for families that have a budget they would like to keep. For all pricing information, a family will have to contact a funeral director.


The Bottom Line

Rader Funeral Homes specializes in unique memorial services, making this funeral home a great choice for families that want to create a special celebration. The company also plans traditional funerals and cremations, but no online pricing is available. As far as planning goes, the company’s website is a great place to go for collaborative planning and for pre-planning details.

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