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LAST UPDATED: April 28th, 2024

If you're looking for a trusted insurance carrier, you'll appreciate that MassMutual has stood the test of time and has earned high financial strength ratings.

MassMutual was founded in 1851 and has many years of industry experience. High financial strength ratings also indicate that MassMutual will likely be able to meet its future claims obligations.

Purchasing an insurance policy is an investment, and you don't have to worry when you buy one from MassMutual.

MassMutual offers disability insurance to individuals and a range of products for business owners and employers. Since online information is limited, you'll need to work directly with MassMutual to learn more about its disability insurance policies.

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The Good

  • Help Finding Financial Professionals Near You
  • Qualified Sick Pay Plans Available
  • Good Policy Selection for Business Owners

Help Finding Financial Professionals Near You

MassMutual makes it easy to find and connect with financial professionals in your area from its website. Buying insurance can be part of your overall personal financial plan, so working with a finance professional can help you create a plan for the future and maintain financial stability.

Qualified Sick Pay Plans Available

MassMutual stands out as a disability insurance company with its option to fund a Qualified Sick Pay Plan (QSPP). These plans help you create your business's policy before one of your employees experiences a disability. Having a plan in place will relieve pressure when one of your employees becomes unable to perform their job.

Owners with a QSPP can add employees to the plan. QSPPs are especially helpful for family businesses looking to help non-owner family members.

Good Policy Selection for Business Owners

MassMutual offers additional disability products to help employers and business owners. Employers can offer group disability and supplemental disability coverage to employees. This offering is fairly common in the industry.

Employers can also offer employees a disability insurance policy that protects your employees' retirement savings. This group policy offering makes MassMutual stand out from other insurers. While it doesn't benefit your employees' current needs, it allows them to protect their retirement savings.

Business owners can purchase policies that fund a buy-sell agreement, cover business overhead expenses, leases, salaries, and more. These offerings are typical for the industry.


The Bad

  • Limited Online Information for Individual Disability Insurance Coverage
  • Insufficent Customer Reviews

Limited Online Information for Individual Disability Insurance Coverage

MassMutual offers limited information about its disability policies for individuals on its website. While this lack of specific information is not helpful if you're in the research stages, working with a financial professional to learn more about your coverage options and assess your needs can help ensure that you find a disability insurance product that meets your needs.

Insufficient Customer Reviews

MassMutual disability insurance reviews are limited on Since we have not received many customer reviews, generalizations about customer satisfaction are not available.


The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a reputable disability insurer, MassMutual fits the bill. It has earned high financial strength ratings and has stood the test of time.

MassMutual stands out for its assistance with Qualified Sick Pay Plans (QSPPs). It also has a good selection of disability products for employers and business owners.

Since information on its disability insurance policies is limited, we recommend working directly with MassMutual or one of its financial professionals to see if one of its policies is a good fit for you.

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My wife and both have had own-occupation disability policies for our entire careers. At this point we have paid for coverage for a total of 61 years!! My wife became disabled because she was unable to continue in the health care field due to an autoimmune issue that effects her hands- numbness and pain. And continuing to work exacerbates the condition. She was advised to retain a lawyer and was able to get disability payments. Mass Mutual is so difficult to deal with that we have to have everything go through the attorney. However, now, Mass Mutual continues to request further medical information for a condition that is not curable. This requires her to retain the lawyer and continue to make legal payments to the lawyer for his services (in the thousands of dollars every couple months) I know they are just looking for an opening to deny payments and it is costing her a good portion of her disability payment to fight it off. I am about 5 years away from 60 and will cancel my insurance because it would only pay until 65 and would probably require a lawyer should I have issues as well. Insurance companies can really suck

2 months ago

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K.M. P. Charlotte, NC

We have life insurance (term and whole) through this company. At first we were unsure of the type & amount, but after thorough explanation as well as outsides resources provided from the agent, we were able to make an informed decision for our financial future that will assist the survivors of our family for some financial help after our death. That brings a lot of peace that we will be able to help our family after we are gone. Thankfully they have options when it comes to payment, you can do monthly, quarterly & yearly. If you pay yearly you get a slight discount.

2 years ago Edited October 28, 2021

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Andy Ward Evansville, IN

I have been paying premiums for my private policy for more than thirty years. Unfortunately I have become disabled from my profession. Every piece of information supports that conclusion. Every time they say they have everything they need, a week later they have a new request with which I or my PCP comply the same day. Another week goes by and they have some other delaying mechanism. I have been rendered destitute waiting for them to approve the benefits for which I have paid more than half my lifetime to secure. They may be a strong company for their investors but I cannot currently recommend them to an insured.

1 year ago

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Way0 555 Brooklyn, NY

Mass Mutual provided a great disability policy to protect my own occupation till age 65, which was a life saver, but after a few years of paying they terminated with bogus conclusions which contradict my medical experts and forced me to spend a fortune on lawyers to reinstate payments. Be careful, Mass Mutual offers great plans, but if they have to pay you too long, they will terminate in order to protect their bottom line. Nobody with a disability deserves to have their life ruined by their insurer.

1 year ago