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LAST UPDATED: November 6th, 2019

Voogueme’s founder Susan Chan grew tired of wearing the same styles year after year. That’s when she decided to introduce designer eyewear to the industry. Voogueme is an online platform that offers customers the most comfortable and stylish eyewear at an affordable price. The company encourages glasses wearers to show off their personality with its high fashion and quality frames while keeping up with the latest trends.

Voogueme strives to provide its customers with uniquely stylish and high-quality eyewear. If there are any problems with the lenses or frames, Voogueme asks that customers contact the company within 30 days of receiving their glasses — the company promises to work with each customer to find a reasonable solution to their situation. For those seeking a Stylish update to their eyewear, Voogueme is a great place to start.

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The Good

  • Stylish Frames
  • Variety of Lenses
  • Pricing
  • Try On View
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Discount Pricing
  • Shipping and Returns
  • Affiliate Program

Stylish Frames

Voogueme works to provide stylish eyewear options for men, women, and children. With a number of different styles available online, there is something for everyone. As you look through the website, you can filter glasses so that you can see full rim, rimless, and/or semi-rimless frames. Filtering is also available by pricing, sizing, color, shape, material, and lens type.

The following frame shapes are currently sold online:

  • Aviator
  • Browline
  • Cat eye
  • Geometric
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Round

If you are looking for a specific material, you can find frames made from the following materials:

  • Acetate
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Titanium
  • TR90
  • Wood

Variety of Lenses

People wear glasses for many different reasons. Some wear them simply for the aesthetic appeal, others because they can't see things far away or up close. There are also a large number of people who wear reading glasses to reduce eye strain. Voogueme wants to provide solutions for all of these people and is able to do so by offering a number of different lens material, thickness, and functionality options. The following lenses are currently available for purchase online:

  • Single vision — These lenses help those who cannot see things that are either close up or far away.
  • Progressive (No-line multi-focal) — For individuals who need help seeing up close, far away, and in between, progressive lenses are the way to go. Voogueme ensures that lines are not visible on the lenses so they are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.
  • Reading glasses — To reduce eye strain, Voogueme sells reading glasses that isolate and magnify words while you are reading.
  • Non-prescription — For those who simply want to wear glasses for the look of it, these non-prescription lenses can be put in whatever frames that you would like.


We have found that Voogueme's pricing is some of the lowest pricing in the online eyeglasses industry. It is important to note that though the frames cost anywhere from $6.95–$50, that is not the final price. Additional costs are added to this price for the lenses and any additional coatings you add to your frames to reduce glares as well as protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, etc. Pricing for additional add-ons is as follows:

  • Standard Reading Lenses — $14.29
  • UV Blue Blockers Coatings — $29.03–$126.71
  • Photochromic Lenses — $64.34–$161.36
  • Polarized Sunglass Tinting — $61.59–$78.09
  • Standard Anti-Reflective Coating — $4.95
  • Super Hydrophobic Anti-Reflective Coating — $8.95
  • Oleophobic Anti-Reflective Coating — $9.95

The overall cost of many of Voogueme's prescription eyewear is lower than a number of its competitors.

Try On View

One of the biggest challenges that you come across when looking for a stylish pair of glasses from an online store is knowing what they will look like when you put them on. To get a better idea of how they will look on your face, Voogueme has launched the try on view. This feature uses the camera in your computer or phone and allows you to see what the pair of glasses looks like on your own face.

Customer Service

One of the keys to Voogueme's success is its excellent customer service. Though a few Voogueme complaints have mentioned poor interactions with customer service, the majority have come back later and said that representatives were able to help them and that they planned to continue purchasing Voogueme eyewear.

Most Voogueme reviews have been responded to by customer service representatives online, showing the company’s dedication to serving customers from start to finish.

Sales and Discount Pricing

Voogueme does a good job providing customers with sales and discounts. During the time that this profile was written, a number of frames on the site were being sold for between 10 percent to 41 percent off. Also, an additional $4 off for those who were willing to register to receive promotional emails from Voogueme.

