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LAST UPDATED: October 6th, 2023

Oral-B has been a leader in dental hygiene and oral care for over 60 years. The company started in the 1950s with its first toothbrushes designed with soft, flat-ended nylon bristles by Dr. Robert W. Hutson. Years, and many impressive innovations, later Oral-B has been a part of the Procter & Gamble company since 2006. 

In general, electric toothbrushes clean better than manual toothbrushes. Studies have found that electric toothbrushes can increase plaque reduction. Electric toothbrushes are also very helpful to people with limited dexterity due to age, disability or people with dental appliances. Oral-B has a large line of electric toothbrush options from affordable models in its Pro Series/Vitality to its high-tech iO series.

However, all models feature the company's unique dentist-inspired round brush head with special CrossAction bristle design and 3D Cleaning Action technology that pulsates to break up plaque, then rotates to sweep it away. Oral-B heads are completely round, unlike any other toothbrush, and they move in a spinning motion. Speed varies from model to model, but Oral-B clocks its top tier brushes at 8,800 oscillations per minute.

Like other large dental hygiene companies, Oral-B has an impressive charity mission. In 2020, Crest and Oral-B donated more than $2.5 million in products and care across the United States.

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The Good

  • ADA Accepted
  • Visible Pressure Sensor
  • Free Shipping and 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee 
  • High Tech Features

ADA Accepted

Oral-B is one of the first electric toothbrush brands to be accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA), demonstrating the highest standards of safety and efficacy.  The ADA’s Seal of Acceptance was created in 1931 to help consumers identify safe and effective oral health care products. Select Oral-B toothbrushes have met the rigorous requirements for ADA-acceptance. This is a great indicator of the effectiveness of the company's toothbrushes for customers. 

To achieve this distinction, Oral-B’s toothbrushes had to pass a series of ADA laboratory tests and meet the dental standards of the ADA and American National Standards Institute. It also had to submit studies proving clinical safety and effectiveness. 

Visible Pressure Sensor

Protecting your gums when brushing is very important. Brushing too hard can damage teeth and gums, leading to problems like gum recession and enamel wear which can lead to tooth sensitivity. Several electric toothbrush companies now offer some sort of pressure sensor and pressure monitoring with their toothbrushes. Oral-B’s electric toothbrushes have various pressure sensors. Its lowest line has built-in pressure sensors that automatically stop the pulsations if you brush too hard. Its top of the line electric toothbrush models have built-in pressure sensors that display a red light on the brush when you brush too hard. 

We like that Oral-B’s pressure sensors either provide visible feedback or turn off oscillations to protect your gums and enamel without needing users to have an app open on their phone simultaneously as with some competitors. Having immediate, visual feedback is very valuable.

Free Shipping and 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Like many of its competitors, Oral-B offers its customers free shipping within the contiguous 48 states of the United States of America or the District of Columbia. It also has a generous money-back guarantee. The company's 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee is one of the best in the electric toothbrush industry. Customers that are not satisfied with their Oral-B product can call its customer service phone line and receive a one-time per household refund within 60 days of purchase. 

High-Tech Features

Oral-B has been a leader in oral care and dental hygiene technology for over 60 years. Its electric toothbrushes feature some great dental technology such as smart sensors, interactive color displays, and magnetic quick-charge station.

Its top of the line brushes feature Bluetooth connectivity with its app. The Oral-B app, coupled with its iO and Genius series brushes, uses sophisticated 3D brushing recognition and AI technology to assess brushing behaviors across 16 zones in the mouth. Its brushing recognition technology can monitor brushing across the front, top, and back surfaces of a user's teeth.

We like that even its most affordable toothbrushes include some high-tech features like a pressure sensor. This makes it stand out from its competitors that only include such features on higher-end models.

Oral-B’s technology has been recognized with awards. Its top of the line Oral-B iO brush was a 2020 Red Dot Award winner of its best product design category. This award recognized it for state-of-the-art technology, functionality, and superior performance. It was also a winner in Allure’s prestigious Best of Beauty 2020.


The Bad

  • Potential to Be Loud
  • Expensive

Potential to Be Loud

Reviews of Oral-B’s toothbrushes are overwhelmingly positive; however, some customers complain that its electric toothbrushes can be loud. It is possible that the Oral-B electric toothbrush could be louder than other electric toothbrush designs due to its unique oscillating/pulsating motion rather than sonic vibrations.

Oral-B heads are completely round, which is unique, and they move in a spinning motion. Though the speed varies from model to model, Oral-B says its top tier brush rotates at 8,800 oscillations per minute. 


While Oral-B has a full line of toothbrushes with a large price range its top of the line model, the iO, rings in at top dollar. The iO is packed with technology that took years of development and that is highly impressive within the dental hygiene industry.

The cost of the Oral-B iO toothbrush is in line with the cost of the highest-end toothbrush offered by its top competitor. But, yes, the company's most impressive toothbrushes are also very expensive. And some reviewers question whether the features that command this high price are even needed. 


The Bottom Line

Oral-B has a decades long history of developing electric toothbrushes with the newest technology, often that the company itself launches into the dental hygiene market first. Its oscillating, round toothbrush head is unique in the industry.

We were impressed by the technology that Oral-B has incorporated into its electric toothbrushes, especially the iO toothbrush. It is a company that is clearly dedicated to researching and developing technology to support oral hygiene. 

While its highest end toothbrush model is very expensive, it does have a full range of toothbrushes. It also offers customers free shipping and an excellent money-back guarantee. Overall, we think that any customer will be able to find an Oral-B toothbrush to fit their budget and dental hygiene goals. 

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The Bean Spiller Provo, UT

While the idea of an electric toothbrush sounds nice and convenient, it really isn't. Just stick to a regular toothbrush and brush your teeth. At least for me. I can't say the same for children, elderly, or other people that have difficulty with brushing their teeth. I find Oral-B's toothbrushes rather blocky and it makes them difficult to hold and rather uncomfortable to use.

2 years ago Edited September 14, 2021


Review Source

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Cora Anderson Herriman, UT

The toothbrush itself is very good. It seems to hold good power and will last you a long time. I have had mine for about a year and a half, but I have had to replace the brush a couple of times. It is kinda annoying to replace it, but at least the replacement is pretty cheap.

2 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Gabe Burton Riverton, UT

Battery life isn't long, the head is a little big for my mouth so it's kind of uncomfortable to use. But the price is fair and it really does clean my teeth very well, even my dentist noticed!! haha

2 years ago

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Morgan Tennant Rexburg, ID

Oral-B brushes leave my teeth feeling clean, but still a bit gunky between my teeth. They work well for their cost, though they're not very powerful.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Rocio Diaz Tallahassee, FL

Oral-B's electric toothbrushes are great in functionality, however, they are very expensive, not environmentally friendly, and have a very outdated and bulky design.

2 years ago

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BaiLeY WiLsOn Dickinson, TX

The electric toothbrush is very rough on my teeth and gums. Tips are not to expensive to replace.

2 years ago