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LAST UPDATED: May 14th, 2021

Legacy Food Storage, also referred to as Legacy, focuses on providing value for emergency preparedness survival food based on cost per pound of food, average calories per serving, and total cost with shipping. The company has a price-match guarantee, 25-year shelf life standard for long-term survival foods, and does not charge shipping for orders delivered to the contiguous United States. 

None of Legacy’s products are made with artificial flavors, GMA, MSG, or AYE (autolyzed yeast extract). 

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The Good

  • Gluten-Free Entrees 
  • Inventory Variety 
  • Shipping  
  • Promotions

Gluten-Free Entrees

Legacy offers a gluten free freeze-dried meals sample pack that includes: 

  • Classic chili
  • Creamy potato soup
  • Cheese and broccoli bake
  • Enchilada, beans, and rice 

You can start with sample pack to see what you think before ordering a 16-serving, 32-serving, or 60-serving bucket. You can also buy a 360-serving bucket which feeds one person eating two meals a day for six months. Freeze-dried beef dices and freeze-dried chicken dices are also gluten-free. All of Legacy's freeze-dried foods simply require adding boiling water. 

Inventory Variety

Legacy Food Storage sells freeze-dried food storage packed in meal package buckets, travel-focused grab-and-go buckets, sample packs, survival kits, as well as bulk products. Bulk items include powdered eggs, honey powder, pancake mix, diced onions, powdered milk, and mashed potatoes. 

Other food storage products include: 

  • Food storage meals including pasta primavera and stroganoff 
  • Breakfast
  • Meats
  • Side dishes
  • Drinks

In an emergency situation, pets need food, too! For the pet lovers out there, Legacy also sells long-term, 30-pound food bucket products with dog or cat food with a 10-year shelf life. Pet food has all the necessary requirements such as grains, veggies and fruits, vitamins and minerals, as well as high-quality protein such as chicken and eggs.

In addition to emergency food, Legacy sells survival seeds, solar generators, gasoline storage, stoves and fuel, bug out kits, auto kits, first aid kits, and solar lights. 


Legacy ships all orders to the contiguous United States free of charge and these orders generally only take 2-5 business days to ship. 


The company will include a free gift with purchases over a certain dollar amount. Free gifts include a family survival kit, serving sampler kit, and stove and fuel set. All purchases include a free subscription to Alerts USA. 

Legacy Premium is the company's line of extra-large bulk packages for individual orders. You can save up to $1,000 when purchasing Legacy's largest amount of freeze-dried food with over 4,000 servings, enough to feed one person three meals a day for four years. 

Legacy offers group discounts for colleges, multi-family purchases, nursing homes, church groups, fundraisers, government and municipalities, businesses, and non-profit associations. The more food you buy, the larger the discount. You ship the order to one location and then distribute the separate orders to the various parties. You do need to inquire for more information regarding discount amounts and eligibility. 


The Bad

  • Return Limitations 

Return Limitations 

Legacy Food Storage allows for unopened packages to be returned within 30 days of delivery. However, the company charges a 5% restocking fee for all returned orders. Plus, orders that are refused or undeliverable cost the customer both the delivery and return shipping costs. 


The Bottom Line

This company offers a massive product line from which to buy survival food, inclusive of gluten free products which are all produced in the USA. Legacy Food Storage has unique perks that set it apart from other food storage companies including large group discounts, free shipping, and gluten-free specialty entrees. The corporate website also features a food storage servings matrix to assist customers in determining how much they need. Finally, Legacy will match an online competitor’s price on any exact product offered. 

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Disappointed Elk Grove, CA

To be fair,I just got my order and have not tried anything yet..but was surprised how little was in the package. For example,in my order,among other things,I got a bag of refried beans,for $19.99. ( on sale,even). Says there are 15 servings. I guess I didn't read closely enough,as they consider a "serving" in everything to be 1/4 cup. I don't know anyone except maybe an infant who would be satisfied with a quarter cup as a serving. That's like a sample portion.More like a half cup to 3/4 cup. So the whole package only makes less than 4 cups. That's more than $5 a cup for beans! Plus it only lasts 10-15 years. This food better be absolutely delicious for how little you get,and how much it costs.The plus is they do give you free shipping. Doubt I will order again. Btw..for some reason ,if you check "yes" that you are a paying customer of theirs,you can't leave a review here! So I had to check no. I also couldn't find a place on their website to leave a review. If you notice..they have all glowing reviews that aren't recent. Very frustrating.

