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LAST UPDATED: April 28th, 2021

Baxter Blue, originally founded in Sydney, Australia, is now a global eyewear company dedicated to sustainability, science, and style. Although the company prides itself on designing products made for the digital age, Baxter Blue devotes the time to make its designs, packaging, and shipping as sustainable as possible.

Currently, Baxter Blue sells blue light blocking glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses with options for both adults and kids.


The Good

  • Lens Technology
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • "Pair for a Pair" Pledge
  • Free Shipping 
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • 90-Day Return Window
  • Pay with FSA or HSA 
  • Baxter Blue Reviews

Lens Technology

Baxter Blue offers an expansive collection of tilted eyewear with its Blue+™ technology. This collection features blue-light glasses specifically designed to alleviate digital eye strain, eliminate glare, and enhance all digital viewing. 

Unlike other eyewear companies that simply place a blue light surface layer (or coating), Baxter Blue's Blue+™ glasses have the blue light pigments embedded in the lens. In fact, Baxter Blue claims that this Blue+™ technology filters out as much as 80 percent of the highest energy wavelengths known to cause eye-strain. 

In addition to filtering blue light, Baxter Blue’s glasses are all UV protected and minimize glare. These glasses can be worn anywhere and will always protect your eyes. The company even coats its glasses with with a Super Hydrophobic coating that prevents smudges, resulting in clearer and crisper vision.

Additionally, the company designed lenses that are made to be worn when the sun goes down. The amber Blue+™ Sleep lenses were developed to filter out the 450-500nm blue-light wavelengths (these wavelengths are directly linked to melatonin release).   

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Baxter Blue has designed its packaging to be recyclable, compostable, and dissolvable. When you purchase a pair of glasses from Baxter Blue, you can feel confident that you’re not only helping protect your eyes, but you’re protecting the environment as well. This is a unique offering of Baxter Blue and not one often seen in the online eyeglasses industry.

"Pair for a Pair" Pledge

Another unique feature of Baxter Blue is its "Pair for a Pair" pledge. Baxter Blue pledges to donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased on its site. Having reading glasses allows people to work, read, and learn in a way they couldn’t without glasses. The company partners with Restoring Vision, a charitable organization that has donated over 17 million pairs of reading glasses to people in need all over the world. 

Free Shipping

Baxter Blue offers free shipping to residents of the United States and Australia. 

United States residents can expect their products to be sent via the United States Postal Service. Items typically arrive within three to seven days after being dispatched. 

Australian orders are sent via Australia Post and items can be expected to arrive within the standard Australia Post delivery times. 

12-Month Warranty

Baxter Blue takes pride in its strict QC process and stands behind it with a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defects. The warranty includes any manufacturing defects in workmanship, materials, and coatings. However the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper cleaning, scratched/dislodged lenses, or exposure to excessive heat.

90-Day Return Window

Customers who are unhappy with the Baxter Blue glasses have 90 days (from the date of purchase) to return their item(s). If you end up not liking your pair of Baxter’s, you can return your glasses free of charge. This trial period is very generous and risk free with a guaranteed free return.

Pay with FSA or HSA 

Baxter Blue's glasses are registered with the FDA and most providers will let you use your FSA or HSA to purchase Baxter Blue products. However, this is not guaranteed, so consumers are encouraged to check with their provider before purchasing. 

Baxter Blue Reviews

Baxter Blue has more than 3,000 reviews on its website and many of them are five-star reviews. That being said, the company also has some reviews that are more critical of its products available to view on the site, which means the company isn’t sugar-coating its reputation. Reviewers often highlight less eye-strain and headaches as well as overall comfort and style of the glasses.


The Bad

  • No Prescription Lenses
  • International Shipping Costs

No Prescription Lenses

Currently, Baxter Blue does not offer prescription lenses.  The company does, however, offer reading glasses with minor vision correction.

International Shipping Costs

Unfortunately, Baxter Blue doesn't offer free shipping everywhere. Your country of residence will determine your shipping costs. For example, those living in the UK, Canada, and Ireland can expect to pay $5.95 for standard shipping, while the rest of Europe can expect to pay $7.95 for standard delivery.


The Bottom Line

Baxter Blue is a great option for anyone who spends most of their day looking at a screen. The company's Blue+ technology is incredible as it filters out as much as 80 percent of energy wavelengths causing digital eye strain and the company’s Sleep glasses filter out all harmful blue light, helping improve sleep. So if you are getting headaches or feeling eye strain at the end of the day, this could be an affordable solution.

In addition, Baxter Blue will donate a pair or reading glasses to someone in need for each purchase on its site. The eyeglasses will also arrive in environmentally friendly packaging, meaning customers can help themselves and help their community at the same time.

However, Baxter Blue is not for everyone. The company currently does not offer prescription glasses, so it's not a good choice if you need glasses to improve vision. But if you have 20/20 vision, wear contacts, or simply need a pair of reading glasses, Baxter Blue is a fantastic choice.

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Baxter Blue

Baxter Blues expansive collection of Blue+™ blue-light glasses brings relief to your eyes by alleviating digital eye strain and eliminating glare, enhancing your digital viewing as well as the health and well-being of your greatest assets — your eyes, your mind, and your body.

For every pair of Baxter's purchased, the company provides a pair of reading glasses to a person in need.

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