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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

For over two decades, Linc Electric has helped homeowners, commercial property owners, and contractors with electrical-related work in the greater Philadelphia area. All electricians on the Linc Electric team are locally licensed electricians. Linc Electric is family owned and operated and is licensed (#PA01674). 

Regardless of when an electrical emergency strikes, Linc Electric is available to help. With 24/67 on call service, help is never too far away for clients in need. 

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The Good

  • Wide Range of Services 
  • Robust Guarantees
  • Service Discounts
  • Same-Day Service and Scheduling

Wide Range of Services

An electrical company is only as good as its electricians and the services those electricians can provide. All Linc Electric professionals are trained and licensed to follow a wide range of electrical projects. Electrical services include the following:

  • Emergency services
  • Power outages
  • Attic and ceiling fans
  • Troubleshooting issues (e.g., burning smells, flickering lights)
  • Wiring pools and hot tubs
  • Installing circuit breakers and panels
  • Code violations
  • 100 and 200 amp service
  • Range, AC, and dryer outlets
  • Generators

Linc Electric provides a comprehensive electrical service that rivals almost any provider within the industry. 

Robust Guarantees

Linc Electric provides a number of guarantees to clients prior to conducting any work.

  • Service guarantee — Linc Electric will always be on time and operate within the disclosed budget. 
  • Satisfaction guarantee — Linc Electric also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, promising the highest quality service and workmanship on every project. If the work is not done up to the standards of the client, service will be free of charge.
  • No hidden fees or costs — Linc Electric promises no hidden fees or costs for work that is done. Before a Linc Electric professional even enters the home, clients will receive a ballpark price for the job. Any projects that end up requiring additional work will be cleared by the client before being handled.

While some electrical companies will offer a service guarantee, not many providers offer guarantees in all of these areas. 

Service Discounts

Electrical work can add up, even if the work being done is relatively routine in nature. To combat steep electrical prices, Linc Electric regularly offers service discounts available to new and recurring customers. Depending on what service a client is looking for, service discounts range anywhere from $25 to $1,000 off the total price. While many electrical companies will offer promotional discounts, it is not common for well established operations like Linc Electric to provide service discounts. 

Same-Day Service and Scheduling

Electricity emergencies can start any time. Whether the smell of something burning or flickering lights causes concern, clients can rest assured that Linc Electric can help at any point. Linc Electric provides 24/7 emergency same-day service to clients.

While many electrical companies offer this kind of service, clients are typically charged a substantial amount for a weekend or night service. These fees can cost more than the work that is done. Linc Electric has waived these fees and does not charge extra for emergency work even if the work takes place at night or on the weekend. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Electrician Levels
  • Limited Service Area

Unknown Electrician Levels

Electricians can reach a number of levels throughout their career. Whether the electrician is starting out as an apprentice, has moved on to become a journeyman, or has reached the Master status reflects each individual’s experience and education within the field. Generally, an electric company will have a wide range of electrician levels and experience to draw from. However, Linc Electric has not publicly disclosed specific or detailed information on the actual electricians themselves. 

Limited Service Area

Electrician operations are typically geographically focused, meaning each company services a very specific area. While some electricians have found ways to grow and expand services to help customers on a wider geographical scale, it is not common. Linc Electric follows the norm and has a limited service area. Currently, Linc Electric services the greater Philadelphia area, helping clients in the following counties:

  • Philadelphia County
  • Bucks County
  • Montgomery County
  • Delaware County
  • Chester County

The Bottom Line

Linc Electric provides a full range of electrical services backed by service and client satisfaction guarantees. That means clients can expect for the job to get done the way they want it done. In addition to providing clients with upfront pricing quotes prior to work getting done, the company also offers a number of service discounts to clients for various work. Linc Electric provides same-day service and scheduling without extra charge.

There are some concerns prospective clients should be aware of before contacting Linc Electric for help. It is unclear what level of mastery Linc Electric professionals have reached. Additionally, Linc Electric only services the greater Philadelphia area, limiting who and where Linc electricians can service.

Despite its limitations, Linc Electric provides a high level service that most home and commercial property owners would benefit from. The satisfaction guarantee allows for work to be done the right way without additional charge.                                                              

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