Reason #2 to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: Enhance Your In-House Team


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Written by Anne-Marie Hays | Last Updated November 1st, 2019
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You might need to hire a digital marketing agency if your in-house team could use some help, but you aren't ready, willing, or able to take on more in-house marketing employees. Whether the team needs additional skill sets, a productivity boost, or just more resources, this is a viable option.

Bring more skills to the table

Nikki Bisel, owner and founder of Seafoam Media advises, "If you don't have a web or technical team in-house, that may also be an indicator that it's time to bring in an agency. A solid digital marketing plan will require technical SEO and server management, web design, web development, and graphic design skills. If you're lacking in any of those, bringing on an agency will end up saving you a lot of time and headaches."

Likewise, Igor Mitic, co-founder of explains, "It would be great if you could hire an entire marketing team and fill in every specific position with a senior, experienced marketer. However, this is usually not possible, especially for small businesses. Oftentimes, marketers get overloaded and they may lack specific skills."

Increase productivity and prioritize

Hiring an agency can help to increase the productivity of your marketing team. Garret Seevers, VP of Marketing at Azuga explains, "By hiring a digital marketing agency, your efforts in-house can be put into projects and campaigns that need the most attention. This increases productivity since there are now two groups working together to meet the same goals."

Cale Loken, CEO of 301 Madison Consulting, LLC agrees. He says, "Another reason you may need to hire a digital marketing agency is if you have a large project that is beyond the scope of resources that you have in-house. This happens often, when expertise or additional resources are needed, hiring an agency to supplement your current company resources can be a good option."

Just to be clear, in-house marketing teams serve a much-needed purpose. They aren't obsolete. "A marketing agency doesn't replace an in-house marketer," says Maria Mora, Content Director at Florida SEO and web design firm, BigSea. "An agency makes that person look great by delivering results and giving them more time to focus on initiatives like thought leadership, content creation, and networking opportunities. Marketers should hire an agency with the expectation of rebooting their strategies, getting insight into their customers' problems, and getting clarity when it comes to what's working and why it's working."

Adding an outside boost to your in-house team is a great way to enhance the skillsets of the personnel that you already know and trust for a more well-rounded marketing effort.

This article is part of our ongoing series: Top Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

Special thanks to our panel of experts:

Nikki Bisel — Owner and Founder, Seafoam Media
Igor Mitic — Co-Founder,
Garret Seevers — VP of Marketing, Azuga
Cale Loken, CEO — 301 Madison Consulting, LLC
Maria Mora — Content Director, BigSea

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