3 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

wayne sanders Valley Center, CA

I have made several purchases through legacy. the variety is huge, they literally have everything! I love the grab and go buckets that I got from them. Taste is a huge deal for us when purchasing this type of item because if your family wont eat it, then its just money wasted. we have enjoyed all the things we have gotten from Legacy. there are always a variety of items that are on sale and the best thing is that shipping is free.

4 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

janalee sanders Valley Center, CA

this is one of my top go to sites to purchase food storage and emergency items. they have a huge selection, free shipping, sales on featured products just to name a few of the plus's. I like to use several sites because each offers something unique for my purchasing needs but Legacy is one I use more than the others.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Daniel Dunham Kennewick, WA

False advertising: 1.) Packages leaked between Legacy and my home. How can the ensure they will last 25 years when they didn't make it two weeks? They can't! The variations in Vacuum sealing within the same food products was either Vacuum- tight (as it should be), or it was very very loose and there was plenty of air. Legacy Foods says there is some leftover nitrogen that causes this. I call BS! 2.) Variations in Servings per bag went from 16 servings to 19.Their video explains "Emergency food storage manufacturers shrink their serving sizes to pitiful amounts, in order to increase their profit margins". And " It's common in the food industry". Then makes the claim "Legacy Food Storage doesn't cut serving sizes". YES THEY DO ! Here's the direct quote from a reply in an e-mail I received from Legacy: "Our previous manufacture stated the serving size to be 28 grams making it 16 servings for 1 pound bag". "Now our manufacture states the serving size is to be 24 grams making it 19 servings for a 1 pound bag". They guarantee the food to last for 25 years. 1.) But many state they expire way before then. 2.) Many of my meat packages and other foods were without any Date of Manufacture, Lot Code, or the RHB # (The packaging machine that sealed the food.) so there is absolutely NO WAY to trace when or where it came from. 3.) They changed the method of dating the food from a basic Mo/Day/Year, to what the representative at Legacy said : "is not a normal date like we are used to seeing which is a "Julian Date" which would show the year first then the actual day of the year". 4.) A recent order of Freeze Dried Meats that I ordered on May 15th had a stamp that said: "Date of Manufacture:October 06, 2016". Leagcy's response was to have me: " please send us those and we will replace them with new packages with the correct dates". NO WAY !! I'm contacting an attorney and starting legal proceedings to begin investigating this company and the foods that have been dumped on their customers with the same issues. Legacy stated: "Many of the issues in your email, are in fact known errors that we have discovered. Although, it is usually through our customers with a very keen eye that we learn about these". And: "Once we discover an error, typically a sticker with correct information is placed on the remaining packages and changes are made to the black plate for future printing. Should a package change design, this process starts all over again". I've never received any notification about products that may have any issues that I should be aware of or that Legacy had found problems and a correction "Sticker" needed to be placed on the package. The Attorney General and the Public needs to be notified about these serious problems that likely will affect their long-term, survival food products that have been purchased at least within the past three years (when I first ordered food from Legacy and discovered the problems went back to, AFTER I started checking the date stamps because I saw the FUTURE "Date of Manufacture" Stamps.

7 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Bob Turner, ME

Purchased 150 ft. water well hand pump. The wrong item came 1 month late. (not what was shown online). We had to call numerous times to find order was not shipped or recorded shipped until about a week ago. Box wet and damaged upon arrival...WORST Company ever to deal with. If we could've easily gotten our $350.00 back, we would have!...Gave a one star rating, and that was generous... By the way, in completing the review, if you state you're a paying customer, it doesnt allow you to finish and submit. Interesting..... wonder why that is???

3 years ago