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LAST UPDATED: December 30th, 2019

Cheap Glasses 123 has over 20 years of experience in the eyewear industry and provides commercial grade products and services to consumers. Cheap Glasses 123 prides itself in offering the widest selection of eyeglasses on the internet. With thousands of frames to choose from, there is something for everyone.

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The Good

  • Three-Step Process
  • Types of Glasses
  • Variety of Frames

Three-Step Process

As you prepare to order glasses online, it is nice to know exactly how that process will work. Cheap Glasses 123 has set up a three-step system to streamline the process:

  • Select a frame — You will be able to choose from thousands of frames to find the perfect pair for you.
  • Select your lenses — Cheap Glasses 123 offers single vision, bifocal, progreessive, reading, and non-rx lenses. If you select a prescription-type lens, you will need to enter your prescription at this point.
  • Customize your lenses — This step allows you to select clear, polarized, tinted, or transition lenses. Once you have selected your lens type, you can add anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings for an additional cost.

Types of Glasses

One of the perks of using Cheap Glasses 123 as your eyewear provider is the multiple types of eyewear that it offers. The following types of glasses are available online:

  • Prescription eyeglasses — Glasses made just for you and your eyes to make sure that you can see well.
  • Prescription sunglasses — Sunglasses made with your prescription to ensure that you are able to see when wearing your sunglasses.
  • Night driving glasses — If you have struggled to see while driving at night or feel that your glasses have been too reflective, these lenses will be great for you.

Variety of Frames

Finding frames that you like is not always easy when you are looking online. One of the advantages of Cheap Glasses 123 is the large selection of frames that are available at any given time. You can look through thousands of options to find the frames that you like best.


The Bad

  • Website
  • Shipping Delays
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Damaged Glasses
  • Customer Service
  • Low Quality Frames


If you are looking for eyeglasses online, you should be able to find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. Cheap Glasses 123’s website is not very well presented. It appears to be several years old and is organized in a bulky and complicated way.

Shipping Delays

Recent customer reviews address the issue of shipping. A number of individuals said that they waited for more than five weeks to receive their glasses. According to the Cheap Glasses 123 website, shipping should take no longer than 10–14 business days.

Some of the customers who waited a long time reached out to customer service and found out that their glasses had not yet been shipped and that they were still in the “testing” phase. Despite being promised that they would be rushed, the glasses still did not show up quickly. If you need your glasses to come quickly and be on-time, you may need to look elsewhere.

Money-Back Guarantee

Customer complaints talk about challenges being able to get money back when glasses are made incorrectly. Those who have struggled with this have mentioned that they were unable to be refunded because Cheap Glasses 123 blamed them for sending incorrect information when they submitted their prescription. In some cases, the information was submitted correctly, and the lenses sent simply did not function for the users. In these situations, there were still problems for customers to receive refunds. Make sure that you check all of the little details before sending in your order and keep in touch with customer service to ensure that someone is there to help you if anything goes wrong.

Damaged Glasses

Another area in which customers have expressed frustration is damaged goods. Some glasses that arrive have been damaged in the shipping process. If this is the case, you can reach out to customer service to see if they will send you a new pair. One customer worked through this process and by the time that they had sent their glasses back to be assessed, Cheap Glasses 123 said that they no longer carried that particular frame and that they would not replace it.

If there is anything wrong with your frames, you will need to act immediately to ensure that you get a repair, new pair, or refund.

Customer Service

Some customers have complained about experiences that they have had with customer service representatives. Common complaints have included the following:

  • Don’t provide sufficient information
  • Take a long time to get back to you
  • Wait long enough to deny return or refund to answer your request
  • Can’t answer basic questions about the products or guarantees

Low Quality Frames

When you are purchasing a pair of glasses that you plan to use regularly, you want to make sure that they are high quality so that they will last. Unfortunately, Cheap Glasses 123 reviews mention that some of the frames that are sold are very cheap (not only in a financial sense, but in a very literal sense). If you are looking for high-quality frames that will last for a long time, you will want to look at some other online eyewear providers.


The Bottom Line

Cheap Glasses 123 provides consumers with a large number of eyewear to choose from, but that comes at a cost. With many customer reviews being negative, you will want to make sure to look at other companies as well to ensure that you are not only getting a good deal, but that you are getting a high-quality product. We recommend looking to other more trusted brands before Cheap Glasses 123 so that you will not end up adding to the list of negative reviews without being educated first.

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