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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2021

SmileDirectClub is a teledentistry company that was founded in 2014 and is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Its main focus as a company is on its affordable telehealth orthodontia service. Customers receive orthodontic treatment in the form of 3D-printed clear aligners via its telehealth platform at a more affordable rate than traditional braces or other clear alignment companies. 

While SmileDirectClub is primarily an orthodontia service, it also has a line of oral care products including one electric toothbrush model plus an additional club edition of the same toothbrush. The company's electric toothbrush is an affordable, lightweight, battery-powered version.

The electric toothbrush features quiet, sonic vibrations and a unique three-bristle blend of bristles. The company claims that its brush cleans teeth 50 percent better than a manual toothbrush; however, we could not determine the research behind this claim. While the toothbrush is fairly basic, it does include the standard 30-second quadrant timer to guide users’ brushing. 

SmileDirectClub has several impressive partnerships and endorsements. For example, NBA player Draymond Green personally used its products and was an early investor in the company, investing in 2015. The company has also collaborated with singer Shawn Mendes. In April 2019, CVS announced that it would add SmileDirectClub locations to hundreds of its stores. In May 2019, HP announced a partnership with SmileDirectClub to produce 3-D printed molds. 

The company has also received press from several impressive outlets, including Refinery 29 and Business Insider.

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Convenient for SmileDirectClub Customers
  • 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3-in-1 Base with Mirror Mount


SmileDirectClub’s toothbrush and its club edition toothbrush are both incredibly affordable and often on sale. This is in line with its mission as a company: it was founded on the belief that affordable and convenient premium oral care should be accessible to everyone.

Convenient for SmileDirectClub Customers

SmileDirectClub has become a one-stop shop for all of its users' oral hygiene needs. If you are already a SmileDirectClub orthodontia customer, then it will be very convenient to purchase your dental care products from the company's storefront as well. SmileDirectClub sells not only electric toothbrushes but also toothpaste, a water flosser, lip balm, a UV cleaning machine, and universal cleaning tablets. 

SmileDirectClub has developed an electric toothbrush specifically for its established base of invisible aligner customers. The Club Edition electric toothbrush plus Aligner Brush Head is a standard toothbrush with the benefit of a patent-pending aligner cleaning brush head. The unique design of the brush head makes cleaning aligners easy as it can fit into the narrow spaces to give a thorough clean. The head fits into the base of the stand for easy storage. 

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

SmileDirectClub has a good refund policy. Products come with a 60-day, money-back guarantee that offers a full or partial refund for your product purchase. Customers can receive a full refund when they return a product in its original packaging, with all parts and accessories. If the product was defective or did not perform as advertised customers may be eligible for a full or partial refund as well. 

3-in-1 Base with Mirror Mount

SmileDirectClub’s electric toothbrushes come with a unique base that has three cool functions: a mirror mount, counter stand, and travel case. This versatile base is a useful feature and helps the toothbrush stand out from the competition. You can lay it flat side down on the counter for a toothbrush stand or place it over the toothbrush head to keep your brush clean while traveling. 

To stick it on your mirror, you just peel off the film from the strips on the bottom of the case and apply to a smooth and dry surface. If the strips get dirty, you can clean them, allow them to dry, and use them again. 


The Bad

  • Not ADA Accepted 
  • Customer Complaints
  • Single Mode

Not ADA Accepted

The American Dental Association gives select electric toothbrushes its Seal of Acceptance. A product earns the ADA Seal of Acceptance by providing scientific evidence that demonstrates safety and efficacy. Not all electric and manual toothbrushes earn the coveted ADA Seal of Acceptance, and the SmileDirectClub toothbrush does not have this distinction. 

Customer Complaints

SmileDirectClub has had some issues in the past with fairly disturbing customer complaints relating to its aligners products. These complaints involve customer service issues like broken product and delivery issues, but they also include treatment issues such as broken teeth, misaligned teeth, nerve damage, and more.

The Better Business Bureau reports over 2,600 complaints involving SmileDirectClub. Another major teledental orthodontia competitor has fewer than 10. SmileDirectClub has now started to address these customer complaints with major policy changes and appears to be responsive. 

These major customer complaints do not typically relate directly to the electric toothbrush.

Single Mode

SmileDirectClub’s electric toothbrushes feature a single brushing mode. In comparison, many of the top, and of course vastly more expensive, electric toothbrushes on the market will feature multiple modes.

Utilizing an electric toothbrush too aggressively can introduce the risk of gum and enamel damage, as well as tooth sensitivity. Many electric toothbrushes will have modes that feature a gentler pulse to mitigate this risk. Having multiple modes increases the likelihood that you will find one that works well for your dental care.

SmileDirectClub markets its single mode feature as making its electric toothbrushes easy to use. 


The Bottom Line

SmileDirectClub has been operating in the oral care space for many years. Although it primarily sells its telehealth orthodontia aligner program, it now has a full line of oral hygiene products including two electric toothbrushes.

Its electric toothbrushes are the same base model, but the upgrade includes a unique brush head specifically made to clean aligners. This additional brush head makes the SmileDirectClub electric toothbrush a great option for users that have orthodontia or aligner trays. 

Overall, SmileDirectClub’s electric toothbrush is a basic, affordable toothbrush with some great unique features like its aligner cleaner brush and 3-in-1 versatile base. The company does have a great return policy, so customers that do not find it to be a great fit should be able to return the toothbrush for a refund. 

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Gabe Burton Riverton, UT

They sent me a free toothbrush when I started their program. I have found that the bristles can be a little stiff and ragged, but if you just don't push as hard it's ok. I do wish the battery life also lasted longer.

2 years ago


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Hannah Barth Tallahassee, FL

SmileDirectClub electric toothbrushes are very affordable and my teeth feel so clean after using it every day!

2 years ago