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LAST UPDATED: December 1st, 2021

District Capital Management was founded in 2013 and provides comprehensive financial planning services in three states and Washington, D.C. Although the business is focused mainly in Virginia, Maryland, and Colorado, District Capital Management can also see clients virtually in most U.S. states. 

District Capital Management is a fiduciary financial advisory firm that can help you create a blueprint to a more secure financial future. A fiduciary financial advisor is different from other types of so-called financial advisors. A fiduciary is legally required to act in your best interest.

This means, for example, that District Capital Management advisors do not receive kickbacks for recommending specific investment funds or products. 

The company's mission is to help its clients save money, build wealth, achieve their life goals, and avoid costly financial mistakes. You can receive advice on cash management, debt and credit management, tax planning, retirement planning, investments, insurance, estate planning, and identity theft protection.

Like many financial firms, District Capital Management has a target customer. It focuses on clients that are middle/upper-middle class professionals in their 30s and 40s with disposable income. 

The company's financial tools include independent, high-quality financial advice, holistic financial planning services, investment management services, personalized and detailed financial plans via monday.com, unlimited email support, three Zoom meetings per year, and more. 

District Capital Management stands out as a fiduciary financial advice firm with its niche focus and the level of expertise its staff brings to its customers. Its advisers are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and Accredited Financial Counselor® practitioners. 

You will receive a personalized and detailed Personal Financial Plan, usually containing more than 30 action items.

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The Good

  • Detailed Website with Useful Content
  • Strong Credentials
  • Fiduciary
  • Values Focus

Detailed Website with Useful Content

District Capital Management demonstrates a high-level of competence and financial expertise with the content it has on its website and Facebook page. Its content is up to date and relevant on topics such as how to identify the best savings account for kids and how to find the best Roth IRA calculator. 

Strong Credentials

Customers of District Capital Management will work with highly credentialed advisers. Its advisers are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals or Accredited Financial Counselors®. Its investment team has the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation — one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession.

Two of its partners manage a family foundation and a multi-billion dollar pension fund. They also meet with investment analysts across the nation regularly. This insight and level of credentials is highly valuable. Not all financial advisors have these credentials. 


As a fiduciary, District Capital Management's only objective is to do what is best for its clients. Unlike some other financial advice firms, it does not receive commissions from financial third parties.

Most advisors are not fiduciaries. This means that working with District Capital Management, as fiduciaries, could bring some added peace of mind. 

Values Focus

Many people looking to invest their money today desire that it be used in a way that is consistent with their values. District Capital Management is dedicated to helping its clients invest with common values.

For example, you may be concerned about climate change and want to invest in only fossil-fuel free funds. The company can recommend fossil-fuel free funds for clients. It can point clients towards socially responsible financial vendors as well. 


The Bad

  • Niche
  • 12-Month Minimum
  • No Reviews
  • Expensive


District Capital Partners is fairly clear on its website about the profile of its ideal client. It is looking to work with clients who are motivated and engaged and know how to utilize online applications comfortably.

It also states that it would like to work with clients that are service-oriented — who want to make the world a better place.

District Capital Partners specifies that its clients are mostly in their 30s and 40s, with disposable income, middle/upper-middle class income and may work in fields such as consulting, tech, non-profit, or the military.

This sort of niche targeting likely works well for its business however, if you do not fall into this target description it may not be a good fit. 

12-Month Minimum

District Capital Partners prefers to work with clients who will stick with its advisors in the long term. It states that clients can cancel anytime after working with it for 12 months.

Many financial advisors have these stated minimums in their contracts to ensure that clients stick with them for a period of time. Many also have cancellation fees.

District Capital Partners does not clarify how they enforce the one-month minimum; however, it doesn’t have a cancellation fee. 

No Reviews

District Capital Partners has been operating since 2013, but we were unable to find any online reviews or testimonials from previous clients. 


Personal financial planning services can be expensive. Financial planners typically charge their clients in three main ways: by the hour, monthly or fixed fees, or a percentage of assets.

District Capital Partners charges a flat rate for its financial planning services and a percentage of assets for its investment management services. The annual advisory fee for its investment management services seem in line with its competitors.

However, its financial planning service flat rate fees are more expensive than average. 


The Bottom Line

District Capital Partners is a well-established financial advisory firm based in Washington, D.C. with over seven years experience. It is a fiduciary which means that it is legally bound to act in your best interest.

Other financial advisers may not have this mandate and earn commission on financial products they sell to you which may or may not be in your best interest. This should give interested clients peace of mind. It also has advisors with impressive industry certifications. 

While it does not have any online reviews or testimonials, its online presence does demonstrate a high level of expertise and professionalism. This may be why its fees are slightly more expensive than average. 

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Luke Anniston, AL

Friendly staff that really went above and beyond . They helped me to not only save but actually make money . Top notch

2 years ago