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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2021

Eyeglasses.com is a high-quality, high-service provider of eyewear. The company boasts using the world's largest and best lens laboratory to make all of its products and only using the finest quality materials.

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The Good

  • Large Selection of Glasses
  • Pricing
  • Replacement Frames and Lenses Service
  • Free Shipping
  • 30-Day Return Policy

Large Selection of Glasses

Eyeglasses.com has an impressive catalog of eyeglasses and sunglasses (there are over 200,000 styles for customers to choose from). However, if this number seems a bit daunting, you can narrow down your selection by using Eyeglasses.com search filters. You can filter your results by selecting a specific shape, rim, material, color, brand, price, category, eye size, and more. 


Eyeglasses.com’s prices are about 50 percent lower than what you’ll find at the average optical store. 

Replacement Frames and Lenses Service

Eyeglasses.com knows that it can be frustrating when you have to replace an entire pair of glasses just because of a broken, cracked, or scratched lens. But if you already have a frame that you're happy with, then we suggest looking into Eyeglasses.com's replacement lens service. This service allows you to keep your old frames and simply swap out the lenses. All you have to do is send your prescription in for the replacement lenses and your current frames. Once Eyeglasses.com has received your replacement lenses, they will install them into your frames and mail the glasses back to you. 

However, if you accidentally broke your frames, Eyeglasses.com has a frame replacement service as well. All you need to do is use the company's eyeglass service to find a new frame that will fit your current lenses. Once you've chosen your new frame — Eyeglasses.com has over 200,000 glasses to choose from, so you'll likely find something that works — send in your lenses to Eyeglasses.com to have them installed. Once that's done, your glasses will be mailed back to you. 

Free Shipping

Eyeglasses.com offers free shipping to the United States and Canada if your order is over $55. The free shipping is for the standard delivery only and excludes orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and other U.S. territories. 

Eyeglasses.com also ships to 222 countries with DHL Express and Landmark Standard. 

Generally, the company offers free shipping to China, Canada and Australia, and most European countries for orders over $100. However, due to Covid19, Eyeglasses.com is only shipping via DHL. 

30-Day Return Policy

If you are unhappy with your frames, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund. 

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The Bad

  • Does Not Accept Insurance
  • Return Conditions

Does Not Accept Insurance

Eyeglasses.com's "About Us" page states that the company does not accept insurance. 

Return Conditions

While eyeglasses.com does have a 30-day refund policy, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are exchanging a frame, Eyeglasses.com does charge a shipping and processing fee of $15. 
  • There is a restocking fee if you return four or more items (the fee is 20 percent).
  • There is also a restocking fee if the frame was price-matched (then the fee is also 20 percent). 
  • Eyeglasses.com does not pay for return postage.
  • Returns must be postmarked within 30 days from the day it was shipped to you.
  • All merchandise must be in its original saleable condition.

The Bottom Line

We are impressed with Eyeglasses.com and its vast selection of eyewear. The company has over 200,000 styles and features top designer brands like Vera Wang, Tiffany, Coach, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, and more. The company also offers a large selection of specialty lenses such as trifocals, polarized, etc. Also, if you can't decide between several pairs of glasses, you can return up to three pairs of glasses for free. Just be aware of Eyeglasses.com's return conditions, so you don't get stuck paying a fee that you weren’t expecting. 

Eyeglasses.com also has a lens and frame replacement service that is great for those who dented, scratched, snapped, or cracked their lens or frame (but don't want to spend the money replacing the whole thing). 

Overall, we think that Eyeglasses.com is an excellent place to find a pair of high-quality glasses.

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Naya Tallahassee, FL

Eyeglasses.com is a great website to buy eyewear from with tons of styles to choose from. If you are not looking for a prescription lens, that's okay because there are also designer eyewear available. I think the only downside would be that some of the glasses are a bit pricey which is something you would be prepared for depending on the number of eyeglasses you will be getting.

3 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Hannah Barth Tallahassee, FL

Eyeglasses.com offers quality glasses. My glasses are so cute and were delivered in a timely manner.

2 years ago