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LAST UPDATED: November 7th, 2023

Augason Farms is one of the longest standing emergency preparedness companies with almost 50 years of experience in the industry. 

The company’s first product was Morning Moo’s Milk, instant milk sold by founder Phil Augason in 1972. Since then, Augason Farms has expanded its inventory to include an array of food storage options including emergency and outdoor food kits which have been sourced and produced by the company. 

Augason Farms has received food safety certifications from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which is public recognition of the fulfillment of its mission statement: "Produce nutritious, long lasting, high quality emergency foods that people want to eat."

Popular products include black bean burger mix, freeze dried beef, honey powder, beans, vegetables such as dehydrated celery, and freeze dried fruits.


The Good

  • Nutritional Standards 
  • Emergency Food Supply 
  • Everyday Food Storage 
  • Survival Gear 
  • Affordability 

Nutritional Standards

Augason Farms sources and produces its freeze-dried meals and dehydrated food with calorie and protein needs in mind, in some cases exceeding the USDA recommendation of 2,000 calories per day. The company claims that its product bags keep food good-tasting and nutritious for up to 30 years. Keep in mind that not all products offered have such a lengthy shelf life, such as its dried egg powder, which stays good up to 10 years. 

Emergency Food Supply

This company is equipped to provide massive amounts of food to individuals as well as to large families. It carries 1-year food supply products in bulk as well as 1-year evacuation kits packaged in plastic buckets with handles. Kits can also be purchased with foods apportioned for these timelines: 

  • 72-Hour Kits 
  • 1-Week Kits
  • 2-Week Kits
  • 30-Day Kits
  • 3-Month Kits
  • 6-Month Kits 

Everyday Food Storage

Augason Farms also sells its products in smaller, pantry-sized quantities that come in handy for everyday cooking in addition to unexpected hardship. All #10 cans include recipes on the can label and more recipes can be accessed from the product page online. The fewer servings sold in pantry cans also allow customers to try out different products to see what they like before making a bulk purchase. 

Food categories include: 

  • Dairy 
  • Bakery 
  • Meats and proteins 
  • Grains and proteins 
  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Gluten free 
  • Drink mixes 
  • Soups 
  • Complete meal kits 
  • Entrees 

Survival Gear

In addition to food, Augason Farms sells survival gear, including water tanks, water barrels, water filters, hand wheat grinders, emergency valve shut-off tools, 50-hour candles, fire starter kits, and even an off-grid power supply, the Humless Go Mini Solar Generator. 


Customers can prepare for emergencies in a money-conscious way by utilizing one or more of these buying helps: 

  1. Check the company’s food clearance section, which features heavily-discounted items. 
  2. Sign up for the company newsletter which includes sales information and promo/discount codes. Codes can be applied at checkout online. 
  3. If you have good credit, you can qualify for a good rate through financing partner companies Bread or PayPal Credit. Each item in the inventory lists the price in full as well as the lowest monthly payment for that item. While financing wouldn’t be financially wise for some customers, it’s convenient that Augason Farms is accomodating to those who need or want help funding their emergency or everyday food supply.

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The Bad

  • Pay For Return Shipping  
  • Continental U.S. Only 

Pay For Return Shipping 

You can return an individual item or a full order for a full refund of the merchandise total (less shipping and handling) within 30 days of delivery. However, the customer is responsible for the return shipping and handling costs. 

Customer-pays-shipping is not an unreasonable policy. But customers would benefit from a completely risk-free shopping experience in case they change their minds between purchase and delivery. 

Note that items that are defective are replaced at no cost to the customer. 

Continental U.S. Only 

Orders are only delivered within the contiguous United States. Augason Farms does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. 


The Bottom Line

The Augason Farms product line can suit the needs of an individual bracing for a short-term power outage, a large family stocking up on long-term food storage and freeze-dried meals to be used in normal circumstances, and anyone who wants to be prepared for an evacuation. And it actually tastes good! There’s a reason why Augason Farms’ long-shelf life pantry products are featured in popular retail stores like Sam's Club and Walmart alongside everyday groceries.  

Best of all, consumer reviews report that customer service is prompt and helpful. That’s a good sign that you're investing in a company deserving of your trust. 

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Augason Farms has a great selection. All seem like good quality merchandise. Customer service is vert kind and considerate.

5 years ago


Verified Customer


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gunslinger New Castle, IN

good product; good prices; packaging should be more robust to prevent damage

5 years ago


Verified Customer


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I chose Augason Farms over other emergency prep food for the price.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Wendy Glade American Fork, UT

I have tried many Augason Farms products. Our favorite was the raspberry muffins but we can't find them anymore. They are tasty and quick to make.

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

Rakim Carpenter Tulsa, OK

Great for emergencies homestead off grid living

1 year ago