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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

EmailBrain is a web based email marketing service that emphasizes development and optimization of marketing campaigns. Their tools allow you to design email campaigns, deliver them successfully, and then analyze the behavior of your subscribers when they receive your campaigns.

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The Good

  • Email creator editor
  • Customizable subscription form builder
  • Tools to increase visibility
  • Tracking and reporting functions
  • Helpful features
  • Pricing
EmailBrain describes their email creator editor as a "real powerhouse for Email Marketing professionals." Drag and drop content blocks and responsive templates you can create email campaigns that can be viewed on mobile phones, tablet devices, and computers. EmailBrain also has a one-click image insertion feature to insert images into your template, preview the images, and even embed the images in your sends. If you don't want to use their templates and have some experience in design, you can create your newsletter in Dreamweaver or Frontpage and then upload it to EmailBrain. And if you don't have any design skills but still want to create your own newsletter, you can simply upload from a Word document. Using "Subscribe now" and "Forward-to-a-Friend" links in the footers or body of your email newsletter and integrating your campaigns with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, EmailBrain allows you to grow your mailing list and get your campaigns in front of more eyes. EmailBrain's customizable subscription form builder lets you decide what information you need on the form and allows you to add validation and required fields. Finally, using SMS messaging, you can reach even more customers directly via text. A/B split testing, double opt-in feature (when a subscriber must click an email to confirm a subscription) and spam compliance works to get your emails not just sent, but actually seen. EmailBrain boasts "some of the most advanced tracking & reporting functions in the industry." They back this up with email report graphs for every newsletter you send. You can see an overview of your campaign as well as details on individual recipients and how they responded to the email. See who opened your emails, who clicked links, and how many people unsubscribed. Finally, to keep you less busy, EmailBrain offers some features that do the work for you. You can sync contacts from Outlook (and vice-versa) and set it to automatically keep syncing. Autoresponders can be either recurring or triggered by events or actions performed by the subscriber. Triggers can react to a lot of different actions such as when a user opens an email, when they click a certain link, when they subscribe or when they unsubscribe. EmailBrain's monthly subscription starts at just $9.99, which very low compared with competitors. They also offer a number of different payment options including substantial discounts for paying bi-yearly (10% discount) or yearly (25% discount). Reviews confirm that everything from the builder to the reports to the pricing, even, is straightforward and simple to understand and use.

The Bad

  • Payment options
  • No survey-building tool
  • Customer support availability
EmailBrain doesn't offer payment plans by subscriber, only by how many emails you send. For some, this might save money, but for those who send a substantial amount of emails in a month, they may benefit more from an unlimited send plan based on subscribers. EmailBrain doesn't offer a survey-building tool, nor do they allow you to utilize a third-party survey builder. They do have a way to request certain information when your subscribers sign up, but it's a long way from being able to send out surveys and garner information from your customers. Although EmailBrain has a lot of great resources online, including FAQ page, articles, a blog, and webinars, there is no way to contact them over the weekend, only during week days. This could create a problem if an issue arises on a Saturday or Sunday.

The Bottom Line

EmailBrain offers a lot of advanced features while still being on the less expensive end compared with competitors. However, because users can only pay according to emails sent and not based on subscribers, this has the potential to be expensive for those who send a large number of emails per month. An unlimited send plan would be a better option for some users. Reviewers do confirm what EmailBrain themselves claim. The templates are easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to preview before sending. EmailBrain's relationships with ISPs and their spam filters work to ensure that the email you spend time creating actually gets sent. The visual reporting converts confusing numbers and data into easy to understand charts and graphs so that you can better understand your subscribers and improve your future campaigns, as does the ability to run A/B testing. EmailBrain also provides a lot of resources including email, chat, and phone support (although only during business hours). They also have a detailed FAQ page, articles, manuals, and free webinars to help you in your marketing. They really try to make their interface usable for the experienced marketer, as well as the inexperienced.
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