Shipping and Returns

Similar to some of its competitors, Voogueme provides free shipping for its orders. This is a perk that can greatly decrease the final price of your glasses as many companies have them shipped from distant countries.

Though not all items can be returned and fully refunded, a number of them can. The following circumstances allow for eyeglass frames and lenses to be returned, replaced, or refunded:

  • Wrong glasses — If for some reason you are sent the wrong pair of glasses (a pair that differs from what you have on your original order form), Voogueme will send you the correct pair of glasses and allow you to keep the other pair that was accidentally mailed to you. They may even provide a partial refund as well.
  • Lost glasses — Replacement glasses are sent when the customer can provide clear proof of loss during the shipping process, or if a delivery time was provided, but no logistical information was provided to back it up.
  • Transport damage — If you receive your glasses and they have been damaged during shipping, they can either be replaced for free, or a partial refund can be issued.
  • Damaged within 30 days — If the eyeglasses are damaged within 30 days, not due to basic use and/or wear and tear, a customer will receive a new pair for free.

It is important to remember that all claims must be made within 30 days of receiving the product.

Affiliate Program

For those who are interested in becoming involved in the online eyeglasses industry, the Voogueme affiliate program is a great place to start. As you begin to put links to the product pages on your channels, you will be paid a commission for each product sold that ties back to your links. More information is available on Voogueme's website.


The Bad

  • Slow Shipping
  • Failed Deliveries
  • Quality of Frames
  • Returns and Refunds

Slow Shipping

One of the most common complaints in recent Voogueme ratings has been delayed shipping. Though Voogueme offers free worldwide shipping on all of its orders, it cannot control issues that the shipping companies used to deliver the products might encounter. It commits to getting its products to customers within 10–15 business days. Some customers have reported that products have taken up to and sometimes longer than one month to finally arrive at their destination.

Failed Deliveries

Unfortunately, some Voogueme reviews have stated that orders have never been delivered. After over a month of waiting, customers were offered discounts on new pairs of glasses or partial refunds (not including the freight and lens costs). This has turned some customers away from purchasing online from Voogueme.

Quality of Frames

Though Voogueme claims to have its own factory where its products are designed and manufactured, not all of the products have been the best quality. Some customers have complained of frames breaking within just a couple of months or of lenses being too loose within the frame. Others have complained that the frames are made from cheap pliable plastic that does not maintain its shape and structural integrity. If you are worried about this issue, you may consider comparing Voogueme products with other online retailers.

Returns and Refunds

A number of Voogueme reviews have brought up frustration with the return and refund policies. Partial refunds and/or coupons are offered for the following reasons:

  • Visual differences — If the glasses do no meet your expectations due to different light conditions, you can contact customer service within 30 days of the purchase and either purchase a new pair of glasses with a "Special Coupon," or you can apply for a refund. The amount provided in the "special coupon" is not listed online and if you apply for a refund, it will not cover the shipping and lens fees.
  • Prescription issue — If by chance the glasses that you receive do not have a clear image, you can check with customer service to ensure that the prescription was entered correctly. If you entered the prescription incorrectly, no refund will be offered. If the mistake was made by the Voogueme team, you will be offered either a coupon to purchase a new pair, or a partial refund (excluding shipping and lens fees).
  • Size — The frames sold online have a deviation of about 1–2 millimeters in frame parameters due to a difference in measurement techniques and angles. If the frames do not fit, the customer service team will help you find a solution to either receive a partial refund, an exchange, or a discount code for a new pair of glasses.

The few options provided by Voogueme for full refunds are included in the Shipping and Returns section listed here.


The Bottom Line

After extensive research, we feel the Voogueme is a good eyewear provider for most people who are looking to add a new pair of stylish glasses to their wardrobe. The pricing is average among other online retailers as is its selection of fashionable frames and durable lenses. If you are unsure what these frames will look like when you try them on, take a look at the try on view. Though there is no guarantee that your glasses will arrive within the specified time frame, the majority of customers have been pleased with Voogueme products.

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