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LAST UPDATED: July 13th, 2020

With locations in Wallingford, Southbury, and Waterbury, Connecticut, C.T. Life Tributes has been in the Bailey family for over 100 years. Robert B. Bailey is the current owner and president of the company and runs it with his son, Matthew R. Bailey. This funeral home offers cremation, funeral, burial, and pet cremation services.

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The Good

  • Extra Services
  • Comfortable Venue
  • Pre-arrangement Form
  • Pet Services
  • Green Burials

Extra Services

For families who would like extra services, C.T. Life Tributes can put together a video of photos to pay tribute to a loved one. The company can also put together a memorial website where members of extended family and friends can leave virtual notes for the family without having to send a card or attend in person. 

Comfortable Venue

The facilities that C.T. Life Tributes run are designed to appeal to guests. The website has photos of the facilities that guests can view before planning a funeral with the company. The venues look like a comfortable personal residence, giving a homey feeling to guests.

Pre-arrangement Form

C.T. Life Tributes offers an online form to start the funeral planning process from the comfort of home. Anyone can start filling out the form at any time and a funeral director for C.T. Life Tributes will reach out. This form makes it easier for someone to provide all the necessary information because someone can fill it out while at home with all important documents and information handy.

Pet Services

C.T. Life Tributes offers pet services to help families honor their pets that have passed away. Families can choose to have an individual cremation service and receive their pet’s ashes or a group cremation and leave the ashes to be scattered on a private area of the property. 

Green Burials

A green burial, or natural burial, is an environmentally friendly alternative that C.T. Life Tributes offers instead of a traditional funeral and burial. Traditional burials put toxic embalming fluids, metal vaults, and concrete caskets in the ground and aren’t good for the environment. Green burials are often less expensive than traditional burials and allow the body to be returned to the earth in a biodegradable casket without embalming fluid. Green burials may still include a graveside service, but the casket is made of tasteful, biodegradable material and closed.


The Bad

  • Lack of Price Variety

Lack of Price Variety

C.T. Life Tributes offers several different plans for both cremation and funeral services. These plans, however, don’t vary a lot in price. This can be great on the high end, but there aren’t many low-cost options for families on a strict budget. The website also states that a family could plan a customized funeral service, but prices would vary.


The Bottom Line

C.T. Life Tributes offers memorial services in a comfortable, home-like venue. Families can fill out an online pre-arrangement form from the comfort of their home to start the planning process early, or contact a funeral director directly. Pricing on funeral and cremation plans doesn’t vary a lot, meaning most services are average in price. This doesn’t leave very many options for those on a strict budget, however.

For families who want extra memorial services, the company can create a video of photos to play at the service, as well as customized programs and memorial websites. In addition to cremation, funeral, and burial services, the company also offers pet cremation services. Families can also choose a green burial as an environmentally alternative to traditional burial.

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