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Augason Farms is one of the longest standing emergency preparedness companies with 43 years of experience under their belt. They are one of the leading food preparedness providers offering consumers an array of food storage options, with emergency and outdoor food kits which have been produced and manufactured by the company. 

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The Good

  • Products
  • Disaster relief
  • Website
  • Survival library

This company has many attributes that consumers will be delighted with. Focused on emergency survival, they offer a massive selection of products to choose from ranging from kits and packs, to emergency foods and preparedness supplies, and an array of food and drink products. We like their individual purchase options such as rice, vegetables, milk, eggs, etc. By allowing consumers to purchase what they like on an individual level, they stand a better chance at keeping their customer base. They state they have recognized not all families consist of five or more and have implemented smaller "everyday size cans" into their product line for single individuals, couples and smaller family sizes. These products have up to a 30 year shelf life, beating some of their leading competitors, with most having a 25 year shelf life. Although it is important to keep in mind that not all products offered have such a lengthy shelf life.

One aspect setting this company apart is their dedication to helping disaster victims in their times of need. They have hosted various donation programs where if customers purchase over a certain dollar amount, that purchase will render a donated food item to those in need. The purchase amount on many of their donation programs is as little as $50, which is not much when it comes to the price of emergency food preparedness. This may be a favorable aspect to those humanitarians out there.

This is also one of the highest quality websites, providing ample company and product information, with an easy to navigate interface. On their home page consumers will find a "Deal of the Day" product which can be significantly discounted from its original price, helping customers save money under financial stress. They also offer up to 40% off of their discontinued items, including gluten free products.

This company has one of the most extensive survival libraries we have seen thus far with many informational topics such as preparedness for power outages, must have items for 72 hour kits, cold weather tips, and even history lessons concerning the topic.

The Bad

  • Gear
  • Food storage calculator
  • Shelf life

While we enjoy their long list of individual food products, we would like to see more individual options for outdoor and survival gear. They offer such items as backpacks full of supplies and various pails and buckets, but not so much as far as individual provisions, such as blankets, matches, ropes, knives, stoves, etc. which are useful during times of natural disasters and survival.

Another thing we saw in other consumers reviews were statements concerning food storage calculators. This would have been one aspect that really set the company apart. Unfortunately, after scouring the website, we were unable to locate the calculators consumers have spoken of.

Finally, consumer reviews have expressed disappointment in food storage shelf life stating that only certain foods lasted up to 20 or 30 years, and not each product they purchased. Statements of feeling scammed have been made.

The Bottom Line

With mixed reviews scattered around the web, some consumers may be turned off by this company. However, if consumers are strictly seeking to purchase food items this company has one of the largest varieties to choose from that may suit anyone's food storage and emergency food needs. They provide individual emergency kits for pets, too!

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Aubrey Rentschler

May 29th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

They have good products and I like that they offer gluten-free options. Their powered milk actually tastes pretty good as well.